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Homeopathic health tonics for weakness, energy, weight gain

Homeopathic tonics like Alfalfa (also known as Medicago sativa) are well known to build health during recovery from illness (convalescence).  They are a storehouse of multivitamins and essential body nutrients . They promote overall health and boost energy through better digestion and metabolism. In this article we uncover numerous health benefits and provide a comprehensive list of alfalfa and other tonics from best Indian & German homeopathic brands .

About Homeopathic super tonic – Alfalfa

Pharmacy It is offered in Tincture and in all potencies
Clinical Indications covers appetite loss, Breast feeding (lactation enhancer), colitis, dropsy, emaciation with fatigue & flatulence. Also insomnia, malnutrition, weight loss, nutritional disorder

Pharmacopoeia coverage of Alfalfa

General Disorders characterized by malnutrition, insomnia, nervous digestion. Anorexia nervosa, deficient breast milk in nursing mothers, pronounced urinary action (useful in irritable bladder), Rheumatic diathesis, prostration, muscle weakness
Mind Induces mental exhilaration (sense of buoyancy), cheerfulness, a sense of well being. Liveliness and clarity of thought. Suits people with aversion to work, those under depression, sulking, morose, melancholic people
Abdomen Has a favorable action on incidents of  Bloating, flatulence, loose yellow stools, cramping or griping pain, Colitis, appendicitis
Breasts Breast milk absent or disappearing
Head Dull heavy feeling in the occiput and in & around the eyes, violent headache, pain in the left side of the head
Stomach Emptiness, nervous appetite, hungry feeling not satisfied by eating
Kidneys Kidneys are weak, frequent urge to urinate, polyuria
Male enlarged prostate gland, prostatic hypertrophy


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Alfalfa Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 33 g
Amount Per Serving Calories 8,    Calories from Fat 2
Vitamins Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV
Vitamin A 51.1 IU 1%
Vitamin C 2.7 mg 5%
Vitamin K 10.1 mcg 13%
Thiamin 0.0 mg 2%
Riboflavin 0.0 mg 2%
Niacin 0.2 mg 1%
Vitamin B6 0.0 mg 1%
Folate 11.9 mcg 3%
Pantothenic Acid 0.2 mg 2%
Choline 4.8 mg
Betaine 0.1 mg
Minerals Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV
Calcium 10.6 mg 1%
Iron 0.3 mg 2%
Magnesium 8.9 mg 2%
Phosphorus 23.1 mg 2%
Potassium 26.1 mg 1%
Sodium 2.0 mg 0%
Zinc 0.3 mg 2%
Copper 0.1 mg 3%
Manganese  0.1 mg 3%
Selenium 0.2 mcg 0%

The Alfalfa advantage: Alfalfa in known to favorably influence nutrition by increasing appetite and has a unique property of adding weight of muscle tissue without adding fat. Because it’s natural multi vitamin and mineral content energizes body functions, tones up digestion and helps gain weight. Homeopathic food supplements with Alfalfa are indispensable for the fast paced life of today where every one goes through tremendous stress and strain accompanied by tensions at workplace and home. When struck by disease, the importance of Homeopathic food supplements like Alfalfa tonic only increases because the normal capacity of the body for assimilation is reduced and requires external help. Therefore you need a supplement that covers appetite loss (anorexia), provides wholesome nutrition and promotes Healthy ageing.

Benefits of Alfalfa Tonics

  • It stimulates general metabolic activity in the body boosting physical and mental activities
  • Supports regenerative process in the body to recover from illness or diseases in various stages
  • It eliminates symptoms of fatigue and leads to increase in appetite.
  • It has a corrective action on various body functions, serve as perfect tonic for nerves and kidney
  • These product are non toxic preparations and are free of any side effects. Therefore they do not carry any contra indications
  • Ideal for all age groups , in children it works as a growth promoter and corrects issues like bed wetting. For nursing mothers it helps in increasing the quality and quantity of milk
  • They replenish the body’s deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Helps in restoring normal physical health, gain normal weight, especially after debilitating illness or  after delivery (child birth)

Who should take homeopathic tonic?  They should be particularly taken by people recovering from illness, post operative recovery or women during pregnancy or after delivery (during breast feeding) . It induces a general feeling of well being or mental exhilaration of buoyancy. Therefore doctors highly recommend it for people facing symptoms like despair, nervousness, anxiety, general debility, loss of appetite, insomnia (loss of sleep) or neurasthenia.


Homeopathic Tonics and Malts – what do they contain and their therapeutic health benefits?

Acidum phosphoricum: is indicated for nervous exhaustion, mental and physical debility in growing and over taxed persons. This is useful for ailments due to loss of vital fluids, vertigo, feeling of pin in eyeballs, frequent urination and weakness. It is also indicated for impotence, pollution, lack of concentration, apathy, sleepiness during day time

Alfalfa (medicago sativa):  its therapeutic range covers disorders characterized by malnutrition . It favorably influences nutrition by toning up the appetite and digestion, improves vigor and is indicated for neurasthenia, nervousness and insomnia. It increases quality and quantity of milk in lactating mothers. It contains amino acids, which are indispensable for maintaining the bodily structure. It induces buoyancy, mental exhilaration and a general feeling of well being that dissipates all blues.

Avena Sativa (Common Oat): is good for debility after exhausting diseases, and general fatigue since it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is reputed to have sedative activity and is claimed to be of value in drug-dependence. Useful in Neurasthenia, mental over strain, sexual debility. Has a selective action on on the brain and nervous system favorably influencing their function.

China (Cinchona officinalis): Also known as China-peruvian bark, it is a well verified remedy for debility, throbbing headache, flatulence, belching due to organic dysfunction, exhausted feeling due to loss of vital body fluids. This is a general tonic after loss of humors and exhaustion, illnesses, impotence thereafter.

Cinnamom: It is useful in minor hemorrhages, flatulence in weak persons with languid circulation. Useful for Convalescence, prevents all kinds of bleedings.

Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal): Indicated for easily tiring persons with debility and catarrhal symptoms and weight loss. Other indication include weak muscular power, poor digestion. lumbago and constipation, especially suitable for the elderly. Indicated as General tonic in illness-related weight reduction, exhaustion, hyposthenia.

Magnesium phos: has a positive influence in stabilization of the central nervous system, pains and cramps in nerves and muscles, neuralgia. This Homeopathic food supplement is especially active in old, easily tired or greatly debilitated individuals.

Kalium Arsenicosum: Recommended for chronic anemia, inbuilt nervousness and restlessness. The person tends to be restless, nervous and anemic.

Nux Vomica: It is an ideal Homeopathic food supplement for balancing and bringing equilibrium of different functions. It treats dysfunction due to over indulgence in sex, fat foods, stimulants, alcohol resulting in irritability, indigestion, ineffectual evacuation and lethargic feeling. It overcomes cramps and neuralgias since it soothes cramps in nerves.

Calcium phos: A tissue remedy, for deficiency in calcium production and perturbation of the growth of the bones. It is indicated in tardy dentition and bone diseases.


Homeopathic Tonics List with features, price

Manufacturer Alfalfa Product Name Salient feature Size Price
Adelmar Pharma GmbH Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng Alfalfa tonic with ginseng is a well formulated blend of homeopathic ingredients. It contains herbal tinctures, ginseng, natural amino-acids and minerals to energize vital body functions and improve appetite 100ml/500ml 230/880
Adelmar Pharma GmbH Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic for symptoms of low hemoglobin Adel 79 ferrodona tonic is good for symptoms of low hemoglobin. The tonic provides body with high quality iron to eliminate anemia. 250ml 610
Adelmar Pharma GmbH Adel 85 NEU-regen Tonic for chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms Adel 85 neu-regen tonic is a well indicated medicine for chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. It helps to overcome mental strain. 30ml 130
Allen Homoeo and Herbal Product Tonokid Childrens Tonic An ideal tonic for building up of tissue, hence of great use in debility, emaciation, marasmus and helps gains weight, promotes proper digestion and assimilation prevents falling ill frequently 100ml 70
Dr.Reckeweg and Co.GmbH Dr.Reckeweg – Vita C 15 forte tonic for symptoms of muscle weakness R15 Vita C forte tonic is a homeopathic tonic for symptoms of muscle weakness and has remarkable invigoration of the nervous system. 12X10ML 890
Dr.Reckeweg and Co.GmbH Dr.Reckeweg-Germany Alfalfa Tonic (General Tonic energizes Vital Function) Dr.Reckeweg alfalfa tonic is for all round health and vitality.Increase appetite and gain weight (especially when children who do not eat) 100ml/250ml/500ml 240/490/915
Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india) Alfalfa Super Tonic (With Vitamins A, B, C and D) Alfalfa super tonic is a palatable tonic for heart and brain, useful in cases of body muscles thin and atrophied, weight loss, appetite poor, loss of memory etc 20gms/450gms 50/550
Dr.Willmar Schwabe india Pvt.Ltd Alfalfa Tonic Sugar Free Specially formulated homeopathic tonic for diabetics. It provides natural amino acids, minerals and potent herbal ingredients to stimulate general physical and mental activity.  Supports the regenerative process during illness and promotes well being 100ml/500ml 99/315
Dr.Willmar Schwabe india Pvt.Ltd Alfalfa Tonic General Health Tonic This alfalfa tonic provides natural amino acids, minerals and potent herbal ingredients, so as to stimulate general physical and mental activity and promote well being. It also supports the regenerative process during and after diseases as well as in all stag 100ml/500ml 95/285
Dr.Willmar Schwabe india Pvt.Ltd Alfalfa Tonic (Specially formulated for children) This Syrup is formulated for children. alfalfa tonic provides natural amino acids, minerals and potent herbal ingredients, so as to stimulate general physical and mental activity and promote well being it also supports the regenerative process during and after 100ml/500ml 99/281
Bio Force Blooume 47 (Bio Alfa Tonic) This is useful for toning up the appetite and improving digestion 100ml/500ml 75/220
Bio Force Blooume 48 (Five Phos Tonic) Blooume 48 acts as a tonic in acute and chronic illness useful in restoring strength by increasing hemoglobin. It is also useful in bodily development and regulating bowel movements 100ml/500ml 75/221
Haslab Baby Tone up (Baby builder Tonic) Baby tone up is a good tonic for infants and children. It is specially indicated in poor mental and physicial growth, delayed ossification of the long and cranial bones. Also useful in rickets osteomalasia, late denition, marasmus and sluggish liver function 100ml 65
Allen Homoeo and Herbal Product Brenup (Brain Tonic) Brenup brain tonic acts as a ideal tonic in states of tiredness, nervous exhaustion, loss of memory.  It curbs restlessness, sleeplessness due to over work, worry and anxiety consequently weakening of all senses 60ml/250ml 65/190
Sintex International Ltd Geripep – Geriatric Tonic An elderly tonic for trembling due to weakness, mental and physical imbalance, painful stiffness of legs, impaired memory, urinary incontinence, sluggishness, blurred vision 110/ml/500ml 75/123
Homoeo Laboratories Den-Tonic Pills Den-tonic is indicated for delayed dentition and ailments during dentition like irritability, fever,loose motions, milk indigestion during dentition. 10gms 40
Haslab HC-54 Alfalfa Complex Tablets (Tonic) Alfalfa complex is indicated to increase body weight. It is useful in anaemia, chlorosis, deficient development of body. Loss of appetite. It helps to eliminate broken down tissues. 50gms/450gms 50/500
SBL Pvt.Ltd Liv T Liver Tonic Liv T treats various liver conditions like Jaundice, hepatitis and indigestion. It improves liver functions and helps to clear liver toxins from the body 60ml/115ml/105ml/500ml 38/70/105/240
Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic Ashoka Elixir is a boon to women, general restorative tonic, useful in uterine ailments, menstrual disorders, leucorrhoea menses too early and too profuse, flow passive, dark clotten offensive, uterine atony, bad effects of abortions and miscarriages 450ml 210
St.George’s Homoeopathy HCT No 57-Tonic for Women Homeopathic remedy for general tonic for women. 30gm 90
St.George’s Homoeopathy HCT No 62-Uterine Tonic Tonic during menstrual  disturbances. 30gm 90
St.George’s Homoeopathy HCT No 64 -Heart Tonic General heart tonic. 30gm 90
Allen Healthcare Co.Ltd Allens Livo-10 Tonic Organic and functional complaints of liver and gall bladder anorexia hepatitis – acute, chronic and alcoholic, sluggish liver, fatty liver, jaundice, cirrhosis 110ml/450ml 60/180
St. George’s Homoeopathy Alfalfa Tonic Tab An ideal tonic for people of all ages including children this tonic restores health, builds the body and renews strength 30gms 100
St. George’s Homoeopathy Hair Tonic Tab Homeopathic tablets for premature greying, rough hair, falling hair, retarded growth, dandruff, lice, short hair, itching of scalp. Online offers+ 30gms 100
St. George’s Homoeopathy Jossocca Women Tonic This tonic is meant for women it relieves pain and complications during menstruation and ensures normal and stress -free period. 30ml/115ml/500ml 65/75/200
St. George’s Homoeopathy Avenalfa Tonic An ideal tonic for people of all ages including children, good for expectant and nursing mothers, gives sound sleep and tones the whole body system 115ml/230ml 70/115
St. George’s Homoeopathy Liv -Free (Liver Tonic) Great liver tonic, effects of the badly managed jaundice keeps the liver healthy, improves general health protects the liver against various hepato toxins promotes appetite and growth| online offers+ 115ml/230ml/500ml 75/125/230
St. George’s Homoeopathy TCT No.5-Tonic (Five Phosphates) St.George TCT no 10 is a general tonic for anemia of young, rapidly growing children, in women weakened by too frequent child-birth, general debility and exhaustion with lack of vitality 30gms 75
St. George’s Homoeopathy Baby’s Tonic Indicated for healthy growth and development of infants ideal tonic for growing children. 30gm 100


Baksons Homoeovit tonic Baksons homoeovit tonic is an excellent all round tonic with restorative properties for all ages. Contains the goodness of alfalfa and ginseng   for growth & development in children, addresses anemia, insomnia, general weakness, great appetizer. 115ml/225ml/450ml 83/125/250
Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd Bakson Super Tonic Bakson super tonic is an effective and safe male restorative tonic for sexual disorders like premature or delayed ejaculation, sexual neurasthenia, restores lost vigor and vitality 115ml/200ml/450ml 95/140/300
Allen Homoeo and Herbal Product Allen Livia Liver Tonic Livia liver tonic is indicated for organic and functional complaints of liver and gall bladder, sluggish liver, loss of appetite, biliousness, jaundice, enlargement of liver. 100ml/500ml 80/225
Ralsons Remedies Pvt. Ltd Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng) Ralsons alfa g alfalfa tonic (with ginseng) is indicated in general weakness weakness caused by an illness and physical depression, anaemia, fatigue, debility, frigiatly, prostation, headache, insomnia and lack of appetite. 100ml/500ml 80/240
Ralsons Ralsons Alfa GSF with ginseng (Sugar free) Health Tonic Ralsons alfa gsf with ginseng (sugar free) is useful for general weakness, mental and physical depression, anaemia, insomnia, debility, loss of appetite and nutritional disorders. Ideal tonic for diabetics and weight-watchers. 100ml/500ml 90/220
Ralsons Remedies Pvt. Ltd Ralsons Macho stemina tonic Ralsons macho stemina tonic is indicated in lack of sexual desire, neurasthenia, spermatorrhoea, erectile dysfunction, pre-mature ejaculation, impotence, and declining energy levels in the elderly men. 180ml 130
Ralsons Remedies Pvt. Ltd Ralsons Alfa G P.D. (pediatric) Tonic Ralsons alfa g p.d (pediatric) tonic tones up appetite, digestion and thus helps in gaining weight. Improves mental and physical well-being of the child.
Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd Bakson Alfalfa Tonic Bakson alfalfa tonic promotes health and is a body building tonic for children, youth and elderly. It stimulates appetite, improves digestion, assimilation and aids excretion. Wholesome nutrition and growth promoter . 115ml/200ml/450ml
Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd Bakson Alfalfa Tonic sugar free Bakson alfalfa tonic sugar free promotes health and is a body building tonic for children, youth and elderly by stimulating appetite, improves digestion, assimilation and aids excretion. Wholesome nutrition and growth promoter . 115ml/450ml
SBL Pvt.Ltd Alfalfa Malt Alfalfa malt is good for weakness,poor appetite,anxiety,stress,sleeplessness,tension and overwork. Ideal during illness, pregnancy and lactation. 250gms/450gms 150/230


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