Symptoms of worms in kids and behaviour. Homeopathy Remedies

Symptoms of worms in kids and behaviour, Homeopathy deworming Remedies

Cina (Artemisia maritima) is nature’s boon to irritable, cross, obstinate children who suffer from worming problems, cry incessantly, have nightmares at night with bedwetting issues. Know how to identify a worm infested kid and the natural remedies

What are the signs of worms in a child?
The most visible and obvious signs are constant picking in anal region and bedtime restlessness. However there are other cues to lok for worm infestation in child. It may cry incessantly, is very irritable and obstinate and have dark circles around the eyes. Other symptoms are weakness, getting up frequently at night, and bedwetting

Can worms cause behavior problems in kids?
Yes the child is irritable and unwilling to listen or obey. The kid may be obstinate and throw up tantrums, unwilling to eat or go to bed or even do his studies or other daily chores. Homeopathy treatment identifies such behavourial problems in children with worms

  • Teucrium and Cina for Worms causing Anal or Vaginal Itching
  • Cina, Santoninum and Merc Sol for Worms Leading to Teeth Grinding
  • Cina and Spigelia for Worms causing Abdominal Pain
  • Cina and Natrum Mur for Worms causing Excessive Hunger
  • Cina and Abrotanum for Worms causing Irritability in Children


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