Buy BBP Pilorin Tablets – Homeopathic medicine for Piles, Fissures

BBP Pilorin Tablets - Homeopathic medicine for Piles and Fissures

Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Pilorin Tablets is an excellent homeopathic product for all kinds of piles, constipation and fissures. Associated backache and varicosities.

Introduction: Hemorrhoids are commonly known as piles. It refers to vein swelling in the anal canal. basically they are of two types i.e. internal hemorrhoid that are the veins swollen inside the anal canal. External hemorrhoids refer to swelling of veins near the opening of anus.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids can be bleeding during the bowel movements, itching, pain in the rectal region, rectal bleeding, discomfort, skin irritation, etc

BBP Pilorin Tablet is Indicated for
• Painful or bleeding Piles
• Fissures
• Associated Pains
• Constipation and
• Backache

Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Pilorin Tablets Contains:
• Aesculus hippocastanum 3X
• Hamamelis virginica 12X
• Nux vomica 12X
• Calcarea fluorica 30X in equal proportion excipents Q.S

Mode of action of individual ingredients in BBP Pilorin Tablets
Aesculus hippocastanum: An excellent remedy for haemorrhoids. Venous stasis. Haemorrhoids. Rectum feels full of small sticks. Burning in anus with chills up and down the back. Haemorrhoids – blind or bleeding. Constipation – hard, dry, knotty, white stools. Constant throbbing behind symphysis pubis.
Hamamelis virginica: Haemorrhoids with soreness of the affected parts. Haemorrhoids bleeding profusely with soreness of anus. Pulsation in rectum.
Nux vomica: Constipation with constant, ineffectual urging for stool. Itching, blind Haemorrhoids.
Calcarea fluorica: Useful in malnutrition of bones, joints and glands.

Dosage: Adults 4 Tablets a times a day after food, children:half a of the adults dose or s prescribed by the physician.

Side effects: No side effects of BBP Pilorin Tablets are known

Presentation: 25 gm

Manufacturer: Bangalore Bio-Plasgens

RATE/PRICE: Rs.80 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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2 thoughts on “Buy BBP Pilorin Tablets – Homeopathic medicine for Piles, Fissures”

  1. Sir , i have problem constipation, but stool is soft, mucus, vein swelling inside and outside of anus. So there is burning and pain when stool passes. Dr. Said no piles. Can I use this tablet. Have any side effect

    1. the swelling in the anal cavity is probably making it difficult to pass stools. Since stool is soft there is no need to take a laxative. Dont strain in the toilet it will only make this worse, try and apply an ice pack to reduce anal discomfort, it will also help to alleviate the painful swelling of hemorrhoids. And tablets like Pilorin and other homeopathy piles treatment medicines indicated here will help you reduce the swelling that may have been caused by engorged veins

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