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Top Homeopathy Medicine List for Fever Treatment in Adults, Children

Homeopathic medicines for fever provide a quick, safe and natural way of bringing down body temperature without any side effects. These are available in drops, Pills, Tablets etc., now get the entire range of homeo fever medicines for the entire family at India’s No.1 online homeopathy store

About Fevers – everyone has experienced to some degree. They can range from low grade to high grade, they can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, and can last anywhere from 1 day to a week depending on the cause, body reaction and medicines or treatment given. Fever means increased body temperature and it is the most common symptom in children. A small child will not be able to tell you what his worries or hurts, therefore every parent should understand the basic cause of temperature rising and how to treat your child.

Fevers are typically a good thing though, it means the body is doing its job and there is a process called thermoregulation. It’s a good sign that the immune system is working to heal the body. Sometimes when you suppress fever it means you are stopping the immune system from doing whats it’s designed to.

Important Tips to deal with Fever at Home

  1. Keep a close watch on fevers especially if your child is under the age of 6, has a history of febrile seizures, or has other medical conditions. Do not leave them unattended
  2. The most important thing you can do during a fever is to keep yourself or your child hydrated. Due to high body temperatures dehydration sets in quickly and it can be deadly
  3. Do your research to understand fevers, the more informed you are the better you’ll be able to handle the situation. However know your limits and know your number
  4. Be prepared with herbs for treating fevers and medications in case you need them. A boiled mixture of basil (tulsi) leaves with crushed ginger and bit of honey is considered a good home remedy
  5. If you have a question or concerns consult your homeopath or family doctor. Most doctors especially homeopaths are open to hearing your concerns and understanding you or your child’s constitution to find the best treatment plan
  6. Body temperature’s over 103 degree Fahrenheit possibly means flu or another infection,  let your doctor know.
  7. Rest the body because physical activity brings your body temperature up even higher during fever


Dr. Vikas Sharma says Baptisia Tinctoria homeopathic tincture is of great help in the delirious stage of typhoid fever with sore, bruised feeling all over the body.This medicine proves helpful when there is excessive tiredness along with trembling in the body and desire to lie down all the time. They feel incapable of doing any sort of physical or mental exertion. Know more


Top  Homeopathic Therapeutics for Fever Treatment

Aconitum Napellus It covers the complaints caused by exposure to dry & cold weather , draught of cold air or very hot weather. It is a valuable remedy in inflammatory fever with mental anguish & restlessness, fever with much heat, dry burning skin, violent thirst, red  face, pulse hard, frequent & accelerated. It is useful in Otitis due to cold
Cinchona officinalis Good for intermittent fevers, periodicity well marked, fever returns every 7th or 14th day, never at night. Chill preceded by palpitation, redness of face, with delirium
Belladonna It is indicated in high fever with dry burning heat, face bloated, absence of thirst with fever, shivering. Otitis media, tearing pain in middle  & external ear. Acute & sub acute condition of Eustachian tube and difficulty in swallowing are covered by this medicine. Internal coldness with external pungent, burning steaming heat in fever. Sudden violent onset, throbbing of cartoids
Arnica Montana Fever with shivering all over the body. Heat & redness of the head while rest of the body is cold, hands & feet cold
Ferrum Phosphoricum The remedy for first stage of all febrile disturbances & inflammations before exudation sets in. Chill with thirst, heat with thirstlessness. First stage of otitis, cold in the head, inflamed nostrils, congestion of lungs, pneumonia. Other clinical conditions are soft pulse, dry cough with sore chest & hoarseness. It increases hemoglobin and stimulates immune system
Bryonia alba Good for all kinds of fever, bilious, typhoid, & intermittent fevers. Coryza with shooting and aching in forehead, dry cough excited by tickling in throat, joints reds & swollen. During intermittent fevers there is great thirst during shill & still greater during heat
Gelsemium sempervirens Fever with prostration, stupor, thirstlessness. Dullness, dizziness, drowsy, trembling . Chills in back going up and down. In typhoid fevers with dark & red face. Homeopaths recommend this in the first stage where there is fullness of head, fever & chilliness, watery discharge from nose and sneezing. Shivering fits, fullness at the root of the nose, stiffness of neck & shoulders. Predisposition to catch cold from change of weather especially in warm weather. mental dullness, flushed face, physical weakness, eye lids heavy
Rhus Toxicodendron dry teasing cough before and during chill, in intermittent fever. Fever blisters around mouth and on chin. Great thirst with dry tongue, mouth, & throat
Coffea cruda fever with great nervous agitation, restlessness and intolerance of pain
Natrum sulphuricum Fever due to exposure to damp, rainy weather
Natrum muriaticum Fever with violent thirst
Eupatorium perfolatium Chilliness throughout the night and in the morning, trembling & nausea from loose motion, more shivering than degree of cold. Vomiting of bile after the chill. Acts well in influenza or catarrhal fever, Dengue induced fever
Sabadilla Chill predominates in fever, shivering. Action on mucous membrane of the nose and the lachrymal glands producing coryza and symptoms like hay fever. Spasmodic sneezing with running nose. Redness of eyes, frontal pains on the face & lachrymation
Eucalyptus globulus A remedy with marked effects on catarrhal processes, malaria, influenza. Fevers of a relapsing character. Thin watery coryza with hoarseness with stuffed up sensation. Fetid discharge

Top Homeopathic Specialty Medicines List for fever treatment in children & adults

For weakness & debility due to fever, helps faster recovery

Complete collection of anti pyretic homeopathy medicines Fever control homeopathic medicines in pills, drops, tablets and syrups
Haslab drox 27 chloramphenicol Drox is a specific disease wise homeopathy drops from Haslabs. Drox 27 is indicated Viral Fever and contains chloramphenicol 30. Well indicated for relapsing viral fever stimulating thyroid infection, ulcerative colitis, Gonorrheal epididiymytis. Size: 30ml,
Allen A33 Drops Homeopathy drops for Fever with chilly sensation, restlessness. Contains cinchona officinalis, aconite napellus 3x, belladonna, arnica montana 3x, ferrum phosphricum 3x, Bryonia alba 3x, Gelsemium semp 3x. Size: 30ml,
apo-INFEKT (Adel 87) drops for bacterial and viral infection Indicated for flu, measles, mouth thrush and works as a immune stimulant and biological antimicrobial to eliminate pathogens. Contains ailanthus gladulosa, argentum nitricum, cinchona pubescens, echinacea, Lachesis mutus etc. Size: 20ml,
Allen Kolkata Pyrex Syrup Allens Pyrex Drops super speciality combination to control fever. contains: Baptisia t. 3x, Eupatorium perf. 3x, Ferrum phos. 8x, Gelsemium s. 3x, Cedron 3x, Arsenicum alb. 6x, Bryonia. Size: 30ml,
Fourrts Baptefil Syrup Controls fever fast, Indicated for Influenza, Fever & Hyperthermia. Contains Belladonna Q, Bryonia Alba, Gelsemium, Baptisia, Veratrum, Eup Perf. Size: 30ml,
Healwell Fluheal Pills Healwell Fluheal Pills is a homeopathic remedy that treats fever with general weakness, body pain. checks sneezing, cold, irritation of upper respiratory tract. Contains: eupatorium perfoliatum, rhus toxicodendron, baptasia, bryonia alb arsenicum alb, gelsemium sempervirens, eucalyptus. Size: 15gm,
Dr.Raj Febrex syrup Homeopathy medicine with Aconitum nap 1x, Agrostis 1x, Baptisia 1x, Ammon Carb 1x, Belladonna, Eupatorium perf,  Lobelia 1x for low and high grade fevers. Free of side effects. Size: 100ml,
RSB Minims No.12  Fevin Fever, Chilly Sensation & Restless due To Fever . Contains Atropa Belladonna 3x, Aconitum nap 3x, Bryonia Alb 3x, Gelsemium Semp 3x. Size: 30ml,
Bahola Q3 Tablets Homeopathy specialty medicine that is anti pyretic and analgesic, for Fever & Pain Relief.  Syrup (60ml) contains Ars Alb 3c, Belladonna 3x, Bryonia Alba 3x, Ferr Phos 30C.
Dr. Schwabe Alpha-CF Tablets German medicine for influenza, cold, cough, catarrah, associated headache & body ache. Contains aconitum nap3x. Bryonia alba 3x, Eupatorium perf 1x, Gelsemium semp 3x, Ipecacuanha 3x, Phosphorus 5x. Size: 4*10 tablets,
Biocombination No.11 fever tablets  Biocombination  is indicated Inflammatory conditions, chill generally covers all mild febrile conditions. Anti-pyretic. All types of fever, pneumonia, pleurisy. Contains: Ferrum phos. 3X, Kali. Mur. 3X, Kali. Sulph. 3X, Natr. Mur. 3X, Natr. Sulph. 3X. Size: 100gm,
Dr.Bakshi’s B1Drops Influenza & Fever Drops . Contains Baptisia 4x, Bryonia Alba 4x, Causticum hah 6x, Eucalyptus gl. 3x, Eupatorium perf 3x, Ferrum Phos 8x, Gelsemium semp 6x, Sabadilla gx. Size: 30ml,
Wheezal Influenza WL 18 drops It cures influenza, pain in the limbs, high fever, cough sneezing & upper respiratory tract infections. Contains Rhus tox, Ferrum phos, Aco Nap, Baptisia, Eucalyptus Glob, Bryonia, Eup Perf, Gelsimium. Size: 30ml,
Fever Care Drops (Blooume 14) Swiss homeopathy remedy for low grade fever associated with Flu, bodyache & headache. Contains Baptisia 2x, Eupatorium Perf 3x, Eucalyptus 3x, Ocimum sanct Q. Size: 30ml,
Allen (Hyd) Fever syrup For Sweating, Shivering, Headache, Muscle aches, Loss of appetite, Dehydration and General Weakness. Contains Aconitum napellus, Gelsemium sempervirens, Belladona, Bryonia alba, Cinchona Off, Rgus Tox, Nux vomica, Coffea cruda. Size: 60ml,
Bhargava Aschin Tablets Potent Eliminator of Malaria & intermittent fever, Body pain Headache and restlessness. Size: 80 tablets, MRP: 95/-
Wheezal Febral Elixir & Febral Tablets All types of fever, Pyrexia of any origin, Typhoid, Influenza with chills, Sweating, Delirium & Body aches. Contains: Ocimum Sanc. Q, Chininum Ars 3x, Eupatorium Perf Q, Arsenic Alb 6x, Rhus Tox 6x, Bryonia Q, Ferrum Phos 3x, Baptisia Q, Aconite Nap 6x. Size: 120ml Syrup, 25gm tablets, MRP: 110/-, 135/-
Wheezal coryzaline Tablets Cold and Coryza, Cold and Coryza, Fever, Headache. contains Allium cepea Q, Belladonna Q, Sabadilla Q, Kali Bich Q, Gelsemium Q. Size: 25gm, MRP: 135/-
Wheezal Flugo Tablets Flu infection, High fever, Headache, Malaise, Vague Muscular pain, Sore throat and irritating cough. contains: Arsenicum Album 6, Baptisia Tinctoria 200, Bryonia Alba 30, Eupatorium Perfoliatum Q, Lycopodium Clavatum 30, Rhus Toxi Codendron 30. Size: 75 tablets,
Bhargava Anas Barbariae Pills Anas Barbariae is a homeopathic medicine which relieves and shortens the duration of symptoms, Such as fever, chills, body aches and pain. It is a first line of defense in treating flu. Size: 3 Vials * 1 g,
Bakson Fevo Aid Effective homeopathic anti-pyretic medicine that relieves fever and assists the body from the associated discomforting symptoms. Contains acetanilide 3x, Ferrum phos 3x, Bryonia alba Q, Rhus Tox Q, Andrograph Q, Vitex nig Q, Alium cepa, Ocimum san, Justicia Adh. Size: 100ml,
Bakson Flu Aid tablet Bakson Flu Aid tablet is a effective homeopathic formulation for Flu. It helps overcome an acute attack of flu, sneezing, runny nose, low to high grade fever, chilliness, headache, pain in bones and muscles, cough and general weakness. Contains: Bellis perennis 200, Arsenicum album 200, Gelsemium semp. 200, Eupatorium perf. 200, Bryonia alb. 200 Size: 75 tab,


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