Adel Germany Homeopathic Medicines – Complete list. Buy Online

Adel Homeopathic medicines from Adelmar Pharma (manufactured under G.M.P certificate in Germany) are very popular in India. The Adel 1-87 series of  drops are original German sealed high quality homeopathic medicines manufactured by Adel-Pekana manufacturing facility at Raiffeisenstr in Germany as per strict guidelines of German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (DAB), European Pharmacopoeia (Ph Eur) and certified by WHO & EU rules of GMP.

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Salient features of Adel homeopathic Medicines (#1 to 87)

  • Original German homeopathic products manufactured and packed (sealed) in Germany in ultra modern manufacturing facilities
  • Quality assurance due to strict adherence to World Health Organization (WHO) and European Union (EU) standards for manufacturing practices. Safe  and without any side effects.
  • Product efficacy guaranteed since all the Adel products comply with the preparation guidelines of various Pharmacopoeia (DAB, Ph. Eur)
  • All the homeopathic drops come in a compact 20ml sealed bottle, only the tonics come in higher packaging.
  • The Adel 1-87 series of homeopathic medicines cover most of the general ailments/health conditions from head to toe.

View the complete list of Adel homeopathic products in Hindi language here

Adel Homeopathic medicines, Buy Adel 1 to 87 series of homeopathy medicines online. Original German Sealed Homeopathy

Adel also manufactures Homeopathic Triturations, Mother Tinctures (20ml), Dilutions (10ml) of high quality and GMP compliant production. Buy Online here

Adel Homeo Medicine List No. 1 to 87

This list provides a brief synopsis of all Adel-Pekana medicines by number, name and key product information. For detailed product data or to buy online check on the links or attached image files.

Adel product Name, Number
Indicated Category Size Indicated for
ADEL1 apo-Dolor drops Head/Brain & nervous system 20 ml For all types of headaches including migraine; Neuralgia; pain in body and legs. Good for congestive headache due to sensitivity to change in weather
ADEL2 apo-Ham drops Abdomen, gastrointestinal system 20 ml For burning/bleeding piles (hemorrhoids). Indicated for inflammation, proctitis. Helps in curing discharge from anal canal, prevents venous blockage
ADEL3 apo-Hepat drops Liver & Gallbladder 20 ml For jaundice; general liver disease; gallbladder problems and portal congestions. Adel 3 drops increase kidney & gallbladder secretions, stimulate circulation and improve the lymphatic system
ADEL4 apo-Rheum drops Muscle, bones & joints 20 ml For all types of arthritis (including Osteoarthritis); rheumatism;muscle and joint pains. Indicated for gout, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, sprains/sports injuries, tennis elbow.
ADEL5 apo-Stom drops Abdomen, gastrointestinal system 20 ml For acidity, vomiting and stomach related problems.
ADEL6 apo-Strum drops Mouth, tongue & throat 20 ml For thyroid problems.
ADEL7 apo-Tuss drops Respiratory system 20 ml For cough; illness of the larynx; bronchitis; flu and severe cold.
ADEL8 co-Hypert drops Heart & Blood Circulation 20 ml For high blood pressure.
ADEL9 cri-Regen drops Skin, hair and nail 20 ml For premature hair loss; thinning of hair.
ADEL10 Deasth drops Respiratory system 20 ml For asthma (acute and chronic).
ADEL11 Defaeton drops Abdomen, gastrointestinal system 20 ml For constipation (regularizing the stool habits).
ADEL12 Dercut drops Skin, hair and nail 20 ml For psoriasis; pimples (acne vulgaris);eczema; urticaria and other skin diseases.
ADEL13 Fattex drops General Symptoms 20 ml For reducing body weight (slimming effect).
ADEL14 Ferrodona drops Heart & Blood Circulation 20 ml For iron deficiency (anemia).
ADEL15 Fluofin drops 20 ml For leucorrhoea and other female problems.
ADEL16 Gastul drops Abdomen, gastrointestinal system 20 ml For stomach ulcers; appendix and other gastrointestinal diseases.
ADEL17 Glautaract drops 20 ml For cataract; glaucoma and poor vision.
ADEL18 Glucorect drops Abdomen, gastrointestinal system 20 ml For diabetes (increased blood and urinary sugar).
ADEL19 Lassitul drops General Symptoms 20 ml For mental/physical tiredness.
ADEL20 Proller drops Skin, hair and nail 20 ml For allergies; severe itching; skin infections and eczema.
ADEL21 Proscenat drops Urinary system 20 ml For prostate enlargement; prostatitis and other related problems.
ADEL22 Renelix drops Urinary system 20 ml For kidney stones and urinary tract infection.
ADEL23 Ricura drops Respiratory system 20 ml For sinusitis, running nose, sneezing and other related problems.
ADEL24 Septonsil drops Mouth, tongue & throat 20 ml For tonsillitis (acute/chronic); sore throat.
ADEL25 Somcupin drops General Symptoms 20 ml For insomnia (disturbed sleep).
ADEL26. OSS-regen drops Muscle, bones & joints 20 ml For proper healing of bones; prevention of degenerative bone; and Osteoarthritis; joint diseases.
ADEL27. INFLAMYAR drops Muscle, bones & joints 20 ml A “Powerful treatment for Inflammation” – sports injuries; arthritis; muscle pain; bursitis; sprains and bruises.
ADEL28. PLEVENT drops Heart & Blood Circulation 20 ml For High cholesterol.
ADEL29. AKUTUR drops Urinary system 20 ml For Urinary tract infection (U.T.1).
ADEL31. UPELVA drops 20 ml For menstruation complaints.
ADEL32. OPSONAT drops General Symptoms 20 ml For inflammations of different types; pleurisy; Intercostals neuralgia and healing of wounds / injuries.
ADEL33. apo-OEDEM drops Skin, hair and nail 20 ml For water retention (edema) and swelling of hands/feet.
ADEL34. AILGENO drops Liver & Gallbladder 20 ml For treatment of spleen and liver dysfunction.
ADEL36. POLLON drops 20 ml For disturbances of sexual function.
ADEL38. apo-SPAST drops Head/Brain & nervous system 20 ml For fits (Convulsions) and cramps.
ADEL39. apo-SCIATICA drops Muscle, bones & joints 20 ml For treatment of sciatica, pain in the legs/arms, low back pain and soft tissue rheumatism.
ADEL40. VERINTEX drops Skin, hair and nail 20 ml For treatment of all types of warts.
ADEL43. CARDINORMA drops Heart & Blood Circulation 20 ml For Heart Drops (Angina: weakness of heart muscles) and irregular heart beats.
ADEL44. VENORBIS drops Heart & Blood Circulation 20 ml For diseases of the veins (varicose veins).
ADEL48. (TIRES drops Liver & Gallbladder 20 ml For treatment of swollen lymph nodes; lymphatic conditions; boosting of Immunity and supportive treatment of cancer.
ADEL49. apo-ENTERIT drops Abdomen, gastrointestinal system 20 ml For diarrhea; gastroenteritis; abdominal cramps and food poisoning.
ADEL51. PSY-stabil drops Head/Brain & nervous system 20 ml For anxiety, lack of concentration, restlessness and nervous exhaustion.
ADEL54. CANGUST drops Heart & Blood Circulation 20 ml For prevention and follow-up treatment after a heart attack.
ADEL56. HABIFAC drops General Symptoms 20 ml For treatment in case of genetic predisposition and infections of all types.
ADEL61. SUPREN drops Urinary system 20 ml For treatment in strengthening of adrenal gland.
ADEL66. TOXEX drops General Symptoms 20 ml For removal of external and internal toxins and treatment of infections “The Blood Purifier “.
ADEL69. CLAUPAREST drops Head/Brain & nervous system 20 ml For circulatory disturbances causing vertigo, tingling, cramps and gangrenous processes.
ADEL73. MUCAN drops Skin, hair and nail 20 ml For fungal infections of hair, nails and skin.
ADEL75. INFLAMYAR Ointment Muscle, bones & joints 35 gms For treatment of sports injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems, muscle strains, acute I chronic inflammation and sciatica pain.
ADEL78. DERCUT Ointment Skin, hair and nail 35 gms For eczema; psoriasis; urticaria; boils; skin infections and other skin diseases.
ADEL79. FERRODONA Tonic Heart & Blood Circulation 250 ml For anemia and prevention of iron deficiency.
ADEL83. BRONCHI-PERTU Syrup Respiratory system 150 ml For treatment of cough including whooping cough; bronchial and other respiratory pathway infections and asthma.
ADEL85. NEU – regen (ampoule) General Symptoms 12x10ml For general physical invigoration and restoring proper organ function.
ADEL85. NEU – regen Tonic Head/Brain & nervous system 250 ml For treatment of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.
ADEL86. VERINTEX N external Skin, hair and nail 20 ml For all forms of warts.
ADEL87. apo-INFEKT drops General Symptoms 20 ml Fro various types of bacterial and viral infections in the body.


How to use Adel 1-87 series of homeopathic drops

The recommended dosage of Adel homeopathic drops (unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor) is as follows, Adults 15 to 20 drops and children 7 to 10 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 cup of water. This should be taken before meals. Avoid any strong smelling foods (like that containing onion & garlic) or toothpaste (mouthwash) etc before or after taking the medicine for best results

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Adel Homeopathic products (Adel 1-87)

Q: Can I take the adel drops directly? Is it safe to consume?

A: The company advises that the adel homeopathic drops be diluted in normal water (not hot or cold) and taken. Do not mix with any soft drinks or milk products as they are tasteless and odorless and therefore easy to consume

Q: Can I take other homeopathic remedies while taking adel medicines?

A:Homeopathic remedies (like the Tissue Salts or Scheussler Cell ) have relationships to one another and it is advised that you avoid taking another homeopathic remedy without checking with your homeopath first.  However  in emergency like situation (accident), you can take Arnica (or any other indicated first aid remedy)¦ and then call your homeopath as soon as you can

Q: How long should I take the adel Homeopathic medicine?

A: A course of treatment that will initiate a healing process may take weeks, months and in some cases years to run its course. The homeopathic doctor alongwith the ill person (who expresses his symptom progress) will ultimately decide as to how long the remedy is needed. In homeopathy a remedy is given till the body reacts  and after it has initiated a healing process, it is allowed to run its course.

37 thoughts on “Adel Germany Homeopathic Medicines – Complete list. Buy Online

  1. I am an allopathic doctor practiisng holistic medicine. What shall i do to increase my knowledge on homeopathic medicines


    • You may read Homeopathic refernce manuals like the Materia medica, various Homeo books for starters, download free resources like those available on our site, attend workshops conducted by Ayush. You may also join various Homeopathic communities online and follow interest groups and pages on Homeopathy.


    • Also called acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL) this is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many immature lymphocytes or white blood cells and normally affects children. AML is a serious disease and is often treated with chemotherapy with or without a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. There are various specific homeopathic remedies for cancer treatment. It may be a combination of remedies based on the constitution of the patient


  2. I was intimated about the Bakson’s remedies for bursitis a couple of days back. However, I don’t see the advice today. Please inform again the Bakson’s remedies for bursitis. Thanks, Karma


    • Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more bursae (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body and usually affects the joints. An abnormal or poorly placed bone or joint (such as length differences in your legs or arthritis in a joint) can put added stress on a bursa sac. Baksons Dr.Bakshi B6, B11 & B52 drops are indicated for this condition


    • Homeopaths recommend Patients suffering from acute cervical spondylitis pain Pulsatilla of potency 200C and 1M depending on the intensity of the symptoms and age of the patient. Pulsatilla works wonders on Spodylitis, equally efficacious are Caustium 200c, Graphites 200C, Calcarea Carbonica 200C, Phytolacca Decandra 200C which have produced clinically validated results.




  4. Hi, my 12 years old son is having multiple swollen lymph nodes on left side of neck from more than a year now.
    Did all the tests including biopsy..Everything is normal please suggest me the medicine…. Thanks


  5. I have vertigo, am using ADEL 69 purchasing from your site. Using chilly or peeper creates gas in my stomach and makes me bed ridden for an hour. I retain a sense of tiredness throughout the body. Advise appropriate ADEL drops for me.


    • Adel-Pekan jhas indicated apo-STOM (Adel#5) for acidity and stomach related problems. It has ingredients like Robinia pseudacacia that treats stomach over-acidity due to spicy food and eliminates digestive tract catarrh.Nux Vomica in it treats stomach irritation and addresses chronic gastritis. You have to cut down on spicy foods.


  6. please send your product list with ingredients also please let me know if you can send the list by post at my residence I shall be obliged to you. Thanks.


    • We ship to US & UK on a daily basis, pls mail us your order quantity with complete address alongwith pincode & contact number. We will send you a paypal link, post you payment we will ship your order. Delivery to UK in 5-6 days time max


    • Sir – you can place a mail order for Adel homeopathy products from us if not locally available in your country. Just write to us with your order quantity and we shall send you the quote including shipping charges. You can make a payment through Paypal or any international money transfer.


    • Hi Catherine – Thanks for your mail. We are not currently present in Australia
      You will have to order online and we will ship it down under!
      Else you may let us know your requirement by mail and we will prepare your order & send link for payment (via PayPal)
      Hope this helps.


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