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Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Homeopathy List. Buy BBP Medicines Online

Bangalore Bio-Plasgens company motto is “Reaching Homeopathy for the Masses“. For the past 25 years, this Bengaluru based homeopathic manufacturer has been synonymous with affordable quality homeopathic products. The company is recipient of HERF national award. BBP’s Dr.A.Y Srinivasan’s range of products have been developed after decades of clinical trials and are indicated for most common health problems. Shop Online for BBP homeopathic products, get safe efficacious, cost effective medicines without any side effects.

Bangalore Bio Plasgens BBP Homeopathic products

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Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Spondyl Tablets  Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Spondyl is a wonderful remedy for stiff neck, sprains and strains, musculo-skeletal pains, spondylitis and back ache. Presentation: 25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Relaxin Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Relaxin Tablets is a homeopathic remedy for disturbed sleep. Lowers anxiety and stress without side effects. Restores normal sound sleep. Presentation:25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Asma B Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Asma B Tablets is indicated in cold, cough, breathing difficulty, wheezing Acute or chronic, bronchitis, bronchial spasm and bronchial Allergic conditions. Presentation:25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Sinosil Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Sinosil Tablets are indicated in the following cases: instant and complete relief from Sinusitis and Headache. Relieves your distressing symptoms of nasal block, post nasal drip and cough. Presentation:25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Pilorin Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Pilorin Tablets is an excellent product for all kinds of piles, constipation and fissures. Associated backache and varicositis. Presentation:25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Nervin B Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Nervin B Tablets are indicated as anerve and brain tonic useful in lack of concentration, poor memory, stress, fatigue and mood disturbances. Presentation: 25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Livone Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Livone Tablets are effective liver Tablets indicated in the following cases; Lazy liver, Fatty liver, Hepatitis, indigestion and Constipation. Improves appetite.  Presentation: 25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Dyspepsin Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Dyspepsin Tablets are indicated in the following cases effective and prompt relief in Hyper-acidity, Indigestion, Flatulence and Constipation.  Presentation: 25gms, MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Allergol Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Allergol Tablets is a clinically proven Comprehensive homeopathica therapy for skin allergies and eczema. Presentation:25gms MRP:100/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Sneezol Tabs Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Sneezol Tabs is indicated for symptomatic relief of common cold, allergic colds, including fever, body-ache, nasal and sinus congestion. Presentation:25gms Tablets
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Wartol Tabs Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Wartol Tabs is indicated for effective treatment of warts and corns. Presentation: 25 gms tablets

Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Special Combination Externals. Buy

Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Wartol-Cream  (warts & corns) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Wartol cream is used for treating all kinds of warts and corns. Safe and effective Homeopathic remedy for getting rid of warts. Presentation:25gms, MRP:48/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Ferro-Calendula  (Anti-septic healing cream) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Ferro calendula is a antiseptic cream used for cuts, open wounds, ulcers and sores. Prevent sepsis and promotes rapid healing. Presentation:25gms, MRP:48/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Skin Ointment (skin eruptions with itching, effective in eczema, dry skin & psoriasis) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Skin Ointment are indicated in for all skin disorders, Pruritus, etc. Very effective in eczema and scabies. Presentation:25gms MRP:48/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Pilorin Ointment (piles, fissues) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Pilorin Ointment are indicated in the following cases Hemorrhoids, Blind or Bleeding Piles, Burning and Painful Varicose. Presentation:25gms, MRP:48/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Cracksol cream  (chapped & cracked skin, rough, dry skin) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Cracksol are indicated in the following cases for Chaps and Cracks between Toes, Heels, Soles, Nipples and on Skin.  Presentation: 25gms, MRP:48/-

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Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Five Phos Elixir (Iron and Calcium Tonic) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Five phos elixir is a composition of the five important inorganic tissue salts of bio-chemistry.  Tissue tonic recommended for all age groups which can be taken regularly for over all good health. Presentation:100ml, MRP:68/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Alfalfa Tonic (general tonic) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Alfalfa Tonic is a general body building tonic recommended for fatigue, want of appetite, nervous debility and exhaustion, efficacious in anemia, chlorosis, especially good for convalescents. Presentation: 100ml
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Shakti Tonicum (for men) Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Shakti Tonicum is indicated for insufficient libido, impotence, neurasthenia, nervous exhaustion, all types of conditions involving weakness. Presentation: 200ml
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Hemolix Healing Powder  Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Hemolix healing powder is must for every home. First aid remedy which stops bleeding from cuts and injuries. Promotes quick Healing of wounds. Presentation:10gms, MRP:48/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Tussitol Cough Syrup Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Tussitol cough syrup helps in treating cough due to different causes like bacterial or viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, cough due to post nasal drip. Allergic dry cough, spasmodic coughs and wheeze. Presentation:100ml, MRP:64/-


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Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Soundarya cream Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Soundarya complexion cream with homeopathic extracts gently exfoliates to help improve skin’s tone and texture while helping treat and prevent blemishes with proven acne fighting ingredient. It serves as the prefect natural foundation for your skin texture and color. Presentation: 30gms. MRP: 86/-
Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Arnica Premium Hair Oil Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Arnica Premium Hair Oil is an excellent hair nourishes and indicated for preventing loss of hair, dandruff and premature graying. Presentation:100ml, MRP:69/-


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