Buy Doliosis D65 Bedsorin Homeopathic liquid complex for Bed Sores

Doliosis D65 Bedsorin Homeopathic liquid complex for bed sore treatment

Doliosis D65 Bedsorin drops is a Homeopathic liquid complex remedy for bedsores. It helps to relieve symptoms of bedsores such as pain and discomfort in the affected area.

What are bed sores?
A bedsore is an ulceration of the skin and underlying tissue that occurs typically in debilitated patients confined to bed and remaining in one position, causing pressure on the skin areas that bear the patients normal blood supply. Gradually the involved area becomes dark in colour, the skin breaks down and an ulcer results. Prevention is much preferred as cure is tedious and difficult.
> People most at risk are those lying stationary for long periods with a condition that limits their ability to change positions.
> Bed sores can develop in many places in quick time ;on the heels, ankles, hips and tailbone.
> Bed sores can be difficult to treat. Treatment includes cleaning and dressing the wound along with reducing pressure on the sore by frequent changes in position.

Doliosis D65 Bedsorin drops contains a unique combination of homeopathic ingredients like Apis Mellifica, Acidum Hydrofluofluoricum , Graphites, Calendula Officinalis that relive pressure sores, and prevent skin lesions caused by friction, temperature, humidity etc

Ingredients: Doliosis D65 Bedsorin drops contains:Acidum Hydrofluofluoricum 10x 0.02%, Apis Mellifica 8x 0.02%, Graphites 12x 0.02%, Calendula Officinalis 8x 0.02%, Hepar Sulphar 10x 0.02%. Alcohol 30% v/v.

Action of individual ingredients in Doliosis D65 Bedsorin to treat Bed sore symptoms

Acidum Hydrofluoricum: Also known as “Hydrofluoric Acid”. It appears as almost colourless, mobile, fuming liquid with pungent odour. It acts especially upon lower tissues & indicated in deep destructive processes, bedsores & ulcerations. It is useful for old aged patients with weak, distended blood vessels associated with bedsores.
Apis Mellifica: Also known as “Madhu Makkhe” or “Honey bee” found in India and other parts of the world. The live bee from the swarm of bees is medicinally important. Apis acts especially on outer parts of skin & cellular tissues. It is indicated in bed sores where there is swelling, oedema with red, rosy hue. There is extreme sensitiveness to slightest touch, stinging pains. soreness & intolerance of heat associated to bedsores.
Graphites: Also known as “Black Lead” or “Plumbago”.It appears as a blackish grey, soft, lustrous solid. It is indicated in patients having tendency to develop bed sores. The skin is unhealthy and dry with the ulcers discharging a glutinous, sticky fluid.
Calendula Officinalis: Commonly known as “Marigold”. It is a hairy annual shrub cultivated in India. It is a most remarkable healing agent, which can be applied locally. It is used for bedsores where it promotes quick recovery of the eruptions with least amount of suppuration. It has a remarkable power to make acrid discharge if any from bedsore healthy & free.
Hepar Sulphur: Also known as “Hahnemann’s Calcium sulphide”. It is a white porous, friable mass or white amorphous powder with the odour and taste of sulphurated hydrogen. It has a great healing power. It is indicated in bed sores which are developed due to slightest injury making the affected part very sensitive to touch. The side of the body on which he lies at night becomes gradually insufferably painful with, burning, splinter-like, stinging pains.

Dosage: 3 to 6 drops three times a day.

How to cure bed sores fast?
1. Start taking Doliosis Bedsorin Complex immediately.
2. Turn the patient frequently from one position to another.
3. Use padding/ inflated rubber rings to diffuse the pressure of body weight particularly over the bony prominence.
4. If the patient has edema (swollen tissues) seek to relieve swelling.
5. Maintain strict cleanliness of the skin.
6. After bathing the skin, use mild stimulation, such as gentle massage with alcohol rub, to increase blood circulation.
7. Use talcum powder & proper clothing to protect the skin from friction against bed sheets
8. Use a special air mattresses designed for this purpose, in which adjacent areas are alternately inflated & deflated automatically by mechanical means.
9. Clean & dress the ulcer daily, using sterile saline solution & sterile dressings.
10.Make sure that patient is receiving balanced, adequate diet.

Homeopathic Calendula Cream or Gel is well recommended for external application treatment of bed sores

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