Buy Doliosis D62 Boilex drops- homeopathic boils, furuncle treatment

Doliosis D62 Boilex drops- homeopathic boils, furuncle treatment. For chronic purulent skin conditions like boils

Doliosis D62 Boilex drops provides effective homeopathic relief from chronic purulent skin conditions like boils. D62 helps to relieve symptoms of painful boils associated with redness and pus formation wherever they appear on the body.

A boil (or furuncle) is a skin infection which is painful, pus-filled bump under the skin caused by infected, inflamed hair follicles. It is usually self-treatable and does not require Lab tests or imaging rarely required. It is a Short-term medical condition that resolves within days to weeks.

Doliosis D62 Boilex drops contains skin the goodness of skin healing homeopathic herbs like Arnica Montana, Belladonna, Silicea, and Bellis Perennis, that address deep, localized skin infections and arrests infection that affects groups of hair follicles and nearby skin tissue

Ingredients:Doliosis D62 Boilex drops Contains: Arnica Montana 10x 0.02%, Bellis Perennis 8x 0.02%, Belladonna 8x 0.02%, Silicea 12x 0.02%, Apis Mellifica 10x 0.02%, Alcohol 30% v/v,

Dosage:3 to 6 drops three times a day.


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