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Buy Top Homeopathic Medicines for Insomnia, Sleep disorders (List)

Do you suffer from insomnia, sleep deprivation, or simply just can’t get a good sleep at night? Or do you get to sleep but can’t stay asleep? In other cases do you sleep fine but never wake up feeling refreshed or energized? All these are common symptoms of sleep disorders that are plaguing people in urban areas across the globe. Sleep disorders or Insomnia is a condition of inadequate quality and quantity of sleep with the prominent symptom being difficulty in getting sleep or early awakening. Psychological factors are considered to have an etiological influence in sleep disorders. Homeopathic medicines have a soporific effect that is harmless, help normalize psychological function and provide sedative, anti-spasmodic and analgesic effect. Shop online for top homeopathic sleep products at homeomart – India’s leading online medicine store

Following info-graphic outlines the problem with insomnia which is a form of sleep disorder. Homeopathy offers effective and safe treatment for sleep apnea and is considered a natural sleep aid. Sleep deprivation has many underlying causes and symptoms and there are specific homeopathic remedies to treat them (refer Single Remedies section to identify yours). If you cant sleep, blame it also on poor nocturnal habits like incessant chatting on mobile phone or watching late night TV.

insomnia, sleep apnea & other sleep disorders infographic

How are Homeopathic sleep medicines different from other medication?

Other Medications Homeopathic Sleep Aids
Many OTC sleep medications contain Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride (as in Benadryl), diphenhydramine citrate or doxylamine succinate. In addition to single active ingredient products intended for sleep, there are combination medications that contain such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen in addition to a sleep-aid ingredient. Many of these are habit forming and have a drugging effect on body Provides you natural ingredients that help you relax you into a mellow mood .
The combined natural ingredients in Homeopathic formulations make sure you stay in a deep, restful sleep and wake up feeling completely rejuvenated with energy & confidence.  No more the groggy, sluggish feeling that you get from other sleep aids and prescription medications
It is general complaint among customers that prescription sleep drugs (medications) put them through a sloppy, intoxicated-like mood within minutes to put to asleep. They end up waking not feeling rested, but drugged
People have trouble with other form of medications as they interfere with the body’s natural ability to sleep on its own. They end up having higher tolerance wherein they would need progressively excess amounts of dosage to fall asleep. Homeopathy has no such issues, it helps you regain your circadian rhythms without messing up your system or induce habit forming


Homeopathic Single Remedies for treating symptoms of Insomnia (sleeplessness)

Acidum phos.(tds): Sleeplessness after depressing events, sorrow or loss and death of a friend or a relative.

Ambra grisea (tds): Sleeplessness due to worries or business troubles.

Ammonium val.3x(tds): Insomnia especially during pregnancy and menopause, with neuralgic headache.

Arnica mont.(tds): Sleeplessness caused by over-exertion. Mental or physical. Bed appears too hard. Tosses about to find a soft portion of the bed.

Avena saliva Q 10 (bd): 10 drops in !A cup of water : Sleeplessness in alcoholics and those with morphine habits.

Cataria nep Q (od): 5 drops in ‘A cup of water : : It relieves sleeplessness Of children who cannot sleep due to colic. It cures colic and produces sleep.

Chloralum 200 (od): It is a powerful sleep producing remedy in patients with mental diseases, with asthma, hallucinations and night terrors. Insomnia from over-fatigue.

Cimicifuga (tds): Sleeplessness in children during the period of dentition.

Conium mac (tds): Sleeplessness due to neuralgic pains.

Helonias: Sleeplessness on account of tiring hard labor with aching of muscles.

Kalium phos: A great remedy for. sleeplessness. The patient is weak and nervous. Sleeplessness due to business worries and due to mental disturbances.

Magnesium phos (tds): Sleeplessness on account of indigestion.

Nux vomica (tds): Sleeplessness is due to over-excitement exhaustion and stress.

Pulsatilla nig.(tds): falls asleep but cannot sleep. Bed feels hot. Moves about in vain in bed to find a cool spot. Even the ticking of a clock disturbs.

Antinionium crud.(Ids): Continuous drowsiness in old people.

Baptisia.(Ids): Falls asleep while being spoken to.

Causticum.(bd):  Very drowsy. Can hardly keep awake. Suited to old people.

Chloralosum.(tds): A useful remedy for prolonged drowsiness, which may continue for number of days. It is also useful for drowsiness and sleep of drunkards, whose faculties are only partially depressed.

Cimex lect.(tds): Irresistible sleepiness.

Gelsemium (tds): Patient is sluggish and always feels sleepy. He does not like to discuss matters but likes to be alone and undisturbed.

Hydrocyanicum acidum (tds): Irresistible drowsiness.

Hypericum 3x (tds): The patient constantly feels drowsy.

Indolum (tds): Wants to sleep all time. Aversion to work .

Lupulus (tds): Drowsy during the day.

Lycopodium (tds): Feels sleepy soon after taking dinner.

Natrium sulp.(tds): Sleepy while reading.

Nux mosch (tds): Great drowsiness.

Opium (tds): Great drowsiness. Falls asleep at work.

Paullinia sorb (tds): Feels sleepy after eating. Patient cannot control sleep. Head becomes heavy if he does not sleep.

Staphysagria (tds): Feels sleepy after eating.


Homeopathic Specialty medicines to treat insomnia, sleep apnea. Buy Online

SBL Sleeptite Tablets infographic

Adel Germany Adel 25 Somcupin drops for different types of sleep disorders German homeopathy drops indicated for insomnia and difficulty in falling asleep. It deals directly with both psychic and physical factors that lead to sleep disturbances and contains argentum nitricum, coffea (overcomes coffee, tea & tobacco induced insomnia), Staphysagria (calms nerves), Eschscholtzia calif & Lactuca virosa (sedative effect) 215 20ml
HASLAB Nervocalm Drops(Sleep Stimulator) Haslab’s Nervocalm Drops is indicated for tension, depression, insomnia and various disturbances of sleep, drowsiness in the morning, weariness during the day and vivacity in the evening, nervous, restlessness and over excitement of mental conflicts of long duration, nervous breakdown. 140 30ml
Allen Allen A25 drops Allen A25 drops is indicated in Sleepiness, Drowsiness in the morning, Nervous Restlessness and Light Sleep. 115 20ml
Allen Repos Sleeplessness & Tension 100 30 ml
Nikir Nidrum Syrup Homeopathy medicine for Sound sleep
Baksons Calm Aid Tablets Effective homeopathic combination meant for relieving anxiety, soothing nerves, and easing sleep without the fear of drug dependence or any side effects. Contains Iris versicolor 6x, cedron 8x, Ignatia amara 8x, Spigelia anthelmia 8x, belladonna 6x
Lords Alfa Tone with Ginseng Nervousness, Anxiety, Neurasthenia, General debility, Sleeplessness, Insomnia and loss of appetite.
Lords L 144 Drop Nerve and Sleep Drops 120 30 ml
BBP Alfalfa General Tonic Nervousness, Stress and Improve sleep
Bio India Bio India Soporin Sleeping Drops Bio India Soporin Sleeping drops are Indicated in the following cases for treatment of difficulties in falling asleep, especially due to nervous agitation and examination stress 120 30ml
Schwabe Alpha-Ts Anxiety, due to sleep disturbance, Drowsiness due to loss of sleep
Schwabe Alfalfa Tonic Addresses Sleep disorders, due to weakness 285 500
Schwabe Schwabe Kindigest Globules sleep, disorders, due to digestive problem, in children 90 10 gms
Reckweg Dr. Reckeweg R 14 German Homeopathic Nerve and sleep drops that addresses various disturbances of sleep, drowsiness in the morning and vivacity in the evening. Nervous restlessness, mental conflicts etc. Contains Ammonium bromatum (sedative), Ignatia, Eschschoizia, Passiflora incarnata, Valeriana, Zincum val 200 20 ml
Bakson Dr.Bakshi’s B10Drops Dr. Bakshis B10 drops is indicated to help relieve insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, nervous exhaustion and restlessness. 125 30 ml
SBL Kali Phosphorica Prostration, Weakness and exhaustion, Mental and physical weakness, back pain, depression, Sleeplessness, examination fear. 75 25 gms
Wheezal Relaxo Drops Mental Relaxation, Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea or Insomnia, Sleep disorder due to night shift etc, Anxiety, Nightmares and Sleepwalking, Jet lag syndrome.
BBP BBP Relaxin Tablets BBP Relaxin Tablets is a homeopathic remedy for disturbed sleep. Lowers anxiety and stress without side effects. Restores normal sound sleep 100 25 gms
Wheezal Wheezal Wl 9 Convulsion Drops Wheezal WL 9 Convulsion Drops is a homeopathic remedy that supports normal electrical activity in brain and nervous system health. A persons body involuntary muscles contract and relax repeatedly and uncontrollably followed by prostration, It may be caused by alcoholism, brain illness or injury or tumor, high fever or malignant hypertension or epileptic seizures. 125 30 ml


Clinical Case study: A Case of chronic  Insomnia  cured by  Homeopathy – Gyandas G Wadhwani MD (Hom), Chief Medical Officer (H), Directorate of Ayush (Homoeopathic Wing), Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi, India

Simple Tips (home remedies) to cure Insomnia

  1. Maintaining regular sleep schedule and getting up the same time everyday morning. This helps synchronize body’s biological clock
  2. Do not mix activities like watching TV or mobile chatting from the Bed. Keep it reserved for sleeping activity only
  3. If you do not fall asleep within 20 minutes of getting into bed, try and use a body massager , listen to slow music or try a warm oil head massage
  4. Limit day time sleep (cat naps)
  5. Having a hot bath or a glass of warm mil before bed abets sleep better
  6. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages & chocolate in the evening
  7. Keeping hands & feet warm in a cold bedroom induces sleep quickly ( as per researchers at Psychiatric university, clinic of chronobiology & sleep Laboratory, Switzerland)

So if anyone is looking to get off of prescription sleep aids, which ultimately do more harm than good to a persons ability to sleep, give alternative medicines a try. You will be safe and wont be sorry. You may be skeptical at first, but give it a week, and you will notice a difference. You will feel better from the sleep you get because the quality is not forced; it is natural, natural beautiful sleep. Remember, a good night’s sleep is the essential cornerstone of your healthy and vibrant livelihood, regain it back with Homeopathy sleep aids .

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