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Complete Homeopathic Eye Drops List- Cineraria, Euphrasia, Mamira

Euphrasia Eye drops List. Buy Online

Name Indication, Size, MRP
SBL Euphrasia 10% Eye Drops  Protects from pollution, eye strain and helps reduce inflammation. Indicated for Lachrymation (watering), aching in eyes, photophobia, accumulation of mucus on cornea, itching and inflammation along the eye  lid margins, swelling and agglutination of lids, irritation and sand like sensation in the eyes, dryness of eyes in computer users. Size: 10ml, MRP: 75/-
Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops Is a combination of some well known homoeopathic remedies effective in treating for symptoms of eye infections and tendency to opacification of eye lens (cataract) especially with blurring of vision. Size: 10ml, MRP Rs.100
Bakson Euphrasia Eye Drops In eye affections Bakson Euphrasia Eye Drops helps to relieve symptoms especially congestion of eyes, excessive watering, irritation and photophobia besides discomfort of dry eyes. Size: 10ml, MRP: 80/-
SBL Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia Eye drops (CME) SBL Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia Eye drops (CME) is indicated foe opacity of lens, watering of eyes, irritation, weak or clouding of vision, patient suffering from diabetes mellitus. Size: 10ml, MRP: 110/-

Haslab Mamira eye drops for conjunctivitis, blurred vision, eye ailments, eye problems

Mamira Eye drops. Buy Online


Haslab Mamira drops (for Eyes ) Indicated for acute and chronic conjunctivitis, discharge acrid, profuse, muco purulent stringy, photophobia, dull pain with burning, blurring vision relieved by winking, edema and bulging of lids from pus beneath or from sub conjunctival tissues, styes, inflammation of meibomian glands, conjunctiva inflamed, red bloodshot, granulated, to maintain the adjustment of the eye muscles. Size: 10ml, MRP: 55/-


Other Homeopathic eye care products (Oral drops, Tablets), Buy Online


Name Indications
Adel 17 Glautaract Drops for Cataract, Glaucoma & Poor Vision Indicated for early stage of loss of sight, cataract, glaucoma (optic nerve damage) and conjunctivitis. Dosage: Oral Drops, 15-20 drops 3 times/day. Size: 20ml, MRP: 250/-
Reckeweg R78 drops  indicated for inflammation of the conjunctiva (chronic conjunctivitis), inflammation of the eyelid (blepharitis), hordeolum (a red, painful lump near the edge of your eyelid that may look like a boil or a pimple), Catarrahal conjunctivitis, eyestrain, opacity of vitreum, double vision (diplopia), incipient cataract. Dosage: Oral Drops,20 drops in some water, 3 times/daily. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Allen A12 Oral drops Indicated for eye strain, diplopia, incipient cataract and chronic conjunctivitis. Dosage: Oral Drops,10 drops in half cup water 3 times/day. Size: 30ml, MRP: 145/-
Haslab Drox 33 Catarin indicated for Cataract sparks and dark spots before eyes, vision impaired. Dosage: Oral Drops, 5 to 10 drops in water daily morning.  Size: 30ml, MRP: 120/-
Haslab HC-46 Tabs Homoeo Vitamin A Complex Tabs
HC-89 Conjunctin Complex Tablets  indicated for Conjunctivitis, Viral or nonspecific, Chemosis, Blepharitis, Suppurative Conjunctivitis, iritis, Corneal ulcers (spot on the eye, cloudy or white)
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25 thoughts on “Complete Homeopathic Eye Drops List- Cineraria, Euphrasia, Mamira”

  1. Hello, I am an African American female and both eyes in the sclera have brownish spots or splotches. The doctor said it is due to high levels of the dark brown pigment called melanin. Can you recommend any eye drops that would make the melanin disappear and make my eye look white again? Thank you

    1. Euphrasia is a well indicated medicine for cases of corneal ulcer, Calcarea Sulph for deep ulcers present on the cornea (sensation of a foreign body in the eyes is felt), Merc Sol for Small ulcers present on the cornea with eye discharge and sensitivity to light also occurs.

    1. Vision loss (or blurred vision) may occur also at a young age due to decrease of optical power of the lens (refractive power). Strabismus in children (condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object.) can result in lazy eye (amblyopia). In some cases it can be a neurological disorder, pls get him checked by a ophthalmologist before medicine can be prescribed

  2. I was diagnosed with cataract of both eyes. Surgery was recommended. Instead I started using Cineraria Maritima (non-alcoholic) eye drops. The cataract symptoms went away soon after use. However I have continued using the eye drops for almost a year. Should I discontinue using them, now that I don’t need them? I shall be grateful for your reply.

    1. cataract is a natural body process of clouding or “opacification” of the natural lens, to keep the symptoms from coming back we suggest you to use it regularly. It is good for the eyes

    1. The eye drops indicated in this list are definitely helpful in irrigating dry painful eyes

  3. i have got cataract removal with IOL implantation in my both eyes. Now it is 4 months over, i am using refresh eye drops, but still there is almost irritation, itching ( khaarish ) and sometimes water comes out from both eyes.
    Kindly advise suitably

    1. IOL or Intraocular lens is a lens implanted in the eye as part of a treatment for cataracts or myopia. As per American optometric association it is normal to feel itching and some mild discomfort after cataract surgery. You may also have temporary fluid discharge from your eye and be sensitive to light. They suggest to avoid rubbing or pressing on your eye. Also Try not to bend from the waist to pick up objects on the floor. Do not lift any heavy objects. Remember Eye irritation can be caused by a wide variety of internal and external factors including allergies that have nothing to do with the lens implant.

  4. my mother age 65 dignoses with wet eye ARMD doctor suggest injection. do you have medicine thanks

    1. Are you referring to Wet macular degeneration? This is a chronic eye disease that causes blurred vision or a blind spot in your visual field. No we currently do not maintain any homeopathic injections

    1. This is a self-limiting inflammatory disease affecting part of the eye called the episclera, it is not conjunctivitis, or pink eye as is commonly believed. And it is not contagious like conjunctivitis, it may or may not produce eye discharge. You may consult your physician about Dr.Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima eye drops

  5. Thanks for your immediate reply, I really appreciate it. I just want to inform you all the details and procedures that was already done last month. So last september I’ve undergone through MRI, and the result was enlargement of the medial rectus muscles on the left side of the eye. Then the doctor advise me to take prednisone for 40 days. I started from 80mg and now I’m already at 10mg. And the doctor repeat the MRI again to make sure if the inflammation was reduce. So from the first MRI, the result was 10.7 after taking prednisone the 2nd MRI was 9.99 and the normal size is 3.7, so no changes at all. So the doctor advise me again to do another treatment which is radiation, chemo or immunosuppressant treatment.I don’t want to do those treatment that the doctor advise me to do and I prefer to treat this kind of disease naturally, my eyes is still swelling due to the inflammation of the medial rectus muscle of the eye which pushes my eyes so it started come out. The opthalmologist advise me to stop the steroids and do the other treatment, please help me which natural alternative or herbal should I take.please help me..

    1. Your condition is serious and needs a thorough examination, suggest you consult a homeopath who specializes in eye related problems, if you need help with online consultation (chargeable) pls let us know

  6. hello sr
    iam from pakistan and iam 21 year old st i have mixed astigmatism in my left can it be treated by homeopthic if it can be so sr plz tell me the best medicine or eye drops for mixed astigmatism which will be able to improve my eye within months

    1. Silicea (tds) and Rhus tox(tds)is indicated for ulceration of the cornea or associated symptoms of astigmatism. Additionally external application of Cineraria maritima schwabe drops that contains Succus, at least twice daily will help you with the condition

      1. I was diagnosed for orbital myositis or orbital pseudo-tumor last july. And my doctor advised me to take prednisone. From 80mg, i’m now taking 10mg but i’m having difficulty in tampering steroids coz my eye is swelling and the disease keeps on coming back as well as the pain. Please advise me for an alternative one. please help me…

      2. Homeopathy medicines like Staphysagria Hekla Lava & Calcarea Carb 200 are indicated for tumorous condition in the eye… a proper treatment plan can be suggested by a homeopath after examining your case in detail. You may contact us for online consultation

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