Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops for high blood pressure (Hypertension)

ADEL 8 co-Hypert homeopathic drops for high BP (blood pressure), Hypertension,homeopathy for blood pressure

ADEL 8 co-Hypert drops for high BP (blood pressure). Indicated for high blood pressure with or without any recognizable cause and renal hypertension. This remedy addresses elasticity problems, psychosomatic process & renal insufficiencies and prevent conditions of tissue damage due to lack of blood supply(infract)

Introduction Symptoms of high blood pressure are most commonly seen in elderly or aged people. High blood pressure is common disease in which the blood flows through the vessels at higher than the normal pressure. It is also known as hypertension. High blood pressure increases risk of heart strokes and other heart related diseases. Causes of high blood pressure are obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, lack of exercise, excess salt intake, hereditary of high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Symptoms of high blood pressure include nausea, headaches, vomiting, blurred vision, dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, bleeding nose (epistaxis) etc. High blood pressure can create problem in several ways like vascular weakness, risk of blood clotting, increased plaque buildup, organ and tissue damage due to narrowing and blocking of arteries etc

About Homeopathic Adel 8 co-hypert drops are used to treat the symptoms of high blood pressure through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key Ingredients like anamirta cocculus, aurum chloratum natr etc that acts on high blood pressure and renal hypertension.

INGREDIENTS: Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops for symptoms of high blood pressure contains: Anamirta Cocculus 4x, Aurum Chloratum Natr4x, Barium Carbonicum 12x, Iberis Amara 6x, Magnesium Cholratum 8x, Ferula Moschata 6x, Melilotus Officinalis 4x, Viscum Album 6x.

How the ingredients in Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops work The key properties in Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops are derived from the following ingredients to treat symptoms of high blood pressure

Anamirta cocculus – eliminates neuralgic conditions (pain in the distribution of a nerve or nerves), dizziness etc.

Aurum chloratum natr – balance and regulate arrhythmic activity of heart and high blood pressure.

Barium carbonicum – resolves the chronic lymphatic illness. It regulates degenerative processes that lead to obesity (corpulence), otosclerosis (progressive deafness due to overgrowth of bone in the inner ear), myocardial degeneration etc.

Iberis amara – treats indication of hypertonic heart that includes severe palpitations while climbing or walking. It also treats irregular pulse, pulling pain radiating to the left arm.

Magnesium chloratum – treats symptoms of high blood pressure strong palpitations, stabbing pains or cramps of digestive organs that are accompanied by dyspepsia (indigestion) and inflammation of intestines and stomach. It also eliminates hypertonia (abnormal increase in muscle tension and a reduced ability of a muscle to stretch) and restlessness.

Ferula moschata – treats sclerotic (becoming rigid) arteries, nervous heart disruptions, irregular pulse due to physical strain and pains in left chest region.

Melilotus officinalis – works against thrombosis (local coagulation or clotting of the blood in a part of the circulatory system) and thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the wall of a vein with associated thrombosis). It also treats heart palpitations, stabbing pain and apprehension (anxiety). It improves circulation.

Viscum album – resolves the circulatory and cardiac disturbances by proper regulation. It treats angina pectoris (severe pain in the chest spreading to the shoulders, arms, and neck), neuritis (inflammation of a peripheral nerve), joint rheumatism (inflammation and pain), extrasystoles (heartbeat outside the normal rhythm) and degenerative bone changes.

ADEL 8 co-Hypert drops Dosage:Adults 15 to 20 drops of Adel 8 co-HYPERT, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

Size: ADEL 8 co-Hypert drops comes in 20ML sealed Bottle

Recommended complimentary medicines
: Adel 3 apo HEPAT (liver functions), Adel 43 CARDINORMA drops (strengthens heart), Adel 22 RENELIX drops (Kidney function)

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13 thoughts on “Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops for high blood pressure (Hypertension)”

  1. How many days Adel 8 can be taken or continued to treat blood pressure.i m on lossacar25 mg.can I continue both.even after taking losacar blood pressure is 150/90 or 150/95.pls advise.

  2. I am 58 years old and suffering from Hypertension for which i am taking allopathic

    medicens Should I start ADEL 8 in stead of allopathic medic ens. Please advise


  3. माझ्या आईला उच्च रक्तदाबाचा त्रास आहे.तर तुम्ही मला सांगू शकता का? की हे औषध मी कसे वापरू आणि डॉक्टरांच्या सल्ल्याने घेऊ का? कारण माझी आई गेली 4 वर्षे हा त्रास सहन करते आहे….आणि हे औषध वापरल्यावर उच्च रक्तदाब कमी किव्हा बंद होऊ शकतो का?? कृपया मला rply देऊन कळवा….

    1. सलग 4 वर्षे उपचार चालू असताना सुद्धा तिच्या प्रकृतीत पहिल्यासारखी सुधारणा नाही झाल्यात….कृपया मला तुम्ही मार्गदर्शन करावे…जेणेकरून मी माझ्या आईला ह्या त्रासातून मुक्त करेन….

      1. आपल्या आईला कशामुळे ग्रस्त आहेत आणि त्याचे लक्षण काय आहेत?

  4. Hi,
    Whether this product is available in Bangalore.
    And can be taken by pregnant women.?

    1. Yes, We are now present in Bangalore & can provide 24 Hours delivery. Any form of medicines during pregnancy should be taken under homeopath advise
      Dr.Cristina recommends a safe set of Dr.Banerjee protocol medicines for various conditions during pregnancy, pls check here

    1. The drops are to be taken in a teaspoonful of water and always on an empty stomach. If 3 times a day is indicated , the first dose should be taken in the morning on a empty stomach, the second at noon before mealtime and third one before retiring

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