Insomnia from anxiety remedy, Safe and Natural

natural remedy for insomnia from anxiety

Sleep disturbance occurs from anxiety as people carry their worries from daytime activities to bed. Insomnia may be due to hyperactive thoughts because anxiety is a common cause of racing thoughts. As a result the patient remains restless in bed and tosses from side to side. They have constant thoughts in mind and many ideas crowding the mind that leading to sleeplessness

How can you calm your mind before bed to avoid Insomnia from anxiety?
Homeopathy has specific remedy in Coffea cruda for insomnia due to hyperactive thoughts and excitement. Dr K S Gopi prescribes Coffea cruda when the mind is charged by an excessive inflow of thoughts and ideas at the time of sleep. Sometimes it is caused by joy, pleasurable excitement or sudden happy surprises as well as unexpected bad news. It calms anxietal states and ushers sleep. He says such a state may also be found in those who drink too much wine or in those over- fatigued from long journeys. It is a wonderful remedy to cope with the problem of sleeplessness in women going through Postpartum Depression.

Why do i get rush of anxiety when falling asleep?

It may be a result of phobia (somniphobia) i.e., fear or worry about going to sleep because of nightmares, experiencing sleep paralysis or thought of death in their sleep. You may be suddenly jerked into fully awake status which can cause anxiety, making it harder to fall asleep. It is a sense of fear that stops people from falling asleep even when they are tired.

Coffea Cruda 200 is considered by doctors as the top homeopathy medicine for Insomnia from anxiety. 4-6 drops of the medicine in teaspoon of water before bed time advised (doctor consultation advised)

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