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Fast & Permanent removal of Keloids with these Homeopathic Medicines

The wound healing process sometimes leads to keloid or scar tissue formation on the skin in some people.  Homeopathy medicines address pain and itching, dissolves the unnecessary cicatricial tissue resulting in formation of Keloids.

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Why Keloid treatment in Homeopathy?

  • Keloids can be effectively treated with Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic medicines help remove keloids quickly and permanently without any scarring
  • The treatment for keloids in homeopathy is based on naturally derived medicines which are absolutely free from side effects. It is also very cost effective compared to surgical or other treatment options which may cost anywhere between INR 2500 to 5000
  • The time taken to completely treat Keloids with Homeopathic remedies varies from case to case, depending upon the size and duration of the presence of the firm growth on the skin. Homeopathy can help you get rid of keloids commonly found on the chest, shoulders, earlobes, and cheeks or any part of the body

केलॉइड (दाग धब्बे) होम्योपैथिक उपचार के साथ प्रभावी ढंग से इलाज किया जा सकता है। होम्योपैथिक दवाएं बिना किसी निशान के केलोइड्स को जल्दी और स्थायी रूप से हटाने में मदद करती हैं.  डॉक्टर का सुझाव और अन्य दवा सूचि जाने केलॉइड ट्रीटमेंट इन होमियोपैथी

Dr.Rukmani recommends for Keloids

(HINDI)आज इस विडीओ में —#Hypertrophicscars #Scarshomeopathicmedicine हमने जानकारी दी है -केलोईड के बारे #Keloid Best Homeopathic Medicine- -केलोईड क्या है?? -कैसे होते है?? -बेस्ट होमीओपैथिक मेडिसिन फ़ोर केलोईड

  1. Thiosinaminum Tablet for Fast Healings Of Keloid. It is a miracle cure to dissolve scar tissue of keloids
  2. Thuja 30 or 200 potency (Keloid After Vaccinating or Injecting) 3-3 drops thrice Daily Before Meal Orally 3-7 Weeks
  3. Graphitis 30 or 200 potency (Initially Stage Of Keloid) 3-3 drops thrice Daily Before Meal Orally 3-7 Weeks
  4. Silica 30 or 200 Potency (Painful Keloid ) 3-3 drops thrice Daily Before Meal Orally 3-7 Weeks
  5. Causticum 30 or 200 potency (Keloid After Burn Injury ) 3-3 drops thrice Daily Before Meal Orally 3-7 Weeks
  6. Nitric Acid 30 or 200 potency ( large Keloid ) 3-3 drops thrice Daily Before Meal Orally 3-7 Weeks
  7. Floric Acid (Acid Hydrofloric)30 or 200 potency (Keloid With Itching) 3-3 drops thrice Daily Before Meal Orally 3-8 Weeks
  8. Thiosinaminum Dilution-30 or 200 potency 3-3 drops thrice Daily Before Meal Orally

IMPORTANT:NOTICE:एक। बार में केवल एक ही दवा लें— Or according To Your Case

Dr.Kirti Vikram Singh Homeopath recommends for Keloids

(HINDI)Namashkar dosto is video me maine aap ko keloid ke baare me bataya hu or uski homeopathic medicine batayi keloid kya hota hai kaise hota hai or uske kya sign and symptoms hote hai ye bataya hu aap ko or last me uski homeopathic medicine batayi hai.

Homeopathic medicine for keloid scar are 1- Thuja 200 2 drops in morning 2 – Silicia 200 2 drops in night 3- Calcaria fluorica6x 4tabs three times a day. Medicine 6 month tak lagatar le, medicine ke koi bhi side effects nahi hai.

Now available in the form of a homeopathy  Kit

Dr K S Gopi recommends for Keloids

Thiosinaminum3X is considered to be a specific remedy for all types of keloids. This Homeopathic remedy is very strong and powerful enough to dissolve the scar tissue

  • Graphites 30 acts very effectively in the very beginning of Keloid formation to absorb the scar tissue and dissolve the Keloid
  • Silicea200 is best for treating Keloids that are painful
  • Nitric acid30 is effective for treating irregular,jagged Keloids where sharp, splinter – like pain occurs.
  • Fluoric Acid30 is the best for Keloids that itch
  • Thuja occ200 is effective for the treatment of Keloid that formed at vaccination sites

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