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How to grow Hair faster – Top 7 hair care tips & products, Buy Online

Homeopathy Hair Oils present a unique formulation of well known herbal ingredients like Arnica Montana (stimulates hair follicular growth), Jaborandi (makes hair darker), Calendula (antiseptic), Thuja (anagen phase promoter in hair cycles), China (improves blood circulation), Brahmi & Amla (hair fall prevention) for healthy, strong naturally shining hair. Get the best tips and hair care products to stop hair fall and regrow hair fast naturally.

Hair growth and Hair Oils – how the faster way works

Lets begin with an analogy: Soil is to crops what scalp is to hair growth, just as Fertile soil provides essential nutrients to plants for healthy growth and development, so do scalp to your hair. So taking care of your scalp is the first step you need to take to stop hair loss and make them regrow faster. Oiling of hair and the scalp is an important activity in this direction which involves selection of the right hair oil and the correct way of application. Applying hair oil also has benefits like improving hair strand quality, mind calmness, sleep improvement, headache remedy etc. Oiling of hair serves ancillary purposes as well. It contributes to cure headaches, migraines and relaxation feeling. Hair oiling and massaging  improves the blood circulation in scalp and helps to relax the mind. Oiling of hair should be avoided in humid climate, when skin texture of scalp is already oily etc. When long duration of outdoor work is carried out then hair shouldn’t be kept oily as it attracts dust particles that further causes hair fall. Application of hair oil at the night and then washing it with lukewarm water on next day morning helps to improve quality of the hair, prevent early grey hair, promote hair growth, avoid split hair etc. Check out out our comprehensive Hair loss Loss treatment guide with top medicine list for hair regrowth.

Tip 1: Want to grow hair faster ? Avoid SLS and Parabens products in the market

This one ranks high on our recommendation list because it can singularly cause irreparable damage to your hair. Remember hair fall control starts with you using safe hair care products. The SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) are harmful substances that cause untold damage to skin and eye and hair. SLS tiny molecules easily penetrate the deep layered membranes of body’s cells. These compromised cells, become more vulnerable to other toxic chemicals that may enter along with the it. SLS is popularly identified as skin irritant and removes natural oil from skin that is needed for its protection. It is also an eye irritant. SLS substance in shampoos helps in formation of lather but it can irritate and inflame hair follicles too.  Go for sulfate free products and get the following benefits.

  • Reduces chances of irritation development or inflammation of skin and scalp.
  • Increases moisture retention
  • Retains and improves natural oils
  • Retains the hair color in dyed hair
  • Prevents the skin and scalp from absorbing the harmful chemicals

Paraben is the chemical designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and give the products a longer shelf life. They are used as preservatives in shampoos and other beauty products. Parabens can be linked to develop certain types of cancers and damage the endocrine glands.

 Tip 2: How to apply hair oil to grow hair faster

  1. Dip fingers in the hair oil, make hair partitions and apply that oil to the scalp. The hair oil should be slightly warm by heating. Adequate quantity of oil should be used. Applying too much oil further needs more use of shampoo. Hence gently massage the limited quantity of hair oil on the scalp with fingertips. If hairs are already oily, do not massage it with more oil.
  2. Do not rub the hair with hands, as it can break easily. Massaging gently can improve blood circulation in scalp area. 10 to 15 minutes of hair massage is healthy for hair.
  3. Leave the applied oil on the hair overnight. It is better to leave oil on scalp for longer duration but not more than one day or 24 hours as it starts attracting dust particles and makes the hair weak.
  4. Oiling the hair at least once in a week should be practiced.

Tip 3: Hot Oil treatment to grow hair faster

Do regular hot oil treatment and head massage for effective hair conditioning. Put some oil in a bottle and heat it by putting the bottle in hot water for an extended period of time (generally for a minute or so), you can message the hot oil treatment into your wet hair. Massage all the oil thoroughly in the hair so that all the hair will be able to be exposed to the hot oil. Rinse in running water and apply shampoo to wash it off. Generally natural essential oils are the best ones to use in hot oil treatments as they can do the best to stop damaged dry and weak hair. People suffering with red colored rashes on scalp, headaches and acidity should not go for opting hot oil treatment.

For regular oil application, Applying hair oil after the hair wash is not advantageous as it may attract dust particles and pollution like smog over hair. But if you are at home and want to apply oil during day time, a minimum of one teaspoon of oil is sufficient. For the cause of hair growth, oil may be applied to the scalp, roots of hair and to the length of hair. Hair care specialists always recommend that you apply hair oil before going to bed and wash it with head wash in the morning.

Tip 4: How to prevent hair damage and help hair grow faster on regular basis 

  • Avoid exposure of hair to chilly and windy weather, wear cap or muffler or wrap a cloth around your head
  • Avoid direct exposure to sun heat especially in summer  especially during peak noon times when the sun is blazing
  • If your area serves hard water. Try and fix a water softener in your bathroom. Now a days there are ionizer water solutions available in the market
  • Certain hair styles like pulling your hair tight into pigtails or cornrows, or hair braid can cause traction alopecia
  • Stop using harsh shampoo as they contain chemicals that actually damage your hair. (refer SLS & Parabens below)
  • Certain hair dye are known to cause hair loss (Hair Dye containing Para phenylenediamine causes severe allergy leading to hair loss), see the contents carefully and check whether they contain any harmful or banned chemicals
  • Did you know that excess use of hair dryer can actually speedup hair loss? Avoid hair dryers and if you use ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 feet from your hair for short duration only
  • Nutritional insufficiency – supplement your daily diet with missing nutrients that may be missing from your plate. Eat plenty of fruits and omega 3 rich foods.

Tip 5: How to prevent hair loss during illness or treatment and grow hair faster on recovery

  • Extended illness can cause hair loss.  Severe infections or chronic illness, high fevers, childbirth, severe psychological stress, major surgery or prolonged illnesses cause “telogen effluvium”, a kind of shock to your biologic program that lead to hair loss several weeks to several months later. If you are sick or recuperating from illness, take tonics to supplement your body with vital nutrients.
  • Cancer treatment – radiation treatment (Chemotherapy) is disastrous for hair growth as the treatment kills any new cell growth in the body especially hair follicles and cells in digestive tract. Alternative treatment is now possible in cancer without the side effects
  • Medications – certain medications are not conducive to hair regrowth, consult your doctor regarding any current prescription if it is causing hair loss. Medications like beta blockers, retinoids, calcium channel blockers, antidepressants, ibuprofen, coagulants etc are known to cause hair loss. Telogen effluvium which is the most common form of drug induced  hair loss is because of anticoagulants. You should always check for drugs that mention hair loss as a side effect and there are plenty of them.

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 Tip 6: Other natural supplements to hair grow faster

  • Use natural juices to strengthen the hair roots. The natural juices of onion, ginger or garlic can strengthen hair. These are popular home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth
  • Antioxidants are proven good in hair growth. Usage of green tea bags can be helpful for this purpose.
  • Reduce stress and strain. Research has found a direct correlation between body’s ability to regenerate with stress. So relax with music, meditation and socializing regularly .
  • Using mint is helpful for hair shine. Boil handful of mint leaves (Pudina in hindi) in water and leave for three hours. Strain the water and use it for the final rinse.
  • Amla (Gooseberry) acts like natural conditioner, hence it can be recommended to use hair oil containing amla.
  • Turn and bend the head down while shampooing and massage the scalp. This stimulates blood circulation.
  • Brush your hair well before going to sleep. It promotes blood circulation and supports better hair growth.
  • Eat nuts and seeds as they contain essential fatty acids required for hair growth. Flax seeds are wonderful hair stimulants
  • Use a pH balanced shampoo

Tip 7: Yoga shows you how to grow faster hair!

Do Sirsasana Yoga regularly to power up your scalp, this inverted headstand yoga pose does wonders to your hair to stop Hair loss, graying of hair and baldness which are often caused by bad blood circulation in the scalp. Sirsasana directs enriched blood to the brain and to the scalp which helps transforming of grey hair into its original color and ensuring good growth of hair is possible through this practice.

Tip 8:  Ensure Scalp Health always

A healthy scalp is crucial to life and health of all your hair roots so that normal hair cycle is maintained. Scalp infections (seborrheic dermatitis) can interfere with hair growth cycles and lead to hair loss. Infections, such as ringworm or hair lice, can invade the hair and skin of your scalp, leading to scaly patches, dandruff and hair loss. If you have a sensitive scalp that is prone to flaking or itching then you stay should away from gels and hairsprays, as these contain high amounts of alcohol which can cause the scalp to dry out and make conditions worse . People often use gels, sprays and waxes to mould their manes, and certain chemicals in them is likely to make you develop an allergic reaction and damage your scalp. Take the shiny scalp Test. If your scalp is shiny, it is caused by a build up of an oil called ‘sebum’, which if not washed regularly combines with dead skin cells, cosmetic styling products (such as hair gel) and other pollutants. This oil layer builds up and gets embedded into the scalp, making it difficult if not impossible to wash out using conventional shampoo methods. This fills in pores around the edges, eventually blocking the pores causing hair follicle miniaturization and leading to hair loss. Oils containing Neem , Jaborandi concentrate (or shampoo containing neem extracts and zinc pyrithione) is recommended to treat hair lice and scalp infections

How hair oil benefits you in myriad ways other than faster hair growth

Hair oil Benefits
Sesame hair oil Avoid baldness
Relieves headaches
Prevents hair graying
Controls hair fall
Coconut hair oil Anti dandruff treatment
Anti bacterial in nature – protects against infections
Prevent split ends
Increases shine
Stops hair breakage
Amla hair oil Reduces hair fall
Relieves one sided headaches
Induces proper sleep
Helps in growth of hair
Strengthens hair
Arnica hair oil Reduces hair fall
Provides nourishment
Stimulates hair follicles
Posses anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties
Reduces growth of split ends
Reduces hair fall
Provides nourishment
Stimulates hair follicles
Posses anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties
Reduces growth of split ends
Jaborandi hair oil Best oil for hair fall problem and regrowth
Prevents baldness
Treats dandruff complaints
Prevents hair fall caused by any reason
Stimulates better hair growth
Provides strength and increase hair density

Top Hair Tonics List


Product Name Description
Schwabe Zauberol Oil for alopecia Schwabe Zauberol Oil reactivates damaged hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Globally tested for its therapeutic effect of restoring lost hair and premature greying. It contains ingredients like eclipta prostrata & hibiscus rosa sinensis which have been researched for hair growth promoting activity. Size: 150ml, MRP: 750/-
Vashisht Thuja Hair Tonic Dr.Vashisht Homeo Thuja Hair Oil is a doctor’s formula to prevent hair falling, dandruff, premature grey hair. It lengthens the hair. Contains Thuja occ, Arnica montana, Jaborandi herbal extracts with Cantharis. Size:100ml, MRP: 120/-
Dr.Raj Homoeo Herbal Pandhan Oil Dr Raj Homoeo Herbal Pandhan Oil prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth An essential hair oil which prevents loss of hair, ensures its natural shine while encouraging hair growth. Its helps in the treatment of dandruff, burning eyes and loss of sleep. Contains all essential herbs like arnica, jaborandi, calendula, amla, brahmi, cantharis, wiesbaden. It also helps to keep cool head. Presentation: 100ml, MRP:120/-..
SBL Almond Hair Tonic SBL Almond Hair Tonic Controls Dandruff, Hair Fall and Helps Give Natural Shine to Hair. Contains: Omega-3 fatty acids, Phospholipids, Vitamin E and magnesium. Size: 100ml, MRP: 60/-.
Bakson Hair Aid Drops Bakson Hair Aid Drops is a perfect hair tonic that comes as a twin pack of internal medication and external application. The internal medication checks dandruff, premature greying of hair and split ends. The external preparation conditions scalp and hair and also nourishes the hair roots. Size: 30ml, MRP: 185/-.

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Top recommended natural Hair oils for faster hair growth

Product Name Description
Allen Arnica Montana Hair Oil Allen’s Arnica Montana Hair Oil is a non sticky light perfumed hair oil enriched with the goodness of imported arnica montana. Provides nourishment to the hair roots. Size: 100ml, MRP: 90/-
Bahola Arnicated Hair Oil Baholas arnicated Oil is formulated with the purest form of Arnica (known to promote hair growth) and cantharis which keeps the scalp healthy and free from dandruff. Indicated for hair fall, dandruff, premature greying of hair.  Size: 100ml, MRP: 114/-
Fourrts Arnica Hair Oil Fourrts Arnica Hair Oil with the goodness of Jaborandi, Calendula, Arnica controls Dandruff, promotes healthy hair growth, and prevents premature greying while working to tone up the scalp. Size: 100ml,  MRP: 90/-
Wheezal Arnica Hair Treatment (Oil) Wheezal Arnica Hair Treatment (Oil) is your ideal Hair Oil for complete hair treatment, it maintains healthy hair growth, slows down age-related hair loss, nourishes the scalp and hair follicles and maintains healthy blood flow to the scalp. Size: 100ml, MRP: 105/-
Wheezal Jaborandi Hair Treatment Oil Wheezal Jaborandi Treatment Oil provides complete Hair Care by maintaining healthy hair growth, slows down age-related hair loss. Size: 100ml, MRP: 110/-
Allen Arnica Gold – Anti Hair Fall Allen Arnica Gold Anti Hair Fall is remarkably effective for preventing hair fall. It stimulates and strengthens hair follicles thereby reducing hair loss, while enhancing new hair growth. It provides a better blood circulation at the level of the scalp which strengthens hair roots and hair follicles grow stronger and thicker. Size: 110ml, MRP: 85/-
Agom Kesharanjana Oil tailark Agom Kesharanjana Oil improves blood circulation and nourishes hair. It also stops hair falling and graying, rejuvenates pigments. Size: 30ml, MRP: 100/-
Bakson Arnica Hair Oil with Jaborandi Baksons Arnica hair oil is an all natural-greasy hair oil with a unique formula that helps control dandruff and prevents falling of hair, premature graying and dryness of hair. It provides necessary nourishment, protection and tones up blood circulation of scalp. Regular use makes your hair look healthy and lustrous. Promotes healthy growth of hair and nourishes them by toning-up circulation of scalp. Size: 150ml, MRP: 150/-
Vashisht Brahmi Bacopa Monneiri Hair Oil Vashisht Brahmi Bacopa Monneiri Hair Oil is well known effective homeopathic treatment to strengthen the roots of the hair and stop hair fall. Size: 50ml, MRP: 100/-
Baksons Arnica Montana Hair Oil with JAC Bakson Sunny Arnica Montana Hair Oil with JAC is a non greasy non sticky hair oil, enriched with the extracts of jaborandi, arnica, calendula, china and cantharis, that helps to improve blood circulation in scalp, check dandruff, strengthen hair roots, prevent premature graying and promote healthy growth of hair. Size: 200ml, MRP: 150/-
Baksons Arnica Montana Hair Oil Baksons Arnica montana hair oil an unmatched hair tonic for that extra sheen and longevity. Regular use stimulates circulation, consolidates hair roots and prevents their premature fall. Nourishes scalp and controls dandruff by limiting sebum production. Size: 100ml, MRP: 95/-
Schwabe B&T 7oL Nourishing Scalp and Hair Oil B & T 7oL Nourishing Scalp and Hair Oil with the goodness of Almond, Argan, Olive, Jojoba, Walnut, Amla and Coconut Oils nourish and increase the blood circulation in the scalp area, strengthens hair strand to stimulate growth and reduce graying. Size: 150ml, MRP: 160/-
Medisynth Arnikesh Scalp Treatment Medisynth Arnikesh Scalp Treatment is a concentrate of herbal extracts in vegetable oil base. A herbal extract concentrate for dandruff and hairfall treatment, it also relieves brain-fag, headache, migraine burning eyes, tension, loss of sleep. This strengthens the hair roots and prevents further loss. Size: 100ml, MRP: 102/-
St.George’s Arnica Hair Oil No.2 (Gingelly Oil & Coconut Oil) St.George’s Arnica Hair Oil No 2 (Gingelly & Coconut oil) for dry scalp, premature greying, rough hair, falling hair, retarded growth, dandruff, Lice, short hair, itching of scalp. Size: 60ml, MRP: 55/-
Allen Arnica Plus Hair vitalizer Allen Arnica plus arrests excessive falling of hair, prevents premature hair greying, removes dandruff, vitalizes hair roots, promotes new growth of healthy hair, adds longevity to hair. Size: 100ml, MRP: 120/-
Sarada Arnica Hair Vitalizer Sarada Arnica Hair Vitalizer is a quality homeopathic product indicated for falling of hair, premature greying of hair, dandruff, alopecia etc. It provides your hair with complete natural care. Size: 100ml, MRP: 100/-
Bioforce Blooume 78 (Arnica Hair Oil) Blooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil has unique blend of herbs like arnica, calendula etc. Blooume 78 arnica hair oil helps to control hair fall. It is also indicated to increase the hair growth and blood circulation. Size: 100ml, MRP: 135/-
Lords Camy Black K2 Arnica Hair Oil Lords Camy black K2 special arnica hair oil is a premium product from lord’s cosmetics international, which is enriched with shikakai, bhringraj, jeborandi, brahmi amla and sage leaves for total hair care. Size: 150ml, MRP: 225/-
Lords Arnica Hair Oil With Jaborandi ords Arnica Hair Oil with Jaborandi is an excellent medicated Hair tonic for dry scalp blended with genuine extracts of jaborandi, arnica, cantharis, china, amla, sandalwood and other reputed indian herbs put together in a base of pure vegetable oilfor Smooth, Glossy and Extraordinary Soft Hair. Size: 100ml, MRP: 120/-
SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil strengthens hair and prevents hair fall. It also controls dandruff and promote hair growth. Size: 100ml, MRP: 70/-
SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil SBL Jaborandi Hair oil contains extract of jaborandi herb, which helps check hair fall by strengthening hair roots and restoring lost hair, and also preventing premature graying. Jaborandi oil stimulates the hair roots and makes them darker while preventing premature greying. Size: 100ml, MRP: 135/-
SBL Coconica Hair Oil SBL Coconica Hair Oil is indicated for long and shiny hair and is a unique natural formulation of coconut oil fortified with advantages of homeopathy to provide strength to hair follicles for longer, softer and lustrous hair. Size: 100ml, MRP: 130/-
SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil SBL Jaborandi plus hair oil is your complete hair care solution, it has been specially formulated with well balanced herbal extractsto control hair fall, dandruff and itching of scalp. Size: 100ml, MRP: 140/-
SBL Arnica Montana Fortified Hair Oil SBL Arnica montana rejuvenates scalp and stimulates hair follicles. Strengthens hair and prevents hair fall. It also controls dandruff and promote hair growth. Size: 100ml, MRP: 105/-
Lord’s jaborandi hair oil Lord’s jaborandi hair oil is a unique medicated hair oil enriched with proven homoeopathic remedies formulated to prevent premature graying, excessive hair fall. It strengthens the roots and gives nourishment to restore lost hair and stops premature graying. Regular use checks dandruff and gives lustrous and long hairs. Size: 100ml, MRP: 118/-
Allen ArnicaPlus with Triofer tab Allen ArnicaPlus with Triofer tab is indicated for excessive falling of hair, prevents premature hair greying, removes dandruff, vitalizes hair roots, promotes new growth of healthy hair, adds longevity to hair. Triofer cures liver and stomach troubles, corrects constipation and anemia, supply mineral and tissue salts, thus removes root causes of hair problems. Size: 100ml, Triofer 50 tabs, MRP: 325/-
Schwabe Hair Growth Oil Schwabe B&T Hair growth oil is a carefully selected formula for healthy growth of hair. It enhances the blood circulation of the scalp area and is also helpful in cases of premature greying and hair fall. Size: 200ml, MRP: 140/-

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