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Top Homeopathic Remedy For Bruxism, Teeth Grinding. Rx List

Bruxism or grinding of teeth usually occurs in children but is not uncommon in adults. The condition mostly occurs at night but can show-up in day time too. Symptoms – grinding of teeth, clenching of jaws

Homeopathic treatment identifies the underlying cause leading to the grinding of teeth, which in turn, helps in identifying individual symptoms that decide which medicine to use (constitutional treatment).

The medicines act rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

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teeth grinding treatment at home
Bruxism or teeth grinding is considered a parafunctional habit like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing and nail-biting. The approach to treating it is a multidisciplinary one but identifying the common underlying cause like worm infestation or anxiety helps. Homeopaths adopts this approach and is considered effective

Dr. Kirti V Singh recommends for Bruxism, Grinding of Teeth

Dr. Kirthi is a popular Youtube presenter and doctor practicing at SAI Homeopathic Clinic, Nowrozabad, India

In his Youtube titled  दांत किटकिटाना की होम्योपैथिक दवा ? he talks of the homeopathic medicines for Bruxism in Hindi  #दांतकिटकिटाना

(Hindi) Namaskar Dosto mere video me maine दांत किटकिटाना ki Homeopathic medicine batayi hai .

  • Phytolacca Decandra 6ch : Useful for grinding of teeth in children , useful for adults also. Dosage 2 drops directly on tongue or in some water  2 twice a day (morning & night)
  • Cina 30 – given additionally of grinding of teeth is due to worm infestation in children. Other symptoms may include foul breath and frothy saliva, child may scream at night, highly irritable, tend to bite and strike others Dosage.  1 drop 2 times a day

Dr.Umang Khanna recommends for Bruxism, Grinding of Teeth

In his Youtube titled दाँतों को चबाने पीसने की आदत || Bruxism || Grinding of Teeth || Natural homeopathic remedies, Dr Umang Khanna talks of the following medicines

  1. Cina 30 – Grinding of teeth accompanied by worms (helminthiasis) infection of stomach. Take 2 drops 4 times a day
  2. Plantago Q – Teeth grinding due to pain in tooth, jaws or gums. Sometimes, a pain in the ears may accompany the grinding of teeth Dosage – 10 drops  4 times a day
  3. Arsenicum Alb 30 –  Teeth grinding due to  Anxiety, restlessness,  with thirst and aggravation of symptoms at night. The patient  suffers  from fears, cannot find rest in one place, and is prone to shifting places. Take 2 drops 3 times a day
  4. Stramonium 30 – Teeth grinding with  lower abdominal pain due to worm infestation and restlessness. Take 2 drops 3 times a day
  5. Belladonna 200 – Clenching of jaws and grinding of teeth due to severe headache with reddishness of face. Other symptoms may include mood swings, be forgetful, and suffer from mental confusion . Take 2 drops 3 times a day
  6. Chamomilla 200 – Clenching of jaws and grinding of teeth  where Child is aggressive, irritable and easily gets angry. Chamomilla calms the child, and helps ease his anger. Good for bruxism in children during dentition. Chamoilla  helps stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally

Dr.Vikas Sharma recommends for Bruxism, Grinding of Teeth

Dr.Vikas is a M.D In Homeopathy and practices at Mohali (chandigarh) for the last 2 decades. He is a columnist in Triubne, a daily newspaper. In addition to Cina,  Chamomilla, Belladonna plantago and Arsenic album describe above he also recommends Santoninum

  • Santoninum is an effective treatment for bruxism caused by worm infestation. It works well both for grinding as well as clenching of teeth during sleep. Restlessness during sleep may also be a symptom, along with an itchy nose, twitching of muscles  and abdominal pains.

Dr. KS Gopi recommends for Bruxism, Grinding of Teeth

Dr. K S Gopi is a former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He has got four decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy

In addition to Cina,  Chamomilla, Belladonna, plantago, santoninum  and Arsenic album he recommends

  1. Cannabis Indica: Grinding of teeth while sleeping. Dryness of the mouth and lips. Jerking of limbs while sleeping. Talks during sleep. Nightmares every night as soon as he falls asleep.
  2. Tuberculinum: Feeling as if the teeth were all jammed together and too many for his head. Teeth sensitive to air. Grinding during sleep. Restless at night and screams in sleep. Night sweats.

Tissue salts for teeth grindingBio-combination BC21 is a tissue salt mixture that is helpful as it eases the dentition process in children and may stop grinding of teeth due to painful gums or tooth which is normal during the teething period. BC21 contains: Ferrum phosphoricum 3x, Calcarea phosphorica 3x

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