Doctor recommended Homeopathy Medicines for Corns treatment

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About Corns
Corns are thick, hard, rough, dead areas on the skin caused by excessive friction or pressure. Most common locations for corns are feet, toes, hands, and fingers.
Appearance: small and circular, with a clearly defined center that can be hard of soft
Symptoms: hard skin surface, raised bumps surrounded by inflamed skin. Painful when pressed

Why Homeopathic treatment for Corns removal?

  • Homeopathy provides a high rate of success using the most gentle form of treatment
  • The remedies for corns are very effective and attack the problem at the root
  • It obviate the need for surgical removal of corns and therefore the risk of infection
  • All the corn medicines in homeopathy are natural medicines and provide a permanent and completely safe solution

Top Homeopathy Medicines for Corn Treatment
Antim Crudum: A top homeopathy medicine that can help when the feet are covered with too many corns making walking difficult. The most prominent symptom indicating that Antimonium Crudum is used is the presence of large, horny corns on feet which may or may not be inflamed. Also, it is the best medicine to treat corns that are too pointed and hard to touch. Further, it also helps those patients who are overweight which may cause pressure due to which these corns may erupt.
Sulphur: When there is a burning pain that the patient experiences in the soles and the corns, then this condition can be treated with the help of sulphur which also ensures that the hard coating of corn quickly yields from the very first dose or application. This also helps those patients who find their feet sweating excessively due to the development of these corns.
Ferrum Picric: This medicine can help patients when the corn becomes discoloured and affects the hue of the surrounding area as well.
Nitric Acid & Lycopodium: This combination is among the best medicines for corns that are very painful. When walking around with the corn causes a dull pain and persistent ache, then the patient can use this medicine. This medicine also helps in treating symptoms like pain in the heels when the patient steps on something hard.
Silicea: When the corn is still soft, the best homeopathic medicine for this condition is Silicea which also helps in treating symptoms like icy cold feet and pus formation in the corns. Soft corns mainly appear between the toes. Excessive sweat with an offensive odour may be present on the foot where the corn is located.

What leading homeopathic doctors recommend for corns treatment

Dr. Kirti Vikram Singh recommends for Corns
Homeopathic medicine for corn 1. Thuja 200 2 drops in morning 2. Antium crude 200 2 drops in afternoon 3. petroleum 200 2 drops in night 4. Topi Thuja cream for external use only

Dr.Kirti corn ke baare me bataya hai ,corns kya hote hai kyo hote hai or kaha hote hai iski Homeopathic medicine kya hai is sab ke baare me youtube video me bataya hai

Dr.Pranjali recommends for Corns
Homeopathic Medicines mentioned in the youtube video and dosages- वीडियो में दिखाए गये दवाओं के नाम तथा लेने का तरीका : 1) Ferrum pic 3x – 2 tab 3 times in a day 2) Antim crud 3x – 2 tab 3 times in a day 3) Hydrastis Q + Thuja Q – Mix them together and apply on corn 2 times in a day

Dr Yash Choudhury recommends for Corns
Common Medicines used in the treatment of Corn are: Antim Crud 30, Thuja 30, Silicea 30, Ranunculus 30 and Hypericum 30

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