Buy Doliosis D47 Painil-Homeopathic liquid complex, pain relief medicine

Doliosis D47 Painil-Homeopathic liquid complex, pain relief medicine. Natural analgesia

D47 Painil drops from Doliosis is a homeopathic medicine that is used to achieve natural analgesia for relief from pain without any side effects.

D47 liquid complex provides relief from occasional or moving pain throughout the body due to bruising, over exertion or hard physical workouts.

Pain relief medication such as paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen, codeine and morphine are common pain relieving medicines that reduce or relieve headaches, sore muscles, arthritis, or other aches and pains

Doliosis D47 Painil Drops is a Pain relief Homeopathic product that contains homeopathic ingredients like Arnica Montana, Rhus Toxicodendron, Phytolacca, Colchicum Autumnale, and Kalmia Latifolia,

Ingredients:Each ml of Doliosis D47 Painil Drops Contains: Arnica Montana 8x 0.02%, Colchicum Autumnale 10x 0.02%, Kalmia Latifolia 10x 0.2%, Rhus Toxicodendron 12x 0.02%, Phytolacca 12x 0.02%, Alcohol 30% v/v.

Dosage:3 to 6 drops of Doliosis D47 Painil Drops every half hour until symptoms subside.


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