Buy Allens Pyrex Drops, Homeopathy to Control Fever; Anti-pyretic

Allens Pyrex Drops to Control Fever

Allens Pyrex drops is a super speciality homeopathic combination to control fever.

Fevers – everyone has experienced to some degree. They can range from low grade to high grade, they can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, and can last anywhere from 1 day to a week depending on the cause, body reaction and medicines or treatment given. Fever means increased body temperature and it is the most common symptom in children. Check out the top medicine list in homeopathy to control fever

• Effective in early febrile conditions.
• Fever with headache, body ache, muscular soreness & prostration.
• Reduces temperature in intermittent, remittent & continuous fever.

Composition of Allens Pyrex drops
• Baptisia t. 3x
• Eupatorium perf. 3x,
• Ferrum phos. 8x,
• Gelsemium s. 3x,
• Cedron 3x,
• Arsenicum alb. 6x,
• Bryonia

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allens Pyrex Drops
Eupatorium perf. 3x: Violent, aching, bone breaking pains cannot lie in bed. Moans and cries with pains. Muscles of chest, back and limbs feel bruised, sore, aching; after influenza.
Ferrum phos. 8x: Chill with thirst. Heat with thirstlessness.
Gelsemium s. 3x: Fever with prostration, stupor, thirstlessness. Dullness, dizziness, drowsy, trembling. Chills – in back going up and down. In Typhoid fevers, with dark red face and besotted appearance.
Arsenicum alb. 6x: Fever – Low grade like typhoid. Externally cold with internal burning. Dyspnoea with chill, sweat with great thirst
Bryonia: All kinds of fever, bilious, typhoid and remittent fevers. In intermittent fever, great thirst during chill, and still greater in heat.

Dosage of Allens Pyrex drops 10 – 15 drops 4 times daily or as directed by the physician.

Presentation :15ml

Remark: Pyrex is effective for all age group.

Manufacturer: Allen Healthcare Co.Ltd

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