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Top Homeopathic products for Weight gain- Tonics, Powder, Malt, Tablets

Homeopathic Tonics and supplements are the safest way to weight gain and body building. The herbal extracts and protein powder in homeopathy weight gain supplements work wonders on toning up your digestion enabling you to take more calories and build body naturally. If you are looking for a good weight gain formula, your search ends at the wonder herb Alfalfa also known as medicago sativa. Alfalfa is the most potent of foods, in fact it is known as the ‘father of all foods’ and is a biologically super active herb. This improves your appetite like nothing else, daily intake will make your stomach growl as if you have not eaten anything whole day and enable you to take larger portions of food. Alfalfa and other important body building and weight gain medicines, doctor recommended remedies below


Homeopathy Bodybuilding and weight gainer supplement

Blood Builder Natural Medicine: You need a nutrient rich food that is rich in Iron, Folate  and Vitamins (A, C,K, B6) that promote rich, healthy and stronger blood. Alfalfa contains all these, a serving of 33 grams of Alfalfa contains Folate (11.9 mcg), Vit A (51.1 IU), Vit C (2.7 mg), Vit K (10.1mcg), Iron (0.3 mg) alongwith Magnesium (8.9 mg), Phosphorous (23.1 mg), Potassium (26.1 mg).  Regular intake of Alfalfa tonic increases blood count and keeps it healthy that is necessary to build health and gain weight

Add weight not flab: You want to gain muscle and not fat, and this where Alfalfa is your perfect choice! This herb is well known for its unique property of adding muscle tissue without adding fat. All this without any side effects since this has a constitutional action on your body. Homeopathic weight gain supplements comes in a variety of forms ; Tonics, drops, Powder, Malt, Tablets so that you have no dearth of choices when it comes to regaining that lost weight plus they are economical. You start seeing results in weeks if not days when the weighing scale starts showing an upward movement indicating your healthy return to form and weight!

Safe & Side Effect Free: Homeopathic weight gain formula provides you a balanced nutrition, since the digestive system and liver have to work in optimal way to enhance your metabolic activity to take on all that extra calories. It is very safe since it does not contain any stimulants or steroids. Since it is a constitutional remedy there is no unpleasant effects like cushing syndrome (which causes weight gain in the lower back and belly) which happens when you take synthesized non natural weight gain supplements.

Alfalfa the Super Food: If you like popping pills, you may consider Alfalfa Tablets as Homeopathic weight gain pills or you may look at Tonics which contain various wonderful natural ingredients in liquid form to promote healthy muscle mass, weight gain, and increase energy. Alfalfa based weight gain supplements are highly recommended by Homeopathic doctors  to improve appetite, tone up digestion and improve overall health. Get Alfawhey, the best homeopathic protein powder powered with the goodness of Alfalfa

Looking for homeopathy medicine for body building? Check out Isotropin HGH Male Oral Spray that contains homeopathic Somatotropin, as well as other potent compounds, such as testosterone, ginseng, and adrenal to enhance your muscle definition and build serious muscle mass. Check out how to increase muscle mass and build body with homeopathic supplements here

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Top homeopathic Single remedies – Weight gain medicines

Alfalfa Q 2 Tablets taken thrice daily produces hunger and improved metabolism and subsequent gain in weight. Alfalfa is the best known natural mass gainer because it add body mass minus the fat, increases healthy blood supply in the body
Arsenicum Alb Indicated for general loss of weight due to impaired nutrition
Iodium 1M In high potencies (200 & 1000) increases weight
Lecithinum 3X Improves nutrition and increases body flesh and weight
Phytolacca Dec Indicated for decrease in weight due to glandular diseases
Natrium Mur 30 Loss of weight due to over work, depression and suppressed menses


Homeopathic Cell Salts for improving body weight

Biochemic Salt Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Suplhate) is good for weight gain since it is indicated for poor nutrition, improves weak digestion by stimulating gastric juices and addresses bone problems.

Homeopathic Bio Combination No.28 is well indicated for weight gain as it is helpful in regaining health after debilitating illness. It builds up the entire system by providing necessary tissue nutrition and helps better utilization of food.

Top Speciality Homeopathic products for Weight gain

Fast Weight Gain Powder

Dr.Mulder Protin Contains Whey protein that tops the list of mass-gain supplements. However this superior Whey Protein  is a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids and low in lactose content. It also contains Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Non-fat milk solids and packs in 406K Calories. A quality protein supplement from Homeopathic Brand – Fourrts. Size: 400gm, MRP: 420/-
 Homeomart AlfaWhey  Get the advantage of Alfalfa and Whey Protein for unmatched nutrition, first time in India! Whey with enhanced Protein content from Fonterra New Zealand (WPC 80% Instant), Contains 18 different Amino Acids (More BCAAs), Fortified with Vit A, Vit C, Iron & Calcium, Potentised Alfalfa with calcium, magnesium for stronger bones to support muscles, Soluble over wide pH range, Less Carbs & Fat. Size: 500gm, MRP: 875/-

Weight Gain Tonics

Reckeweg Alfalfa Tonic (with ginseng) Best natural weight gainer when there is loss in weight (underweight). It packs in essential vitamins, calcium and amino acids thus improving nutrition and bodily functions. Its action on digestive system increases your hunger (appetite) and food intake helping you put on body weight. It increases healthy blood volume. Size: 100ml, MRP: 280/-
Wheezal Vitovita Forte Syrup Helps to gain muscle mass and weight and helps to restore physical and mental well being, extremely useful in convalescence. Size: 120ml, MRP: 100/-
Super Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng Tonic for Health and Energy Excellent appetizer & blood builder for all ages enhancing mental and physical efficiency. Indicated for Anemia, loss of appetite, mental and physical fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. Contains Ginseng that acts as an energy stimulant, helps in convalescence after debilitating diseases, surgical operations, pregnancy and loss of weight. Presentation: 100ml, MRP:90/-.
Adel Alfalfa Tonic Contains Alfalfa which increases appetite and acts on weak digestion. Nux vomica which addresses digestive disturbances that lead to poor eating habits. Size: 100ml, MRP: 260/-
Ralson Alfa-G Paediatric It tones up digestion in children who spoil it by eating junk foods. It increases hunger and make them eat food. Size: 100ml, MRP: 76/-
Schwabe Alfalfa Tonic It contains medicago sativa which favorably influences nutrition by toning up the appetite and digestion. Size: 100ml, MRP: 135/-

Homeopathic drops for Weight Gain

Weightosan (Blooume 34) Helps in Gaining weight by increasing appetite (thru ferrum aceticum, Hydrastis Can, alfalfa), improving digestion (thru avena sativa). Size: 30ml, MRP: 135/-

Homeopathic Malt for Weight gain

Bioalfa Malt (Blooume 79) Swiss formula to help tone up your appetite and improve digestion, contains ammi visnaga to correct indigestion issues. Also contains Ginseng which is storehouse of vitamins. Size: 100ml, MRP: 135/-
Medisynth Alfamalt Forte Dr Vcnally preparation for under weight children and convalescing adults with severe loss of body weight due to disease. Provides all round nourishment, time tested energy enhancer. Size: 250ml, MRP: 170/-
Allen Malt chocolate Stimulates appetite, nutrition and digestion. Helpful for underweight people. Size: 250ml, MRP: 175/-
Super Maltalfa Complete family Tonic for improved formula with Honey An excellent tonic that stimulates nutrition, increases appetite and improves digestion. Useful in cases of malnutrition, under nourishment and under weight. It significantly cures symptoms such as loos of appetite, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety and sleeplessness, excellent diet supplement during pregnancy and lactating women, ideal energy malt for whole family. Presentation: 100ml, MRP:160/-.
Bio-India’s Malt excellent homeopathic dietary supplement for undernourished adults and under weight children, It helps gain weight and restore normal health. Size: 250gm, MRP: 129/-
Haslab Alfalfa super Tonic (with vitamins A, B, C & D) Helps gain weight after debilitating diseases, increases desire for food, improves all round nutrition. Size: 115ml, MRP: 85/-
Ralsons RALFA MALT Homeopathic weight gain supplement that comes with the goodness of alfalfa (medicago sativa). Size: 500gms, MRP: 290/-
SBL Alfalfa Malt A family health tonic in chocolate flavored malt base to fire up your appetite and overcome debility, weakness during loss of weight. Size: 250ml, MRP: 180/-
Bakson Alfavena Malt -complete family health  tonic Bakson Alfavena Malt helps relive fatigue, sleeplessness, anaemia poor appetite. Helpful for underweight and undernourished, and during convalescence, pregnancy and lactation. Help gain weight and restore normal health. Size: 250gm, MRP: 180/-
Fourrts Fort Malt Indicated for skinny and underweight children & malnourished adults. Storehouse of energy. Size: 250gm, MRP: 250/-

Homeopathic Tablets for Weight gain

Wheezal Vitovita Forte Tabs Helps to gain muscle mass and weight and helps to restore physical and mental well being, extremely useful in convalescence. Size: 25gms, MRP: 125/-
St George Alfalfa Tablets This Tonic tablet restores health , builds body and improves weight and renews strength. Size: 30gm, MRP: 120/-
Haslab HC-54 Tabs This complex tablet is a great tissue builder, It increases body weight. It is also indicated in anemia, chlorosis and deficient development of body. Size: 20gm, MRP: 65/-

Baby & Children Weight Gain products

Allen Tonokid an ideal tonic for building up of tissue, hence of great use in debility, emaciation (too thin or weak), marasmus (undernourishment causing a child’s weight to be significantly low for their age) and helps gains weight. Size: 100ml, MRP: 90/-
Schwabe Alfalfa Tonic (Paediatric) Specially formulated Alfalfa rich tonic for children. It increases appetite, while stomach complaints and improper digestive functions are improved simultaneously. Size: 100ml, MRP: 110/-
Baksons Grow Up drops Ideal for food negativism in babies and children. Relieves colic and improves growth, also corrects iron deficiency. Size: 30ml, MRP: 110/-
Hapdco B.Ve.Phos Excellent for nutrition of Bones and glands. Restores proper health in children. Size: 60ml, MRP: 65/-
Wheezal Baby Phos Improves appetite, provides extra nutrition specially for the bony skeletal system, enzymatic stimulant to aid digestion and neuro stimulant for the development of the intellect. Size: 60ml, MRP: 70/-
Bakson Gastro Aid (paediatric) Corrects digestive disorders in children so that they can eat food properly. Improves appetite disturbed by junk food. Size: 25gms, MRP: 110/-

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