Buy Blooume 66 Corns Salbe 30Gms, Homeopathic Ointment for Corns

Homeopathic Ointment for Corns, Blooume 66 Corns Salbe

Blooume 66 Corns Salbe cream is a effective Swiss formulated homeopathic remedy for treatment of corns.

Corns are groups of small circular thickened skin (lesion)usually appearing at the feet but not contagious. Callosity is a medical name for callus, a piece of skin that has become thickened as a result of repeated contact and friction, usually occurs in feet. Unsuitable shoes, abnormal foot mechanics, and high levels of activity produce pressure and friction that lead to corns and callosities. These kinds of lesions can be managed conventionally by proper footwear, orthoses, and, if necessary, regular paring

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Ingrediens: Blooume 66 Corns Salbe contains Antimonium Crudum 10x, Graphites 1x, Silicea 1x.

Action of individual ingredients in Blooume 66 Corns Salbe:
Antimonium Crudum 10x: Useful in cases of inflamed corns.
Graphites 1x: Useful for rough, dry & hard corns.
Silicea 1x: Used in cases of infected corns which do not heal easily.

Application: For external topical application, apply a small quantity in affected parts and spread gently in circular motion

Size: 30Gms

Manufacturer: Holistic remedies in collaboration with Bioforce A.g Switzerland

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