Buy BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup-homeopathy medicine for cough

BBP Tussitol cough syrup, Homeopathic cough medicine

BBP Tussitol cough syrup from Bangalore Bio Plasgens helps in treating cough due to different causes like bacterial or viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, cough due to post nasal drip. Allergic dry cough, spasmodic coughs and wheeze. This pleasant tasting cough remedy also soothes sore throat and hoarseness caused by smoking or air pollution.

BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup contains homeopathic goodness like Senega, Nat sulph, Ferr phos , Kali mur , Ipecac, Antim tart, that provide effective expectorant effect and soothes the throat.This combination of herbs helps to clear mucous deposits, and an excellent preparation for bronchial infections as well as the common cold

Ingredients: BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup contains: (each 5ml): Justicia Adh Q 0.25Ml, Senega 0.25Ml, Ipecac 6 0.025Ml, Antim tart 6 0.025ml, Nat sulph 6x 0.15 gm, Ferr phos 6x 0.10gm, Kali mur 6x 0.10 Gm, Glycerine 0.10 Gm, Excipients Q.S. Alcohol 7.5 % v/v.

Mode Of Action of individual ingredients in BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup:
Justicia Adh – Dry Cough from sternal rigion all over chest, Hoarseness, Larynx, Painful paraoxysmal Cough with sneezing. Cough with severe dyspnoea, whooping Cough Worse at night.
Senega – Cattarrhal Syamtorns of respiratory tract, Ratting of chest, Oppressed Breathing Difficult raising of tough mucous in the aged. Lobelia Dyspnoea, Constriction of chest, Periodical Asthamatic Attacks. Ipecac – Dyspnoea, Contriction of chest, voilent Cough with every breath chest seems full phlegumn but does not yield to coughing. Anti tart – Grat rattling of chest but little is expectorated, coughing & gaping consecutively. Rapid sport breath and suffocation.
Nat Sulph – Humid asthmatic Cough, Short breath, Aggravated in damp rainy weather.
Farr Phos Beginning of all cold/cough, Acute, short and spasmodic cough. Kali Mur – All Complaints of the Respiratory tracts viz Bronchitis, laryngitis. Croup. Pneumonia etc. Thick White expectoration with loud barking cough.

Effective Homeopathic cough relief from Bangalore Bio-Plasgens that provides following benefits: disinfectant & cleansing action on mucous membranes, helps to prevent spread of cold, sore throat, infections etc. Soothes irritated throat

Dosage: Adults, Two teaspoon of BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup 4 times a day. Children, One teaspoon full 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.


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