Medisynth Wartex forte Drops, homeopathy medicine for Warts, Corns

Medisynth Wartex forte Drops, homeopathy medicine for warts, corns. Removes warts without any skin scars

Medisynth Wartex forte Drops is ideal for treating all types of warts (verrucae), corns (Callosities) and also beneficial in treating hyperkeratosis (abnormal thickening of the outer layer of skin), benign epithelial tumors. Wartex is a method to expunge warts and is considered safe, effective, east to administer and importantly does not leave any marks or scars as an after effect

Medisynth Wartex forte Pills is a safe, effective and painless homeopathic medication to effectively deal with warts and corns. Wartex has the therapeutic property of tackling the affected part by softening the circular skin bed and eliminating it from within. Wartex Pills is recommended for mild symptoms and Wartex Drops for acute symptoms. Know more about warts treatment in Homeopathy here

Warts and Corns are a common occurrence and is often neglected or removed in ways by which there is a chance of recurrence. While various measures such as electrodesiccation etc are possible, the chances of recurrence are not uncommon and in some cases are exceedingly high. Wartex forte drops is a dermatologist or physician’s answer to treat warts and corns in a Safe, Effective, Painless and Easy way without causing any scars or marks as an after effect. It is very important that a suitable topical application should be concomitantly applied.

Ingredients– Medisynth Wartex forte Drops Contains: (for acute symptoms) Antimonium Curdum 1M, Causticum 1M, Thuja Occidentalis 1M

Medisynth Wartex forte Drops Dosage: Drops (for acute symptoms):5-10 drops of Medisynth Wartex forte 3 to 4 times a day. (Children: Half the above dose)

Size: Medisynth Wartex forte Drops comes in 30ML sealed bottle

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34 thoughts on “Medisynth Wartex forte Drops, homeopathy medicine for Warts, Corns”

  1. I have a brown mole on my face..which have some hairs also.can I use this wartex cream and wartex drop.for this.

    1. Yes you may, Aurum mur and Antimonium tart (wart on glans penis), Nitricum Acidum are the indicated single remedies in homeopathy for Geital warts

  2. Hi
    I am taking allopathic medicine for iron snd calcium. Is it ok to take allopathic medicine with wartex? Will wartex give the same result with allopathic medicine

    1. Homeopathy medicines like wartex have no known drug interactions with other medicines. You mat take it under consultation of doctor

  3. I tried so many things for warts at foot but no one works………thanks to wartex a very very rare medicine for wart ….just 3-4 drops 3 time a day and within 8-10 days wart goes out automatically from pain area……magic medicine….i referred three relatives too because all doctors say that no medicine for this……

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