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Complete Homeopathic Eye Drops List- Cineraria, Euphrasia, Mamira

Eye Care Tips – How to clean your eye for foreign object

Due to dirt & grime, a foreign object may come in contact with your eye.  Most of the times these are minute, harmless and removable. However if a large object enters deeply into the eye, it could spell trouble. In such cases just use water to wash your eye, not cold or hot, take a small bowl of water and dip your eye into it or a running tap and use a generous amount of water to ensure the particle is completely flushed out of the eye. If you still feel the object in your eye, manual removal is the next option. You need to  use a tissue or cotton swap while doing this, taking care not to swipe across the eye. Be sure to look in the opposite direction of where you feel the object (if it’s in your upper eyelid, look down, and vice versa) to protect the cornea.

For larger foreign bodies, or foreign bodies that may have penetrated the eye, seek medical attention immediately. If you have any question as to the seriousness of the injury, you should see an eye care professional.

Getting the right amount of rest, regular exercise, and proper nutrition are vital for your long-term eye health. Studies have shown that antioxidant minerals and other vitamins may help defend against free radicals and help prevent related diseases. Free radicals are unstable molecules – unchecked, they can damage cells in the eye, which may lead to serious vision problems, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Homeopathic Therapeutics List for a range of Eye ailments

Following remedies are given with indications  it may help you identifying a suitable remedy considering the symptoms of eye disease. Selection of potency and dosages depend on the sensitivity, individual’s response to the remedy and how chronic the condition is.

Agnus castus (tds) Intense itching of the eyes. Pupils dilated. Photophobia.
Argentum nit (tds) Arching, tired feelings in the eyes. Better closing or pressure on them, Useful in restoring power of the weakened ciliary muscles.
Arsenicum alb (tds) Swelling around eyes. Burning. Corneal ulceration. Photophobia.
Badiaga (tds) Blueness under the eyes.
Berberis vulg (tds) face pale,eye sunken and blue rings around the eyes.
Bismuthum (tds) Blue rings  around the eyes with yellow appearance of the face.
Caladium seg (tds) Cysts of the eyes.
Calcarea carb Spots and ulcers or cornea. Lachrymal ducts closed due to exposure to cold. Easy fatigue of eyes. Farsighted.
Calcarea fluor 12x Subcutaneous cysts on the eyelids.
Causticum Drooping of eyelids from paralysis. Cannot open the eye.
China off (tds) Dark rings around the eyes . Blueness of the margins of the lids. Eyes sunken. Face pale due to loss of vital fluids.
Cina (tds) Blue rings around the eyes specially with worm symptoms.
Cineraria mart (tds), very effective remedy in cases of injuries to the eyes.
Symphytum off (tds) Drops must be instilled in the eyes 3-4 times a day for a long period.
Crocus sativus (tds) Vision of electric sparks before the eyes.
Digitalis (tds) Blueness of the eyelids and their margins.
Duboisia hop (tds) Red spots before the eyes.
Eupharasia 6 (tds) Watering of eyes all the time. Burning and swelling of lids. Sticky mucus on cornea compelling him to wink often to remove it.
Ginger (tds) Pain in the eyebrows.
Graphites (od) Ulcers with thin and sticky discharge from the eyes.
Kalium carb (tds),Staphysagria (tds) Bag-like swelling on the eyelids.
Mentholum, Rhododendron ch.(od) Pain in the eyelids.
Mercurius sol (tds) Ulcers with thin and sticky discharge from the eyes.
Mercurius sulph rub.(tds) Ciliary neuralgia. Pain runs from around the eyes to the temples. Redness of the whole eye and eyelids.
Mezereum 200(od) Neuralgia of ciliary muscles after the operation of eyes, especially after the removal of the eyeball. Pain with a cold feeling in the eye, worse cold air.
Natrium mur (tds) Headache from eye strain due to hard studies.
Onosmodium (tds) Pain in the eyeballs between the orbit and the ball extending to the left temple.
Phosphorus (bd) Dark circles around eyes due to nervous tension.
Pilocarpus (tds) Eyestrain from any cause. Eyes easily tire from the slightest use. Veertigo and nausea after use of the eyes. Pain in the eyes. White spots before eyes.
Platanus occ. Q (bd) Tumor of the eyelids. Apply tincture. It cures both acute or chronic or neglected cases even when there is destruction of tissue and deformity of the lid.
Rhus tox.(tds) Intensive ulceration of the cornea due to old injuries to the eyes.
Ruta Q (tds) Eyestrain from studies or their over-use.
Saponaria off (tds) Pain in the eyes and eyebrows, worse left side. Pains are violent, Sticking and deep in the eyeballs.
Saponinum (tds) Hot stitches deep in the eyes and left temple. Photo-phobia.
Sepia (tds) Yellowness of the face and blue rings around the eyes.
Silicea (tds) Hepar sulphuris(tds) Abscess and perforating ulcer of the cornea after an injury. Sharp pain in the eyes worse when closed or touched.
Spigelia(tds) Sparkling before the eyes.
Staphysagria(tds) Itching of margins of lids. Affections of inner angles. Incised or lacerated wounds of cornea.
Stramonium(tds) Sensation of dirt of dirty fluid in the eyes.
Sulphur(tds) Black spots before the eyes.
Syphilinum 1000(hs) Repeat after 15 days Chronic recurrent tiny pustules of the corneal epithelial layer with profuse lachrymation. Lids swollen. Sensation of cold air blowing on eyes.
Tilia eur.(tds) Muscular weakness of eyes. Sensation of a veil or gauze before the eyes.
Tongo 1x Trembling of the upper right lid of the eye.
Viola odorata(tds) Pains immediately above the eyebrows.
Arnica mont.Q(bd) A blow on the eyes produces black and blue skin around the eyes. If there is only discoloration of the skin and swelling, but the skin is intact, apply a lotion of 10 drop of it to an ounce of cold water with cotton and continue repeating it till the soreness ceases. It may be given orally also.
Calendula off.(tds) Injuries to eyes which tend to suppuration. Abnormal discharge from lachrymal sacs.
Cineraria mar.Q(bd) A lotion of 5 drops of this remedy in an ounce of distilled water maybe instilled into the eyes thrice daily in case of traumatic injuries to the eyes.
Hamamelis Q(bd) If the skin is broken, a lotion of it prepared with 5 drops in an ounce of cold water and may be applied as above.
Ledum pal.200(bd) In the above cases, removes chances of tetanus and helps removing the discoloration. Contused wounds to the eyes.
Silicea(tds) Hepar sulphuris(tds) Abscess in cornea after traumatic injury. For cleaning the opacity use 30 potency bd for about 4-6 months.
Symphytum off.200(bd) For traumatic injuries to the eyes and eyeballs, no remedy equals this remedy.It is to be used when there is a great pain in the eyeball itself from a blow.
Borax(tds) Inward diversion(entropion) of the eyelashes and falling of eyelashes.
Clematis erecta(tds) Chronic redness and irritation of the margins of the eyelids.
Euphrasia Q(tds) In all the above cases, a lotion of 10 drops in an ounce of rose or distilled water is instilled into the eyes. It is very useful. 2-3 drops in each eye, 3 times a day.
Graphites 6 (bd) Inflammation and much redness of the margins of the lids, and dandruff on the eyelashes.
Hepar sulphuris 6 (tds) Irritation and formation of much matter.
Kalium carn.(tds) Bag-like edematous swelling of the eyelids, specially the left. On account of this guiding symptom many affections are cured.
Mercurius sol.(tds) Simple stickiness of the eyelids together in th morning.
Thiosinaminum Q(bd) Diversion of the eyelids. A good remedy for the ectropian (outward rolling of the eyelid margin).
Gelsemium 6 (tds) Drooping of the upper eyelid due to paralysis. Eyelids are heavy and the patient can hardly open the eyes.
Petroleum (tds) Loss of eyelashes.
Crocus sativus(tds) Blinking after eyestrain and reading a lot.
Euphrasia(tds) Constant blinking of eyelids when the cause is not known.
Lycopodium(tds) Blinking due to nervous debility.
Aconitum nap.(qid) Redness of the eyes, sensation of sand in the eyes and irritation of eyes is cured by this remedy if used within two days of the onset of the disease.
Argentum nit.(qid) The pus-like discharge from the eyes glues the lids together. Mucus is felt in the eyes needing frequent wiping-indicates this remedy.
Belladonna(qid) When the eyes are very red and inflamed, the use of this remedy will be found fruitful specially when there is running of the nose and watering of eyes is also present.
Euphrasia 6(qid) If the flow from the nose and eyes is acrid with symptoms of Belladonna, use this remedy.
Eye drops(qid) A lotion of 10 drops of Euphrasia Q in an ounce of distilled water should be instilled in the eyes 3 or 4 times a day, 3-4 drops at a time.
Mercurius cor.6(tds) In acute or chronic inflammation of the eyes, the use of this remedy three times a day is very effective and beneficial.
Agaricus mus.(tds) Jerking, twitching,Trembling and itching of the eyes. Reading becomes difficult. Twitching of lids and eyeballs.
Badiaga(tds) Twitching of the upper left lid.
Eserinum 6x(tds) Twitching of the lids. Right or left.
Gelsemium(tds) Contraction and twitching of the muscles of the eyelids.
Hyoscyamus nig.(tds) Twitching of the lids. Right or left.
Ignatia amara(tds) Twitching all over the body, with spasm of lids.
Magnesium phos.(tds) Twitching around the eyes and cheeks, specially the right side. Such frequent spasms produce hindrance on focusing the eyes on an object, producing a blurred vision.
Mezereum(tds) Twitching of the eyelids with ciliary neuralgia specially after a surgery of the eye. Right cheek may also be affected. Constant twitching .
Raphanus (tds) Twitching of eyelids continuously with oedema of the lower eyelids.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Eye Care, Diseases

Q: Can I use Cineraria Homeopathic Eye Drops to remove cataracts?

Cineraria Maritima eye drops have the potential to significantly improve the condition of cataract at early stage. It has the potential to arrest further degeneration in later stages of cataract and the extent of improvement vary from individual to individual. People visiting  ophthalmologist’s office for an exam and visual field test have confirmed that the tests  reveal “not progressing, in fact, are better”

Q: Can Cineraria Maritima eye drops help with old age related macular degeneration and vision loss?

Cineraria helps in circulation (including the outer region of eye) and supports general metabolic process that promotes normal vision. All these is useful for people suffering from age related deficiencies. In fact old age people with Cataracts have  reported significant improvement so much so that they are able drive at night now

Q: Can it be used for pets?

Pet owners especially dog lovers have been regularly using Cineraria Maritima eye drops and have reported cases where Canines with completely cloudy eyes (90% Cataract blockage) have shown great improvement (only white speckles left ) in a few months .

Q: how long can I take the homeopathic cineraria drops? Is it harmful if I take continuously for long periods of time?

Regular use of Cineraria drops will help you keep your vision and eye sight in good shape, keep infections away, help keep the eyes free of eye floaters i.e, dust ,pollution etc. More importantly it will prevent degenerative process that may lead to cataract, glaucoma etc. If your profession requires you to spend long hours in front of computers, then daily use of Cineraria eye drops is very helpful in relaxing the eye from the strain and rejuvenate.

Q: I had a cataract surgery recently, Can I use Cineraria eye drop regularly to maintain my eye sight with artificial lens fitted on my eyes

You  may continue to use the cineraria homeopathic eye drops after cataract surgery as they do help with circulation in the outside of the eye and help lubricate the eye

Q: Will this eye drops helps in Keratoconus (a progressive eye disease that can create symptoms like ghosting, multiple images, glare, halos, starbursts around) also. Please confirm

Yes, Cineraria eye drops can be used as it help support healthy circulation in the outside of the eyes and prevent significant vision impairment that may result in legal blindness


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25 thoughts on “Complete Homeopathic Eye Drops List- Cineraria, Euphrasia, Mamira”

  1. Hello, I am an African American female and both eyes in the sclera have brownish spots or splotches. The doctor said it is due to high levels of the dark brown pigment called melanin. Can you recommend any eye drops that would make the melanin disappear and make my eye look white again? Thank you

    1. Euphrasia is a well indicated medicine for cases of corneal ulcer, Calcarea Sulph for deep ulcers present on the cornea (sensation of a foreign body in the eyes is felt), Merc Sol for Small ulcers present on the cornea with eye discharge and sensitivity to light also occurs.

    1. Vision loss (or blurred vision) may occur also at a young age due to decrease of optical power of the lens (refractive power). Strabismus in children (condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object.) can result in lazy eye (amblyopia). In some cases it can be a neurological disorder, pls get him checked by a ophthalmologist before medicine can be prescribed

  2. I was diagnosed with cataract of both eyes. Surgery was recommended. Instead I started using Cineraria Maritima (non-alcoholic) eye drops. The cataract symptoms went away soon after use. However I have continued using the eye drops for almost a year. Should I discontinue using them, now that I don’t need them? I shall be grateful for your reply.

    1. cataract is a natural body process of clouding or “opacification” of the natural lens, to keep the symptoms from coming back we suggest you to use it regularly. It is good for the eyes

    1. The eye drops indicated in this list are definitely helpful in irrigating dry painful eyes

  3. i have got cataract removal with IOL implantation in my both eyes. Now it is 4 months over, i am using refresh eye drops, but still there is almost irritation, itching ( khaarish ) and sometimes water comes out from both eyes.
    Kindly advise suitably

    1. IOL or Intraocular lens is a lens implanted in the eye as part of a treatment for cataracts or myopia. As per American optometric association it is normal to feel itching and some mild discomfort after cataract surgery. You may also have temporary fluid discharge from your eye and be sensitive to light. They suggest to avoid rubbing or pressing on your eye. Also Try not to bend from the waist to pick up objects on the floor. Do not lift any heavy objects. Remember Eye irritation can be caused by a wide variety of internal and external factors including allergies that have nothing to do with the lens implant.

  4. my mother age 65 dignoses with wet eye ARMD doctor suggest injection. do you have medicine thanks

    1. Are you referring to Wet macular degeneration? This is a chronic eye disease that causes blurred vision or a blind spot in your visual field. No we currently do not maintain any homeopathic injections

    1. This is a self-limiting inflammatory disease affecting part of the eye called the episclera, it is not conjunctivitis, or pink eye as is commonly believed. And it is not contagious like conjunctivitis, it may or may not produce eye discharge. You may consult your physician about Dr.Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima eye drops

  5. Thanks for your immediate reply, I really appreciate it. I just want to inform you all the details and procedures that was already done last month. So last september I’ve undergone through MRI, and the result was enlargement of the medial rectus muscles on the left side of the eye. Then the doctor advise me to take prednisone for 40 days. I started from 80mg and now I’m already at 10mg. And the doctor repeat the MRI again to make sure if the inflammation was reduce. So from the first MRI, the result was 10.7 after taking prednisone the 2nd MRI was 9.99 and the normal size is 3.7, so no changes at all. So the doctor advise me again to do another treatment which is radiation, chemo or immunosuppressant treatment.I don’t want to do those treatment that the doctor advise me to do and I prefer to treat this kind of disease naturally, my eyes is still swelling due to the inflammation of the medial rectus muscle of the eye which pushes my eyes so it started come out. The opthalmologist advise me to stop the steroids and do the other treatment, please help me which natural alternative or herbal should I take.please help me..

    1. Your condition is serious and needs a thorough examination, suggest you consult a homeopath who specializes in eye related problems, if you need help with online consultation (chargeable) pls let us know

  6. hello sr
    iam from pakistan and iam 21 year old st i have mixed astigmatism in my left can it be treated by homeopthic if it can be so sr plz tell me the best medicine or eye drops for mixed astigmatism which will be able to improve my eye within months

    1. Silicea (tds) and Rhus tox(tds)is indicated for ulceration of the cornea or associated symptoms of astigmatism. Additionally external application of Cineraria maritima schwabe drops that contains Succus, at least twice daily will help you with the condition

      1. I was diagnosed for orbital myositis or orbital pseudo-tumor last july. And my doctor advised me to take prednisone. From 80mg, i’m now taking 10mg but i’m having difficulty in tampering steroids coz my eye is swelling and the disease keeps on coming back as well as the pain. Please advise me for an alternative one. please help me…

      2. Homeopathy medicines like Staphysagria Hekla Lava & Calcarea Carb 200 are indicated for tumorous condition in the eye… a proper treatment plan can be suggested by a homeopath after examining your case in detail. You may contact us for online consultation

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