Homeopathy Trituration Lecithinum-3x from Schwabe for Blood Disorders

Hoemopathy Lecithinum Tablets for body weakness, fatigue

Pharmacy: Lecithinum, Lecithin is prepared from the egg yolk or soya beans. Historical dose: Tincture and all potencies

Clinical: Anemia, Fatigue, insomnia, Cholesterol, Neurasthenia

Homeopathic Action: Lecithin causes an immediate excretion of phosphates. Has a favorable influence on the blood. Marked improvement in nutrition & general improvement in tuberculosis.

Mind: Mental exhaustion, prostration , confusion, anxiety

Stomach: Loss of appetite, digestive disorders
Lecithinum is prepared from the yolk of egg and animal brains
Lecithin is a complex organic compound that is vital to biological process in plants and animal kingdom. It is rich in phosphorus that plays a critical role in cell development and is a key component of molecules that store energy, such as ATP (adenosine triphosphate), DNA and lipids (fats and oils).
It exerts a favorable influence on body’s absorption and increasing nutrients. Therefore it is a blood builder in anemic conditions and excellent source of energy in recuperative conditions
It is a source of healthy food for nursing mothers as it is a excellent galactagogue, renders milk more nourishing and increases quantity.
It improves sexual potency in men who are suffering tiredness, weak feeling, short breath, loss of flesh; symptoms of general break-down.

Dr Kirti recommends Lecithinum for loss of appetite, he says it increases hunger pangs naturally
Dr Rawat Chaudhary recommends Lecithinum 3x for general weakness, anaemia, weakness, for weight gaining, good for mental health
Dr Tiwari says lecithinum 3x improves body assimilation of nutrients and thereby increases body weight.
Dr Vikas sharma – lecithinum acts as a galactagogue to increase milk quantity. In addition to this it also makes milk more nourishing and nutritious.
Dr Gopi says Lecithinum 3X- Increases sexual desire. Increases the strength of penis by supplying more blood to it.
Lecithinum has a favourable influence upon the nutritive conditions of blood . It increases the number of red blood corpuscles and amount of haemoglobin. Loss of flesh and general breakdown noticed
Increases appetite

Mind.–Forgetful, dull, confused.

Head.–Aching, especially in occiput-pulsating and ringing in ears. Pain in zygoma; face pale.

Stomach.–Loss of appetite, thirsty, craves wine and coffee; bloated, sore pain in stomach rising toward throat.

Urine.–Scanty, with phosphates, sugar or albumen.

Sexual.–Male power lost or enfeebled. Anaphrodisia and ovarian insufficiency.

Extremities.–Soreness, aching, lack of energy. Tired and weak.

Relationship.–Compare: Phosphor.

Dose.–One-half to 2 grains of crude and potencies. Twelfth potency.

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