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Homeopathy Medicines List for Increasing Breast Milk, Lactation problems

Homeopathy for breastfeeding problems

How to increase breast milk naturally at home? Homeopathy uses medicines of natural origin that are very safe to use without any side effects for low milk supply during breastfeeding. Some of these medicines not only help to boost breast milk production during lactation but also helps to improve its quality. On the contrary certain homeopathic medicines are given for lactation suppression due to health reasons.

Homeopathy is completely safe during breastfeeding but medicines should be taken under the supervision of a homeopath only.

Signs & symptoms of milk supply is decreasing

  1. When Milk Quantity is low or Scanty and Swelling of breast may be present, Thin and Watery.  In such cases Pulsatilla30, Agnus Castus 30, Asafoetida30 are valuable medicine to increase milk flow when it is little in quantity, thin, watery and lacking true milk globules.
  2. Mother is weak and emaciated due to frequent child bearing,  Weakness during lactation – China Off 30, Kali Carb 30
  3. Lactating women may have soreness of breast and absent milk. The breast may be hard and tender to touch. Drawing pain in the breast can be present too. Chamomilla is useful to establish flow of Milk when absent with sore Breasts, Castor Equi (heals cracked sore nipples), Croton Tig 30 (for pain from sore nipples)
  4. Nursing mother undergoes shock or sudden emotional trauma – Suppression of milk flow due to sudden emotions – Pulsatilla 30, Calcarea Carb 30, Cimcifuga 30
  5. Breast pain with sensation of burning, stinging nature and swelling is present in the breast, milk is entirely absent after childbirth. Urtica Urens is useful for Cases with complete absence of milk (agalactia) with Pain
  6. Iron deficiency or Anemia in nursing mother – Galega Off.  Q- Increases the quantity and quality of milk. It corrects anemia and impaired nutrition of nursing women
  7. Females who may have decreased in size of breasts. Lac Defloratum  medicine works very effectively to improve milk flow. It quickly helps to bring milk flow in a few hours or a day
  8. Lactating mother may have  Hard, Distended Breast with Scanty Milk – Calacrea Carb is useful for such cases. Phytolacca 30 for hard lumpy breasts
  9. The nursing lady may suffer from Fatigue or Anxiety with Suppressed Milk Flow – Causticum
  10. Milk appears late after labor or diminishes in quantity – Asafoetida 30
  11. Suppression of milk due to anger in nursing mother – Chamomilla 30

Signs & symptoms baby isn’t getting enough breast milk

  • Child rejects milk because it is faulty or  sour – Acetic  Acid 30
  • Child  is sucking hard  due to absence of milk or scanty milk coming down slowly on lactating the child – Agnus Castus 30, Asafoetida 30, Pulsatilla 30
  • Milk too thick and tastes bad. Child does not want to take breast feed on this account. Pain in the opposite breast while nursing one breast – Borax30
  • Milk is bloody and child rejects breast feeding – Bufo Rana 30
  • Child refuses to take breast feed within the first few hours of delivery -Cina 200. If it fails give Merc 200
  • For children who cannot take milk or averse to it – Oleum Jecoris- Mix a few drops of this oil in the milk . A few days of forced treatment will cure
  • Milk ceases to flow after starting, child begins to cry after weaning – Rheum 30

Homeopathic medicine for ill effects of nursing, to stop breastfeeding

  1. Inflammation of the breasts due to accumulation of milk. Ill effects of breastfeeding – Bryonia Alba 30
  2. Nipples fissured from Nursing – Graphites 30, Sepia 30
  3. Inflammation of breasts , because the head of the child violently strikes against the breast while nursing – Arnica Montana 30, Bellis Pernnis 30
  4. Pain in the nipples and all over the body , while nursing- Pulsatilla Nig. 30, Silicea 30
  5. Mastitis (breast feel hot and painful – Belladonna, Bryonia, Phytolacca, Croton Tig

Other homeopathic medicine for increasing breast milk 

  • Ricinus communis homeopathic medicine – To enhance milk flow Homeopathically in nursing women this medicine is effective as oral medicine. Ricinus communis is commonly called castor oil bean and belongs to the family euphorbiaceae. The leaves of this plant have very strong action on female genitals and breasts. Its use for enhancing milk supply has been done since ancient times.
  • Lactuca Virosa – This is  a Galactogogue to Stimulate Milk Production,  as per Dr.Boericke this medicine is a  true galactogogue (herbs and medicines that help to increase breast milk flow in lactating mothers). In cases needing it there can be agalactia ( means entire absence of milk in breast).
  • Lecithinum is another prominent homeopathic medicine which act as a galactagogue to increase milk quantity. In addition to this it also makes milk more nourishing and nutritious.
  • Alfalfa – is a very effective medicine to improve the quantity as well as quality of milk. Additionally it is a great tonic to increase energy, stamina and give strength to the body.
  • Lactuca Vir. 30- For increasing milk supply
  • Calcarea Carb 30- For increasing milk supply. Menses during nursing Milk is too profuse. To dry up milk during weaning
  • Carbo Animalis 30- Weakness of nursing women
  • Causticum 30-Suppression of milk due to any cause which cannot be determined
  • Lecithinum 12x, Ricinus Com. Q, Alfalfa Q- Excellent remedies to increase the quality and quantity of milk in nursing women
  • Millifolium Q- Milk does not come after labor
  • Ricinus Com Q – To produce milk supply in nursing mothers, even in virgins
  • Sabal Ser. 30- For producing milk supply when suppressed
  • Secale Cor 30- Nursing women do not get sufficient milk in their breasts or there is suppression or non appearance of milk after delivery and the breasts do not fill adequately
  • Sticta Pul. 30- Scanty milk. It increases the quantity of milk and removes suppression
  • Urtica Urens 30- Diminished secretion of milk to arrest its flow after weaning
  • Yohimbinum Q- Stimulates the function of locational glands


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