SBL Thuja Roll On for Warts treatment. Contains Thuja Occidentalis

Sbl Thuja Roll On for Warts treatment. Contains Thuja Occidentalis Q, handy easy to use direct skin application

New SBL Thuja Roll On is a convenient handy, easy-to-use, direct application homeopathic medicine that helps in painless alleviation of warts without any adverse effects.

Introduction: Warts are small, usually painless growths on the skin caused by the human pa pilloma virus (HPV). HPV stimulates quick growth of cells on the skin’s outer layer. Warts may affect the appearance and can be embarrassing. Most of the time they are harmless but can spread from one part of your body to another. Warts can spread from person to person, but this is uncommon. Thuja occidentalis is indicated in warts, skin tags, polypi and tubercles. It also possesses antibacterial properties.Know all about Homeopathic treatment of warts here.

Sbl Thuja Roll on contains: Thuja occidnetails Q, which is a native European tree and widely recognized in Homeopathy for its main action on the skin as it addresses skin problems like psoriasis and infectious skin diseases, warts etc

Sbl Thuja Roll on Application: Roll it on the affected part of the skin 2-3 times a day. For external use only


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8 thoughts on “SBL Thuja Roll On for Warts treatment. Contains Thuja Occidentalis”

    1. If you are having facial warts they tend to form around your eyelids and lips. Filiform warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and are known to be contagious. People also gets warts or skin growth very near to the eyes. In such cases you need to avoid as it may come in contact with eye and cause irritation

  1. I used this medicine and now my skin is red like circle around the warts. Please tell me what to do how to cure this it’s bothering me.

  2. Seems to be effective slowly but skin developed Cracks and very much itching conditions… Please suggest that should I continue it…?

  3. Hello sir,
    मैं यह दवाई यूज कर रहा हूं 1 महीने से मुझे फेस पर आईला हो गया है छोटा छोटा दाना है खत्म होने का नाम नहीं ले रहा और कोई से बेहतर दवा है तो सुझाव जरूर दें

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