Buy BBP Relaxin Tablets for tension, sleep disorder

BBP Relaxin homeopathy Tablets treats Stress, Tension, associated headache and Sleep Disturbances

Tension And Sleep Disorder are inter-related. Anxiety, stress, Nervousness, lack of concentration, Memory are all associated and gives rise to Headache, Sleeplessness and Mood Depression. Sleep is very vital to Re-energize the body and conserve the Health. Hence Good and Quality Sleep is very much essential to keep Healthy.

BBP Relaxin Tablets Indication : This homeopathy medicine has been formulated to combat Stress & Tension, associated headache and Sleep Disturbances.

Igredients/Composition of Relaxin Talets

  • Kali Phos : A Great Nerve Remedy corresponding to all conditions of Neurasthenia. Anxiety Brain fag from overwork, Depressed spirits, General irritability without any apparent cause, Loss of memory Sleeplessness from Worry or excitement, Lascivious Dreams improve wonderfully with this Medicine.
  • Ignatia: Effects of Grief 8T Worry, emotional, changeable moods, After Shocks grief, disappointment. Sleeplessness on account of Grief.
  • Coffea : Unusual activity of the Mind and body. Bad effects of sudden emotions surprises, Joy etc., irritabilitiy, Sleeplessness on account of continous activity of the Mind.
  •  Avena Sat : Has a selective action on brain & nervous systems, sleeplessness of Chronic Alcoholics, Nervous States.

Dosage : Unless otherwise prescribed by the Physician, 4 tablets 3 to 4times a day over extended period of time. Please consult a physician if complaints are not relieved

Manufacturer: Bangalore Bio-Plasgens

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