Buy Doliosis D46 Blues drops, Homeopathy Cold hands and feet remedy

Doliosis D46 Blues drops, Homeopathic remedy for cold hands, feet, Raynaud's syndrome, purple hands, poor blood circulation

Doliosis D46 Blues drops is a homeopathic medicine for blood pressure and circulatory disurbances . D46 is a liquid complex that relieves problems of cold hands and feet, It addresses symptoms of poor circulation and low blood pressure that often result in cold extremities.

What is cold hands & feet condition?
Cold hands or feet can be the result of medical condition or body”s natural temperature. Problems with blood circulation, small blood vessels in your hands are some plausible reasons that changes the color of the skin on your hands to blue.

What causes coldness in hand & feet?
Normal warmth in the hands & feet depends on adequate circulation of blood. A decrease in the blood flow through the extremities may be caused by the body’s need to con serve heat , by reduced ability of the heart to pump blood or decline in the capacity of blood vessels. Reduced blood circulation to the hands & feet may occur in shock, thromboanginitis obliterans & emotional tensions.

Physical exercise improves the circulation of blood throughout the body by increasing the capacity of the heart to pump blood . Improved circulation of blood throughout the body benefit the heart itself.

Doliosis D46 Blues drops consists of homeopathic herbs like Echinacea Rubbeckia and Crataegus Oxyacantha that are known to have clinically proven action of dilation of coronary arteries and better cardiac muscle circulation with antioxidant properties.

Ingredients: Each ml of Doliosis D46 Blues drops contains: Echinacea Rubbeckia 10x 0.02%, Glouoinum 10x 0.02%, Crataegus Oxyacantha 8x 0.02%, Digitalis Purpurea 12x 0.02%, Camphora 12x 0.02%.

How does Doliosis D46 Blues drops treat cold hands & feet?
The action of individual drugs in Doliosis D46 Blues dropsin addressing cold hands & feet is as follows

  • GLONONIUM: Also known as ” nitroglycerine “. It appears as a colorless, odourless, liquid with a sweet burning taste. useful in conditions in which there is tendency to sudden & violent irregularities of the circulation leading to extreme cold hands & feet. There are chills and rigors with rush of blood to the brain from excess heat or cold.
  • CRATAEGUS OXYACANTHA: Also known as ” hawthorn berries”. It is an ornamental tree native of India Asia & Europe. Specifically indicated for pallor, irregular pulse & breathing leading to cold extremities. Since it acts as heart toner, used for conditions like cutaneous chillness, blueness of fingers & toes, reduction in blood pressure leading to cold extremities. Since it acts as heart loner , used for conditions like cutaneous chillness, blueness of fingers & toes, reduction in blood pressure leading to cold hands & feet.
  • DIGITALIS PURPUREA : Commonly known as ” foxglove ” it is a perennial herb with purplish yellow flowers & is distributed all over India. It acts as a heart tonic & regulates blood pressure correcting the cause for cold extremities. Also indicated in faintness, swelling of feet, fingers go to sleep easily, coldness of hands & feet, darting pain in termites.
  • CAMPHORA: commonly known as ” camphor” it is a colorless or white crystalline powder with strong odour. It is indicated in collapsed conditions where there is numb ness , tingling icy coldness of the extremities with aversion to covering. It is accompanied by low blood pressure and weak pulse.
  • ECHINCACEA RUDBECKIA: Also known as “purple cone – flower”. It is an erect herb distributed in central Europe and USA. Also indicated for cold flashes all over the body & chilliness due to poor circulation . There is severe weakness with throbbing headache.
    What to do for effective results?
    1. start taking doliosis blues complex as per dosage without break.
    2. avoid emotional tensions.
    3. exercise regularly to improve circulation
    4. if symptoms persist, consult to the physician.

    Dosage;3 to 6 drops every hour until symptoms subside. Then continue three times a day.


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