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Doliosis Homeopathy Medicines, Complete medicine list

The word Doliosis is derived from the Greek word, DOL means Pain and ISOS means similar which is appropriate since homeopathic treatment is based on the Law of Similars. Doliosis therefore means treating pain using the law of similars. The company aims to reinforce the international presence of Indian homeopathy and this contribute to the development of Dr.Hahnemann’s doctrine.

About: Doliosis is a ISO certified manufacturing company based out of Pirangut near Pune,India. The facilities include state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, research laboratory and automated packaging line.

Doliosis Homeopathy CompanyHighlights :

  • At Doliosis, medicines are prepared under total aseptic precautions and with highest quality standards.
  • Raw material is imported from the leading companies of Europe.
  • Potencies are prepared using high-grade Extra Neutral Alcohol to assure the best quality.
  • Water used for dilutions is of distilled type.
  • All the potencies are prepared using the classicist Hahnemannian methods with hand and a supportive whirl potentisation.
  •  Liquid complexes bottles are sealed with a self dispensing dropper for easy administration.
  • Strictly follows GMP rules, to assure you of the highest quality homeopathic remedies.

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 Doliosis Homeopathy Medicine List – Liquid Complex (D1-D91)

Category Doliosis Liquid Complex# Product Indications Size MRP
GENERAL Doliosis D1 Detoxifier drops-stimulates draining organs 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D2 Hair and Scalp drops-prevents dandruff and hair fall 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D3 Headache drops- relives headache and migraine 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D4 Opthacare drops-relieve headache and migraine 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D5 Dark Circles drops-reduces formation of dark circles 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D6 Earogin drops-for relief of ear pain. 30ml 120
RESPIRATORY Doliosis D7 Cold Sinus drops-relieves cold and sinusitis. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D8 Flu drops-controls flu 30ml 100
RESPIRATORY Doliosis D9 Snore Relief drops-relieves snoring problems 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D10 Verticin drops-controls vertigo 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D11 Pimplex drops-controls pimples and acne 30ml 120
MOUTH Doliosis D12 Teeth and gums-relieves toothache and gum infections. 30ml 120
PEDIATRIC Doliosis D13 Teething and colic- relieves mouth ulcers 30ml 120
MOUTH Doliosis D14 Oroheal-relieves mouth ulcers. 30ml 120
RESPIRATORY Doliosis D15 Throat Irritation-controls throat infections 30ml 120
MOUTH Doliosis D16 Tonsilex-relieves tonsillitis 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D17 Thyrocare-regulates thyroid gland and hormone levels. 30ml 120
ORTHOPEDIC Doliosis D18 Scolex-relieves pain of spondilitis. 30ml 120
RESPIRATORY Doliosis D19 Cough Asthma-controls cough and mild 30ml 120
FEMALE Doliosis D20 Lacto Plus- regulates and promotes the milk flow. 30ml 120
CARDIAC Doliosis D21 Heart Toner- Acts as a heart tonic. 30ml 120
HEPATIC & BILIARY Doliosis D22 Icterol-controls jaundice. 30ml 80
GENERAL Doliosis D23 Alcohotox-controls bad effects of chronic alcoholism. 30ml 120
HEPATIC & BILIARY Doliosis D24 Gisol-relieves gall stones colic. 30ml 120
CARDIAC Doliosis D25 Cholocomp-controls cholesterol levels. 30ml 120
FEMALE Doliosis D26 Mornicare-helps to relieve symptoms of morning sickness in pregnancy. 30ml 80
DIGESTIVE Doliosis D27 Indigestion gas acidity-controls dyspepsia. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D28 After antibiotics-Acts as an appetite stimulant. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D29 Annorex-acts as an appetite stimulant. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D30 Diabetes-controls blood sugar levels. 30ml 120
DIGESTIVE Doliosis D31 Constipation-relieves constipation. 30ml 120
DIGESTIVE Doliosis D32 Diarrhoea-controls diarrhea. 30ml 80
DIGESTIVE Doliosis D33 Worm Aid-prevents worms infestations. 30ml 120
RENAL Doliosis D34 Calculex-for kidney stones. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D35 Figurel -controls overweight. 30ml 120
RENAL Doliosis D36 Renocare -controls urinary infections. 30ml 120
FEMALE Doliosis D37 Menopouse -relieves menopausal troubles. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D38 Piles -relieves symptoms of piles. 30ml 120
FEMALE Doliosis D39 Leucril -controls leucorrhoea. 30ml 120
DIGESTIVE Doliosis D40 Dysentrol -controls dysentery. 30ml 120
FEMALE Doliosis D41 Menoson -controls menstrual problems. 30ml 120
MALE Doliosis D42 Prostacare -relieves prostatic troubles. 30ml 120
ORTHOPAEDIC Doliosis D43 Rheumatism-controls rheumatism 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D44 Varicose Veins-relieves sciatic nerve pain. 30ml 120
ORTHOPAEDIC Doliosis D45 Sciatica Relief-relieves sciatic pain. 30ml 120
MIND Doliosis D46 Blues Liquid-relieves problems of cold hands and feet. 30ml 90
GENERAL Doliosis D47 Painil-controls body ache. 30ml 120
ORTHOPAEDIC Doliosis D48 Fracto Heal-Helps in healing of fractured parts. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D49 Warts-controls warts. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D50 Woundaid -hastens wound healing. 30ml 120
FEMALE Doliosis D51 Femoitch -relieves vaginal itching. 30ml 120
CIRCULATORY Doliosis D52 Haemoclean -purifies blood. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D53 Fungo Guard -controls fungal infections. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D54 Odoclean-to relieves symptoms of excessive foul sweat. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D55 Crakocare -helps to get relief from cracks. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D56 Psoricare -helps to control psoriasis. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D57 Herpex -relieves symptoms associated with herpes. 30ml 80
SKIN Doliosis D58 Allergix -helps to get relief from skin allergy. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D59 Cornocare -controls corn formation. 30ml 100
SKIN Doliosis D60 Eczocare -controls eczematous. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D61 Insectocare -relieves symptoms of insect bite. 30ml 80
SKIN Doliosis D62 Boilex -relieves symptoms of painful boils. 30ml 120
SKIN Doliosis D63 Moisturel-controls dry skin problems. 30ml 90
SKIN Doliosis D64 Fiderm -relieves symptoms associated with mild burns. 30ml 80
SKIN Doliosis D65 Bedsorin -relieves bed sore infections. 30ml 90
GENERAL Doliosis D66 Fortycare -tonic for 40 and above age group persons. 30ml 60
GENERAL Doliosis D67 Tobacare -Helps to control tobacco addiction. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D68 Malarin -controls malaria. 30ml 85
MALE|FEMALE Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly-increases sexual performance. 30ml 250
MIND Doliosis D70 Traumin -helps to get relief from trauma. 30ml 90
MIND Doliosis D71 Mimol -helps to increase the memory power. 30ml 120
PAEDIATRIC Doliosis D72 Hyper-c -helps to control symptoms of hyperactive child. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D73 Heatintol -helps to get relief from symptoms of heat intolerance. 30ml 90
GENERAL Doliosis D74 Travelease-relieves motion sickness. 30ml 80
PAEDIATRIC Doliosis D75 Dwarfodol -useful for height gain. 30ml 120
MIND Doliosis D76 Nervousness Insomnia -controls nervousness and insomnia. 30ml 120
PAEDIATRIC Doliosis D77 Bed Wetting -relieves bed-wetting. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D78 Crampaid -helps to control cramps. 30ml 120
MIND Doliosis D79 Phobinil-controls phobia. 30ml 120
CIRCULATORY Doliosis D80 Ferodol-regulates hemoglobin levels. 30ml 110
NERVOUS Doliosis D81 Neurol-relieves symptoms of paralysis. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D82 Hang-O -helps to get relief from symptoms of hangover. 30ml 80
ORTHOPAEDIC Doliosis D83 Sprainil-controls sprains and strains. 30ml 120
GENERAL Doliosis D84 Turol-controls tuberculosis. 30ml 90
GENERAL Doliosis D85 Ageodol-helps to retard the normal ageing cycle. 30ml 110
RENAL Doliosis D86 Urodol-Relief from painful, insufficient or frequent urination. 30ml 100
CIRCULATORY Doliosis D87 Circulacin-regulates circulatory system. 30ml 150
GENERAL Doliosis D88 Immunoboost-strengthens the immune system. 30ml 150
HEPATIC & BILIARY Doliosis D89 Hepatodal-liver and bile drops. 30ml 110
DIGESTIVE Doliosis D90 Gastrodol-for gastritis. 30ml 120
RENAL Doliosis D91 Renodol-bladder and kidney drops. 30ml 100

Doliosis Homeopathy Tonics & Syrups Range


Name Indication, Composition
DS 1 Alfalfa tonic-Influences nutrition Influences nutrition and appetite and digestion. Improves mental and vigour with gain in weight and corrects tissue waste. An effective tonic for malnourished children. Alfalfa 2x 0.0325%, Avena sativa 3x 0.0175%, Cinchona officinalis 3x 0.075%, Hydrastis canadensis 2x 0.0075%, Withania 2x 0.0175%, Acid phos 2x 0.0175%, Ferrum phos 6c 0.025%, Kali phos 6c 0.025%, Natrum phos 6c 0.025%, Calcarea phos 6c 0.025%, Mag phos 6c 0.025%, Sugar syrup q.s.
DS 2 Bronchodol cough syrup-Relieves coughing Relieves coughing, Shortness of breath and other mild respiratory symptoms of asthma and bronchitis, Very useful for dry, irritating orwet cough and smokers chronic cough. Each 5ml contains: Blatta orientalis 0.01%, Bryonia alba 0.1%, Ipecacuanha 0.1%, Zingiberis 2.0%, Sugar syrup base q.s.
DS 3 Livodol tonic – Stimulates liver functions Useful for complaints due to sluggish liver function like poor appetite, Chronic constipation, Liver spots and jaundice. Each 5ml contains: Carica papaya 2x 0.01%, Chelidonium majus 1x 0.001%, Chionanthus 1x 0.001%, Kalmegh 2x 0.001%, Myrica cerifera 1x 0,001%, Sugar syrup base q.s.
DS 4 Dolphos syrup- Strengthens skeletal system This composition of five tissue mineral salts benefits the entire skeletal system, red bone marrow, haemoglobin, brain, nerves and liver. Specially recommended for infants during dentition. Helps to build stronger bones and teeth during the growing stage. Calcarea phosphorica 6x, Sodium phosphorica 6x, Potassium phosphorica 6x, Ferrum phosphorica 6x, Total medication 35%, Sugar syrup base q.s. Alcohol content less than 6% v/v.
DS 5 Rheumafit- Controls rheumatism and gout  Relieves pain in muscles, tendons and joints associated with rheumatism, arthritis and gout. Helpful in tennis elbow, sprains and strains.
DS 6 Digeplus- Controls dyspepsia Relieves stomach pain, bloating and acidity. Also relieves gas troubles and symptoms due to poor assimilation. Each ml contains: Antimonium crudum 8x 0.02%, Lycopodium clavatum 8x 0.02%, Nux vomica 10x 0.02%, Ruta graveolens 8x 0.02%, Taraxacum officinale 12x 0.02%, Flavoured syrup base q.s.
DS 7 Haemo plus tonic- Purifies blood Helps to eliminate the toxicity of circulatory system. Each ml contains: Echinacea rudbeckia 12x 0.02%, Anthracinum 12x 0.02%, Crotalus horridus 10 0.02%, Pyrogenium 10 0.02%, Ferrum metallicum 8x 0.02%, Flavoured syrup base q.s.
DS 8 Uterodol-Treats menstrual irregularities An ideal remedy to treat menstrual irregularities such as delayed, Scanty, Painful or excessive menstrual filow and for spotting between periods. Very useful for various types of leucorrhoea. Each 5ml contains: Aletris farinosa Ø 0.5%, Janosia ashoka Ø 0.5%, Helonias dioica Ø 0.5%, Thlaspi bursa pastoric Ø 0.5%, Sugar syrup base q.s.
DS 9 Calculi-0ff tonic- Treats kidney stones Helps to relive symptoms such as renal pain, burning urination and blood in urine associated with kidney stones. Each ml contains: Berberis vulgaris 10x 0.02%, Sarsaparilla 10x 0.02%, Terebinlhinae oleum 8x 0.02%, Catharis 8x 0.02%, Hydrangea arborescens Ø 0.05%, Flavoured syrup base q.s.
DS 10 Ferrum one tonic- Regulates haemoglobin lavels Helps to relieve symptoms of loss appetite and physical weakness as seen anemia. Each ml contains: Aletris farinosa 8x 0.50%, Alfalafa Ø 0.50%, Avena sativa Ø 0.50%, Calcarea phosphorica 6x 0.50%, Ferrum metallicum 6x 0.50%, Natrum muriaticum Ø 0.50%, Flavoured syrup base q.s.
DS 11 Power one tonic- Increase sexual desires Acts as a sex tonic, which can help to increase the sexual desires and performance of a satisfactory sexual act in both males and females. Each ml contains: Agnus castus 8x 0.02%, Cantharia 8x 0.02%, Urtica urens 12x 0.02%, Thuja occidentalis 10x 0.02%, Echinacea angustifolia 8x 0.02%, Flavoured syrup base q.s.
DS 12 Hyperodol- Reduces mild, high blood pressure A natural remedy for a healthy heart. Helps support healthy blood pressure. Each ml contains: Alium sativum Ø 2.00%, Arum muriaticum natronatum 3x 2.00%, Belladonna Ø 2.00%, Crataegus oxyacantha Ø 2.00%, Kali phosphoricum 8x 1.00%, Rauvolfia serpetina Ø 1.00%.
DS 13 Nicicin- Effective for general immunostimulation Reduces craving for excessive alcohol consumption. Each ml contains: Arsenicum album 30 2.00%, Cannabis indica 12x 1.00%, Capsicum annuum Ø 2.00%, Kali phosphoricum 6x 1.00%, Lupulinum 3x 2.00%, Strychninum nitricum 12x 2.00%.
DS 14 Alchobuse- Genral weakness, Exhaution, Mental faltigue, Loss of Appetite, Improves digestion. Reduces craving for excessive alcohol consumption. Each ml contains: Arsenicum album 30 2.00%, Cannabis indica 12x 1.005, Capsicum annuum Ø 1.00%, Lupulinum 3x 2.00%, Strychninum nitricum 12x 2.00%,
DS 15 Vitacal-Spinal weakness, Bone fracture, Rickets, dental carries, Pregnancy, Haemorrhages, Painful dentination, Skin dieases. Benefits metabolism of calcium and vitamins. Supports bone mineral density and disorders related to calcium and vitamin deficiencies. Each 5ml contains: Calc. phos. 3x 50mg, Calc fluor 3x mg, Calc. lac. 3x 45mg, Calc ost 3x 45mg, Calc hypo 3x 50mg, Alfalfa Ø 0.1ml, Emblica officinalls Ø 0.1ml, Withania somnifera Ø 0.0ml, Symphytum officinalls Ø 0.2ml.
DS 16 Coldol-Coldol is a homoeopathic remedy specifically designed to bring fast, effective relief for the symptoms of cold and flu. For best result take immediately at the onset of flu or the early stages of cold. Provides quick and effective relief for symptoms of cold and flu. For best result, Start immediately at the consent of early symptoms of cold or flu. Each 5ml contains:  Acetenllid 3x 60mg, Bryonia alba Ø 0.5ml, Rhus tox Ø 0.05ml, Gelsemium Ø 0.06ml, Belladonna Ø 0.06ml, Eupatorium perfolieum Ø 0.1ml, Kalmegh Ø 0.5ml, Vitex neg Ø 0.06ml, Ferrum phosphoricum 3x 60mg, Allium cepa Ø 0.06ml, Ocinum san Ø 0.3ml, Justicia adhatoda Ø 0.3ml.
DS 17 Doliosis gripe mixture- An ideal tonic for childs harmonal balance, Nourishment, Strong and healthhy child. For infants suffering from gripe abdominal colic, indigestion and during dentition. Each 5ml coatains: Sodium bicarbonate 1x 0.05ml, natrum carbonate 1x 60mg, Mag carb 1x 60mg, Oil anithi Ø 0.002ml, Oil anise Ø 0.002ml, Mentha V 1x 0.06ml.
DS 18 Enterodol- An useful formulation againts colitis, diarrhea, dysentry and food poisoning. Can also be used as an antacid. Useful for symptoms of colitis and food poisoning. Each 5ml coatains:  Nux vomica Ø 0.22ml, Belladonna Ø 0.25ml, China Ø 0.2ml, Bismuth oxy 3x 65mg, Magnesium carbonicum 3x 65mg, Calcaria carbonicum 3x 65mg, Calcaria phosphoricum 65mg, Alumina 1x 75mg, Carica papaya Ø 0.15ml.
DS 19 Kinderol-Remedy of rickets, stomach pain liver troubles osteomalacia and other vitamine deficiencies. General tonic for children. Helps build body tissues and increase appetite. Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs for growing children. Composition: Each 4ml contains: Chelidonium Ø 0.2ml, Avena sativa Ø 0.1ml, Kalmegh Ø 0.1ml, Chamomilla Ø 0.1ml, Cina Ø 0.1ml, Sarsaparilla Ø 0.1ml, Aethusa Ø 0.1ml, Ferrum phosphoricum 1x 11mg, Kali phosphoricum 1x 20mg, Natrum phosphoricum 1x 25mg, Calcarea phosphoricum 15mg, Magnesium phosphoricum 1x 20mg, Oleum jecoris aseil 4mg.
DS 20 Brainol- To be prescribed for bright and strong mind Helps enhance memory, mental focus, Learning and concentration. Ideal for students and the elder people. Each 5ml contains: Avena sativa Ø 0.15ml, Alfalfa Ø 0.2ml, Acid phos 2x o.25ml, Anacardium occidentalis 6x 0.03ml, Kali phosphoricum 3x 200mg, Passiflora incarnata Ø 0.05ml, Melilotus officianalis Ø 0.2ml, China officianalis Ø 0.05ml, Withania somnifera Ø 0.15ml, Sarsaparilla Ø 0.05ml, Damiana 6x 0.05ml.
DS 21 Ginkodol- Weak memory, inability to retain, recall, recognize and revise among growing children. Helps boost endurance and improve blood flow to the brain. To be used as memory and concentration enhancer. Each 100ml contains: Ammi visnaga D3 0.5%, Ashwagandha Ø 0.5%, Bacopa monnieri (brahmi) Ø 0.5%, Ginkgo biloba Ø 6%, Ginseng Ø 0.5%, Echinacea puepurea Ø 0.5%, Hydrocotyle asiatica Ø 0.5%, Kali phosphoricum 3x 0.5%, Okoubaka D4 0.5%,.
DS 22 Carditone-Effective for general well being of cardiovascular system, Strengthens heart muscle and asociated cardiac Nervousness. Helps in improving blood circulation, Ideal tonic for a safe and natural way to support a healthy heart. Strengthens heart muscle and relieves stress associated with cardiac problems. Each 100ml contains: Crataegus oxyacantha Ø 3.00%, Avena sativa Ø 3.00%, Arnica montana Ø 0.25%, Cactus grandiflorus Ø 0.50%, Lycopus europaeus Ø 0.50%, Liex aquifolium Ø 0.50%, Passiflora incarnata Ø 0.05%, Camphora Ø 0.25%, Rauvolfia serpentina Ø 0.50%.
DS 23 Echnodol- Effective for general immunostimulation. Provides broad spectrum coverage to help support your immune systems resistance. Composition: Each 100ml contains: Echinacea purpurea Ø 5%, Bacopa monnieri Ø 0.5%, Baptisia tinctoria Ø 1.5%, Eupatorium perfoliatum Ø 0.5%, Ginkgo biloba Ø 0.5%, Ginseng Ø 0.5%, Okoubaka D3 0.5%, Pelargonium sidoides D2 0.5%, Ribes nigrum D2 0.5%.
DS 24 Doliosis alfalfa with ginsenng- General weakness, exhaution, mental fatigue, loss of appetite, improves digestion. Alfalfa with ginseng is an excellent restorative tonic that helps recover from tiredness and fatigue. Enhances stamina and work endurance. Each 100ml contains: Alfalfa Ø 2.00%, Ammi visnaga D3 2.00%, Avena sativa Ø 1.00%, Cinchona officinalis Ø 2.00%, Ginseng Ø 1.00%, Kali phosphoricum 3x 0.50%, Hydrocotyle Ø 1.00%, Lecithin 3x 0.50%.


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