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The symptoms of heart problems include angina pectoris (severe pain in chest), myocardial infarction (heart attack), etc. Ischaemic heart disease also known as coronary artery disease (condition that affects the supply of blood to heart) and atherosclerosis leading to heart blockage are the main leading causes of mortality. The risk factors in development of such coronary artery diseases include cigarette smoking, hypertension (high blood pressure), family history of the premature coronary artery diseases, hypercholesterolaemia (excess of cholesterol in the bloodstream) and diabetes mellitus. Other reasons include stress, physical inactivity and obesity. Angina pectoris is the condition associated with the myocardial ischaemia which occurs when the myocardial oxygen demand exceeds the supply. The pain in this condition may radiate to jaw, neck, arms or shoulders. Associated symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dysponea (difficult breathing), palpitations (irregular heartbeat), diaphoresis (sweating) etc.

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Symptoms of heart problems manifest in the form of chest discomfort, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, anxiety, change in heart rhythm or irregular heart beat, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain etc. Heart is muscular organ that pumps blood through blood vessels of circulatory system. Cardiovascular diseases also known as heart diseases are caused mainly due to blocking or narrowing of blood vessels that prevents brain, heart or other body parts to receive sufficient blood. Various heart diseases includes angina pectoris (severe pain in the chest), endocarditis (inflammation of the endocardium), myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) etc. Dr.Reckeweg R 3 drops for symptoms of heart problems is ideal in such cases. Infection of inner lining of heart is commonly referred to endocarditis. Damage and inflammation of heart muscle refers to myocarditis that is caused by viral infections, environmental toxins, autoimmune diseases etc. It is estimated that around 5 to 20 percent of sudden death of young adults is due to myocarditis

Other Symptoms of heart problems include breath shortness, palpitations (irregular heart beat), dizziness, weakness, nausea, sweating etc. Most common heart complaints include chest pain or angina, heart failure, palpitations or irregular heart beat etc. Heart is the main key organ of circulatory system that provides blood supply in the entire body. Symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration etc indicates circulatory complaints. Causes of heart and circulatory complaints include smoking, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, obesity, excess alcohol consumption, diabetes, stress, high cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure etc.

The symptoms of heart problems can be triggered by the factors like smoking, bad eating habits, sedentary life cycle, diabetes and heredity. Heart is the most important organ of the body that pumps blood to all the body parts. Blood further provides nutrients and oxygen and assists in removing the metabolic wastes. When flow of the oxygen rich blood suddenly gets blocked to section of heart, the condition my lead to various symptoms of heart problems like angina pectoris (severe chest pain), heart attack etc. When the flow of blood through blood vessels rises higher from its normal pressure, the condition is termed as high blood pressure.

Top Homeopathy Heart Medicines Online

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Top Specialty Homeopathy Products

Schwabe Essentia Aurea Heart drops

1. Schwabe Essentia Aurea drops is homeopathic medicine to treat symptoms of heart problems through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key ingredients like crataegus oxyacantha, aurum muriaticum etc that acts on cardiac weakness and stenocardia (severe constricting pain or feeling of pressure in chest). It is also indicated for hypertension and dysrhythmia (abnormality in a physiological rhythm).

How the ingredient in Schwabe Essentia Aurea drops work?

The key properties in Schwabe Essentia Aurea drops are derived from the following ingredients to treat symptoms of heart problems

Crataegus oxyacantha – it acts on heart muscles as heart tonic. It lowers pulse and reduces the blood pressure. It treats dysponea, pain, cold extremities, irregular pulse and blueness of fingers. It is also indicated in chronic heart diseases and arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries).

Aurum muriaticum – treats arteriosclerosis, hypertension, valvular lesions, palpitations, tachyarrhythmia (heart rate that exceeds the normal resting rate) etc.

Convallaria majalis – it increases the heart’s action. It treats over distended ventricles, venous stasis (forming blood clots in veins), dysponea and dropsy (excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues). It is also indicated for tobacco heart (functional disorder characterized by irregular pulse), orthopnoea (shortness of breath), tachyarrhythmia, palpitations and angina pectoris.

Ignatia amara – it is indicated to treat symptoms of heart problems like nervousness, sleep disorders, depression, trembling and constrictive feeling in chest and throat.

Veratrum album – treats weakness, collapse, extreme coldness and paleness. It is also indicated for palpitations, feeble pulse etc.

Arnica Montana – it affects the blood and vascular system. It treats cardiac dropsy, angina pectoris, dysponea, cardiac asthma, irregular and feeble pulse.

Side effects – No side effects are known of Essentia Aurea drops.

Contra-indications – Essentia Aurea drops is not indicated for children

Interactions: No interactions between other products and Essentia Aurea drops are known.

Dr. Reckeweg R3 Heart drops

2. Dr.Reckeweg R 3 drops has a proprietary blend of homeopathic ingredients like Cactus, Crataegus etc in speciality drops forms for treating heart ailments. It addresses the issues like heart insufficiency, heart blockage, myocardial weakness, dilatations (action of dilating a vessel) etc. It also addresses post infectious myocardial weakness, coronary insufficiency, degenerative process of myocardium and cardiac infarction. It treats functional irregularities, myocarditis, endocarditis  and hypotonia (low muscle tone).

How the ingredients in Dr.Reckeweg R 3 drop work? The key properties are derived from the following ingredients to treat symptoms of heart problems

Cactus – treats mental pressure (oppression) along with symptoms of the angina pectoris. It also treats suffocation and strong pulse.

Crataegus – treats cardiac weakness, tendency towards the decompensation (failure of an organ). It provides strength to heart at the time of infectious diseases. It also treats painful spasms (sudden involuntary muscular contraction or convulsive movement), hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure), functional irregularities etc.

Digitalis – it treats the heart failure accompanied by cardiac dilatation.

Kalium carbonicum – treats symptoms of heart problems like weakness of cardiovascular system and heart during endocarditis and myocarditis. It also treats sharp pain in heart.

Kalmia – treats the pain that extends down the left arm, chronic heart weakness along with difficulty in breathing. It also addresses chronic and acute endocarditis followed by rheumatism (inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissue) and gout (defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis).

Phosphorus – treats heart palpitations (irregular heart beat), hypersensitivity and general nervous exhaustion

Scilla – treats cardiovascular system insufficiency along with dysrhythmia (abnormal rhythm) and decompensation phenomenon.

Spigelia – treats abnormal and strong palpitations, myocarditis, enodcarditis and low pulse.

Strophanthus – it acts as fast acting tonic of heart.

General Indications: The self-healing powers of the body during an illness is triggered by the biological homeopathic specialties of Dr. Reckeweg  and Co.Gmbh, Bensheim, which acts  as a specific stimulus in treatment.The pharmaceutical properties of each of the individual ingredients complement one another in their effect on the individual symptoms and illness (stage)The indicated quantity of Dr.Reckeweg R 3 drops should be taken before meals with some water  unless otherwise prescribed by doctor. Medicines indicated for external use should be applied to the affected area and gently rubbed until absorbed by skin.

Contra Indication: The medication should not be taken if patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.Generally medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor.

SBL Tonicard Gold drops

3. SBL’s Tonicard Gold drops is an ideal homeopathic medicine, indicated to treat symptoms of heart problems and works on it through a propriety blend of several homeopathic herbs. It protects against the potential heart problems. It acts on palpitation (irregular heart beats), angina (pain in chest) and high blood pressure. It is also indicated to reduce the pace of arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries) leading to heart blockage, breathlessness, tachycardia (abnormally rapid heart rate), improves circulation and tones up the heart muscles.

Contract-indication No known contract-indication of Tonicard drops.




Adel Neo Card N Gold drops

4. Adel Homeopathy Neo-Card N drops are used to treat symptoms of heart problems and circulatory complaints through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has ingredients like aether sulfuricus, aurum chlor etc that act on heart and circulatory complaint. It is indicated for complaint of nervous origin or organic origin such as breath shortness, difficult or laboured breathing (dyspnoea), and rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat due to agitation, exertion, or illness (palpitation). It also addresses abnormally rapid heart rate (tachycardia), rhythm disturbances, sharp pains and aches in chest, faintness, tightness feeling of chest etc.

How the ingredients in Neo-Card N drops work

The key properties in Neo-Card N drops are derived from the following ingredients

Aether sulfuricus – it acts against collapse and appearances of uncontrollable emotion (hysteria).

Aurum chlor – it acts against the high blood pressure, liver and heart dysfunctions. It also treats irregular mood.

Cactus grandiflorus – treats toxic burdens that are caused due inflammation of heart muscle. It also treats violent palpitations accompanied with vertigo (sensation of whirling and loss of balance), flatulence (accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal) and dyspnoea.

Crataegus – helps in better circulation by vasodilatation (dilatation of blood vessels). It treats symptoms of heart problems such as cardiac dropsy (swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water), fatty degeneration, and insomnia due to diseases of aorta. It also relieves pain in region of left calvicle and heart, dyspnoea on the lease excretion. It acts as sedative and reduce high blood pressure. It sustains the heart in infections.

Nux moschata – acts against all the conditions of weakness accompanied by gastro-cardiac symptoms.

Stropanthus – it protects from the failing compensation caused due to the fatty heart. It treats angina pectoris (severe pain in the chest spreading to the shoulders, arms, and neck), circulatory debility. It regulates irregularity in breathing and nervous palpitation.

Valeriana – treats restlessness feeling, nervousness feeling in hypochondria (abnormal chronic anxiety). It promotes sleep.

Other related Homeopathic remedies recommended by us to treat symptoms of heart problems and circulatory complaints are as follows

Homeopathic drops

Schwabes AngiotonSchwabes Essentia AureaAdel 43, Bakson’s Card Aid, Cardiocare, Haslab Diacard, Bakson’s B4, Blooume 17

Homeopathic tablets

Haslab’s HC-8,

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