Buy Doliosis D29 Annorex homeopathy for anorexia

Doliosis D29 Annorex

Fight Anorexia through Homeopathy, the natural way. Doliosis D29 Annorex drops acts as an appetite stimulant. Acts an appetite stimulant and thus helps to increase hunger and nutrition. Aids in weight gain

Doliosis D29 Annorex drops contains the right mix of homeopathic supplements like Alfalfa,Taraxacum Officinale, Nux Vomica, Antimonium Crudum, and Echinacea Rudbeckia that provides optimum nutrition for weight regain and also correct any harmonal imbalances that might have resulted.

Ingredients/Composition: Doliosis D29 Annorex drops Contains: Alfalfa 8x 0.02%, Antimonium Crudum 10x 0.02%, Taraxacum Officinale 10x 0.02%, Nux Vomica 12x 0.02%, Echinacea Rudbeckia 8x 0.02%.

Dosage: Children, 1 Teaspoon twice a day. Adults,1 Tablespoon twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Doliosis Homoeo Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Rate/Price: Rs 120 (10% off, Buy Online!!)

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