Dr.VcNallys Medisynth Wartex Cream for all kinds of Warts, Corns

Medisynth Wartex Cream - Homeopathic medicine to treat all kinds of Warts, Corns, condylomata

Medisynths Dr.VcNally Wartex Cream also known as (Beckoment No-16) is a natural remedy for removal of warts(verrucae) and corns(Callosities). Its well known properties in removal of warts & corns is without any pain, bleeding, recurrence and ugly scar or mark on the skin

Warts and Corns are a common occurrence and is often neglected or removed in ways by which there is a chance of recurrence. While various measures such as electrodesiccation etc are possible, the chances of recurrence are not uncommon and in some cases are exceedingly high. Wartex cream is a dermatologist or physician’s answer to treat warts and corns in a Safe, Effective, Painless and Easy way without causing any scars or marks as an after effect. It is very important that a Medisynth Wartex forte Pills should be concomitantly taken for best results. Check out our article on Homeopathic treatment for Warts here

Medisynth Wartex Cream creams contains homeopathic ingredients like Thuja Occidentalis, Antimonium Crudum 1X , Calcarea Fluorica 1X, that addresses skin problems like warts and corns.

Mode of Action of Wartex Cream: The medication restores the functional integrity of elastic fibres of skin and thus helps to remove exudation of keratin from the cells of epidermis and prevent further production of pathological growth on the skin. Its water soluble cream base with superior penetrative power exerts high curative action without leaving any stain marks on the skin

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Medisynth Wartex Cream Contraindications: No known contraindications, free of side effects.

For best results use wartex pills and drops alomgwith wartex cream

Application: Apply Medisynth Wartex Cream atleast 3 times daily on affected part or as per directions of physician.

Size: Medisynth Wartex Cream comes in 20Gms tube

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