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India’s most trusted and revered online homeopathy brand now brings you quality homeopathic consultation & treatment from best doctors for all your health ailments.  Our online and offline homeopathic doctor consultation options provides you the convenience and choice of treatment options suited to your distinct needs.  Not only is the therapy uniquely suited to your disease, but the medication is also tailored for a faster healing process

Why go searching for a good doctor, chasing booking appointment that might take days, and  travel in traffic snarls to go to the clinic/hospital?. It doesn’t end there because you have to wait again for your turn making you more sick from  the hospital environment and the whole process . Our online consultation options are designed to free you from this rigmarole and provide you alternative health treatment option that is easy, affordable and convenient.

Homeomart is your complete digital health portal offering expert access to information on health, medicines and doctors exclusively on homeopathy. Finding the right homeopathy advise, doctor and medicines got a lot whole easier with the Homeomart Homeopathy App. Very soon we are offering Homeopathy treatment  service in Hindi too

Homeopathy doctors online for expert advice

How does  homeopathy treatment  work?

Homeopathic doctors adopt a rigorous standards of evaluation than conventional medicine practitioners. Allopathic doctors see cure as a improvement or cessation in symptoms  regardless of other factors such patient overall health.  For them disappearance of one disease followed by the  onset of another  are two unrelated events, assuming the former was cured .  When you go to a conventional doctor he hands you a prescription for a medication that typically treats the symptoms but has a laundry list of scary side effects, few of which are mentioned to you at that time

By contrast homeopathic doctors consider all symptoms and conditions affecting the patient as prerequisites to the success of the treatment. In the process they evaluate seemingly unconnected symptoms together to ascertain the general health status and determine the best homeopathic medicines for the patient. In Homeopathic vocabulary a patient only has one illness, even if it is manifest in many different symptoms and he is considered ‘cured’ only if all levels of the patient condition  including mental health improve.  This means homeopaths give one single medicine which affects the patient as a whole and removes all his troubles. There is no medicine for any particular disease but there is medicine for the patient who is suffering from the disease. In essence Homeopathic treatment  works by stimulating the body’s own healing power. This stimulus assists your system in clearing itself of any expressions of imbalance

FAQ on Homeopathy treatment – get a exhaustive list of frequently asked questions in homeopathy treatment answered by subject matter experts (soon)

Most popular Homeopathy treatment : Top 5 List

Other sought after treatments in Homeopathy

  1. Homeopathy treatment of fungal infections of the skin, nails, scalp
  2. Homeopathic treatment for Infertility
  3. Arthritis, Knee & Joint pain
  4. Gastric disorders, Digestive problems


Need Self help?  Check out Homeopathy treatment guide

‘Homeopathic treatment’ by itself does not imply cure, but an individual analysis of your situation and the selection of homeopathic remedies suited to you. Having said that, you don’t have to be an expert in physiology, anatomy or pharmacology to get started with homeopathy. What you need is a keen sense of observation to identify the symptoms of you or your loved ones and any changes occurring over time.  With the information and guidance provided, it will be a good starting point for you to  take care of minor injuries or illness at home without having to visit a doctor. For more details refer our self help guide here with illustrations. Mind you a chronic issue or a medical condition however requires  the help and guidance of a professionally trained homeopathic expert (homeopath)

Check out our Homeopathy medicine list (repertory) classified by symptoms, physiology

doctor consultation online

Online Homeopathy Consultation:  2 convenient options

#1 Offline consultation:

What is it? – You just register  on our site and fill a detailed questionnaire regarding your medical condition. Our experts will analyze it and give you a prescription , simple as that!

Who needs Offline consultation?

  • Patients who do not want to schedule an appointment and wait for their rendezvous with the doctor, they just want to fill & send us  their health problems and need the prescription at their convenience
  • Useful for those patients who are not comfortable with face-to-face meetings due to anxiety or other issues. They are not comfortable discussing their problems and would seek to be anonymous
  • They want complete privacy & confidentiality without revealing their identity in any way

Just follow 2 simple steps

Make a secure payment online (Step 1) Reply our detailed questionnaire (Step 2) Get Prescription from our experts Your medicine is door delivered anywhere in the world
 online payment homeopathy medicnes  Questionnaire homeopathy treatment  Homeopathy doctor prescription online  delivery of homeopathy medicine
Pay with confidence & trust at India’s No.1 online store. Get our assured services or your money back . You may make the payment via Paypal or Money Transfer We drop you a detailed Questionnaire (in MS Word, Excel) in your mail box after payment Our Homeopathic specialists will analyse and send you a treatment instruction with medicines, dosage, duration etc Our International courier partners like Indiapost, DHL, Fedex etc deliver  medicines at your doorsteps in 6 -12 days time depending on location worldwide

Step 1: You make a online payment to avail the offline services and select ‘email’ as appointment type. Our experts are available at a nominal fee of Rs.750 (for Indian citizens) and $33 for patients across the world. Remember these are well known experts with years of experience and vast knowledge, verified by homeomart – India’s No.1 online homeopathy portal, now serving across the globe. It’s our guarantee

Step 2:  After receipt of payment, we promptly send mail you the questionnaire as per details provided during registration in step 1. You need to take out time (and patience) to fill in the details honestly & accurately to the best of your knowledge and mail us back. Incomplete questionnaire will be rejected & sent back to you

The detailed questionnaire is designed by our homeo experts to build  your constitutional profile  and seek to go into the root cause of your ailment for effective homeopathic treatment. The analysis and evaluation of your case by our specialists is as per Hahnemann principles strictly adhering to homeopathic pharmacopeia guidelines. The medicines are then uniquely formulated based on your thorough case profiling and in depth study .

Steps 3:  our Homeopathic experts will go analyze and evaluate your case  and will provide you the detailed diagnosis with line of treatment.  The prescription contains the list of medicines, its strength, dosage and duration of course. Along with with it you get a link to purchase the prescribed homeopathy medicines online. You may choose to buy it from us or elsewhere as convenient to you.

When you buy the medicines from us, you can be assured of the quality & efficacy of the medicines. You get quality medicines that are derived from the best sources for instance we use original German made single remedies (Schwabe or Reckeweg) in our preparations.  Moreover you get it all in one place, no need of running to different pharmacies!

What’s more! You get best follow-up support  through our reliable online channels (mail, chat & telephone).

Note: Our quote covers the cost of medicines and shipping charges.  Deliveries in certain countries may be restricted and its your responsibility to find it out.  Cancellations or refunds is transparent and as per our policies

You can also avail our packaged treatments

online doctor consulltation

#2 Online consultation

Avail the services of online homeopath on our website, get certified homeopathic doctors to schedule an appointment with you and provide face to face meeting . With Video, our specialists can Look, Listen, and engage with you to diagnose your issues and provide an effective treatment plan. The process is simple and works as follows

Step 1:  Go to our website http://www.homeomart.com and click on the ‘Online Doctor Consultation’ section. You can select your appointment type as voice call (only telephone), Video call (over audio/video), date and time

Step 2: Go to Book now and make the payment

Step 3. Book an appointment with doctor as per your convenience.

Step 4. You will receive a booking confirmation over SMS, Email alongwith further directions.

Features of our Online consultation

Simple & easy video connect for appointment with doctors based on specialization. Booking in four simple steps and in 3 minutes or less.

  • Secure online payment for  booking consultation  (doctor fee) and buying homeopathy medicines. Multiple options like credit cards, net banking, mobile wallets etc.
  • Medical Uploader: Patients can simply snap a photo of their Prescriptions, Lab Reports or some other document and easily share with the doctor.
  • Get a soft copy of prescription from the doctor, your health records is saved to ourElectronic Medical Record (EMR). Tracking your health became a lot easier for you & your doctor
  • You also get a choice of 9 specialty areas apart from homeopathy – Medical, Gynecology, Psychology, Sexology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Diet and Nutrition

Looking for Free online doctor advise?

Yes we offer expert homeopathic advise with an aim to guide, educate and help  patients take informed health decisions for themselves or their loved ones.  Many people who cannot afford expensive private health care are looking for affordable and effective treatment in homeopathy for their physical ailments. We help such people access to demystified commoners information on health , medicines and doctors at homeomart.com thus saving them time, money and effort. Write to us here.

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24 thoughts on “Best Homeopathic Treatment from Experts, Seek Online Consultation”

  1. Hi sir
    I have burning urination from last 1 mouth and one of homeopathic doctor given me cantharis 1 M, doses 20 drop diluted with water 3 times a day. I want to know this dose is ok or high.
    Please suggest me.
    Warm Regards
    Brij Bhushan

  2. am underweight from my childhood. I just dont gain weight. Syffer from acidity life long have less appeptite but love to hsve food though in little quantities. I t to gain weight. Which medicines should i have?

    1. You will be surprised to know that brain has a lot to do with Appetite, hunger, and satiety which is triggered by hypothalamus in the central nervous system. It is influenced by how & where food is digested in stomach, and stimulates hormones like ghrelin and leptin. For patients with conditions similar to yours doctors prescribe food and supplements that mix well in the acid conditions of the stomach and during fasting initiate hunger sensations in response to optimum blood nutrient levels. Alfalfa is a super nutrient food that helps stabilize digestion & improves appetite

      1. So kindly prescribe which homeopathy medicine containing alfalfa should i have in what quantities? Should i also have iodium 200c along with ir

  3. Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from severe cold attack. I have tried many aelopathic medicine but the result is temporary. My problem is I am facing catarrh(nose dripping like water) and sneezing, both after I get up from bed in morning and evening. Coughing and throat itching mostly in evening and after going to bed. Itchy and watery eyes during whole day. Mild nasal block after nasal discharge. Loss of appetite. This allergy is repeatedly happening since 4 to 5 years in start of winter season and continue till 4 to 5 month.
    Daily once in morning I go to latrine and it takes more time to clear, still I feel not satisfactory.
    Earlier I have tried Aconite 200 for 3 to 4 days.
    Pl suggest some good medicine and advice what to eat and what to not during the course of treatment.
    I have one bad habit of chewing pan masala/Gutkha and trying to get rid of it, is it the reason for this allergy.

  4. Dr.sb. i have some Gastro problems. Gastritis. Bloating. Fullness of stomach. Stress. Alopathy Dr. Say u r IBS. my colonscopy result is SPASTIC COLON. H.PYLORI NORMAL.

    1. The results of your colonoscopy which refers to ‘Spastic colon’ basically says you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which usually sets in the adult life around the 30s. Its etiology is traced to parasympathomimetic drugs, hypersensitivity of the circular and longitudinal muscles of the small bowel and sigmoid colon to food, or due to psychological stress. Its symptoms are sensation of incomplete evacuation, abdominal pain relieved by defecation , mucus in the stool, and alternating diarrhea and constipation . A Low FODMAP diet is recommended for you, a constitutional homeopathic treatment plan by consulting our experts is also suggested

    1. Moles (Til in Hindi) are skin growths that can be removed with homeopathic medicines like Bellis Per Q (external cure for moles), Lycopodium 200 (good remedy for removal of moles), Thuja Occ Q (should be applied externally twice a day)

  5. I am suffering from Sciatca right side of leg( Compressed) form last 4 months. It was serious first 1 month not able walk and sit for 10 min also…. After visiting your site my wife order one bottle of R71. I used that in one and of day.. As you prescribed every 1hour dosage.
    So I got little relief so my wife order 4 more bottles along with R11 two bottles . But last one week started shooting pain pain in the buttocks and near down the leg side (calf muscle) and also down the knee numbness is there when I stand….. So plz tell me Dr. How to use this medicine properly I am not able to bear this pain…. And also tell me how many still more bottles I have to buy and use……plz tell me doses also

    Awaiting for your precious reply as soon as possible.
    Thanking you.
    Trilok Chander

    1. R71 has no such side effects. Your problem could be due to the tiny piriformis muscle that sometimes becomes inflamed and presses against the sciatic nerve, causing pain. You may require additionally physical therapy, which can include exercise, applied heat, and other techniques. For instance stretch exercises like ; Lifting your right leg and placing your left ankle on top of the right knee. Hold the position for a moment.
      Doctor consultation advised if situation persists

  6. Sir i want to take homeopathic treatment for my family and me please guided me on following question
    1. Is there any need to take merc sol sperately with R84. if yes than these both can be taken simultaneously.
    2. is there any need to take histamine sperately for itchy and burning eyes in allergic rhinits while R84 contain histaminum D30 itself in formula.
    3. is there any best homeopathic medicines for anal fissure healing form root to cure permanently
    4. can R84 be taken in Thyroid problem (Treatment presently going on with allopathic medicines).
    5. is thyroid permently curable with homeopathy.
    6. is diabetes permetnly curable with homeopathy or controllable.
    7. in which potency (30/200/1m) homeopathy medicine is best.
    8. Do you have youpotermperk 30, histimic 200 and asinatic 200.

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