Haslabs Baby Tone up – Homeopathic Height and Growth promoter

Haslab Baby Tone up Homeopathic Baby Tonic, growth promoter in Infants & Babies

Haslab Baby Tone Up is an ideal Homoeopathic tonic for infants and children because it contains the goodness of all natural ingredients essential for all round growth and development of your baby.

Haslab Baby Tone Up is specially indicated in poor mental and physical growth, delayed ossification of the long and cranial bones, Rickets. Osteomalasia, late denition, Marasmus, Sluggish liver function, Diarrohea, vitamins deficinecy and worms. Stimulates growth, improves appetite, digestion and metabolism.

Ingredients: Each 5 ml of Haslab Baby Tone up Contains: Alfalfa 1x 0.125ml, Avena Sat 1x 0.125ml, Cinchona Off. 1x 0.03ml, Hydrastis 1x 0.03ml, Cina 1x 0.03ml, Chelidonium 1x 0.03ml, Leptandra 1x 0.03ml, Nux vomica 1x 0.005ml, Chamomilla 1x 0.03ml, Kalmegh 1x 0.03ml, Carica Papaya 1x 0.03ml, kali phos 3x 36mg, Calc Phos 3x 36mg, Nat Phos 3x 36mg, Mag Phos 3x 36mg, Ferr. Phos 3x 36mg, Ferrum Met 3x 90mg. Palatable Syrup base

Dosage: 1/2 teaspoonful of Haslab Baby Tone up to infants twice daily in milk and one tea spoonful to children above five years in fruit juice or water.

Mfgr: Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)


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