natural anti inflammatory and pink killer medicines for injury bruises
Homeopathy for Pain Management

Top Injury Treatment Medicines in Homeopathy

How can I heal my injury faster with Homeopathy?

  1. Homeopathy is known to optimize the natural healing process of the body. This healing mechanism works in closing the wounds (hemostasis), reducing the inflammation, rebuild new tissues (proliferative phase) and stregthening the tissue through collagen synthesis (Remodeling or  maturation phase)
  2. Homeopathy strengthens the body’s immunity and self-healing capacity for gradual healing.This healing process depends on healthy immune cells. Immune cells modulate wound healing by releasing cytokines, chemokines that promote cellular level repair.White blood cells help fight infection from germs and begin to repair the wound. But if your immune system is sluggish, your damaged tissues can’t regenerate. Instead, your wounds linger and have a hard time healing.
  3. Homeopath helps improve blood flow and aid healing. Blood helps to heal wounds faster because,blood cells start to clump together and clot, protecting the wound and preventing further blood loss. It also helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the wound.
  4. Homeopathy helps in the formation of healthy callus, and they also boost the activity of proliferation of the osteoblast cells (bone forming cells).
  5. These medicines help the body to fight with the infectious agent by increasing the body’s self healing mechanism and reduce the bone inflammation
  6. Homeopathy helps speed up the healing of injured muscle and tendon and provide symptom relief. The homeopathic medicines help to reduce symptoms including muscle pain, stiffness, soreness, tenderness in a magnificent way

natural anti inflammatory and pink killer medicines for injury bruises

What homeopathy medicine reduces swelling from injury?

Arnica given early, reduces swelling and bruising after injury. It is a top remedy for  bruise of soft parts. It is best for bruises on any part of the body or the whole body. Skin is black and blue. Give it first after an injury. It will reduce bruising, swelling, pain and promote rapid healing. After operations, Arnica 200C or 1M once a day for several days will greatly speed up recovery. After a boxing match, sports injury, fall, repeated Arnica 1M or 10M followed by 200C as deemed necessary will do wonders. Arnica cream is marvelous in helping cure body surface pain after having received blows (after a boxing match, for example), so long as the skin is not broken. Smear it on several times a day if needed.

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How do you treat injuries at home with homeopathy as first aid?

Abrasions (damage to skin surface caused by rubbing something very hard) – first give Arnica (6, 30, 200) internally once or twice in any potency you have available. Follow up by smearing Calendula cream on the wound.

Bruises (a blue, brown or purple mark on skin) – For bruises, take Arnica, 30C, 200C or 1M up to a few times over a few days, as needed. Using Arnica cream is very useful.

Fractures – Symphytum accelerates healing of fractures (6c, 30c or 200c). If severe pain and swelling accompanies fracture (give arnica 30 additionally). For fractires with shooting nerve pain (hypericum 30). Know why symphytum officinale is considered natural pain reliever for broken bones here

Burns – For minor burns you can take Urtica Urens 30C or apply the cream. For more severe burns, the first remedy to take is Aconite. With shock, take Arnica 200C, especially if the burn area is better from heat. With intense pains, take Arsenic 30C or lower once, or several times

Sprains – Ruta Grav 30 for sprains with weakness in a joint (after giving Arnica). Bone feels damaged. Pains are bruised, sore, aching with restlessness. After falls on behind. Feeling of back being broken. For sprained ankle,knee, elbow,
shoulder, worse from first movement, better on continued motion etc give Arnica 30 or 200C first, then Rhus tox. 6c. Worse from lying on affected part, give Arnica 30 or 200C first, then Ruta 6c. Worse from slightest movement, give Arnica 30 or 200C first, then Bryonia 6c or 30c

Concussions (blow to head, injury) – For concussions give Arnica 200C, 1M, 10M depending on severity. Later give Natrum Sulphuricum 10M once. Usually one dose will alleviate considerably

Pinched fingers or toes – Hypericum is a useful first aid remedy for cuts from sharp instruments, any injury to nerve-rich areas such as after slamming door on fingers, crunched toes. For pinched fingers the standard remedy is Hypericum. Use whatever potency you have, a lower potency such as 6C, 12C or 30C is convenient, but any will serve. Hypericum is the specific remedy for injury to nerve-rich tissue.

Emotional shock – If the cause is loss of a loved one, give Ignatia 1M or 10M, depending on severity. If related to fear or terror give Aconite 200C or 1M, depending on severity. Additionally give bach flower Rescue remedy for intense shock from accidents.

Sprains – In the case of injuries to joint ligaments, sprains, apply a cold compress or ice to the affected area (ankle, knee, wrist). Give Arnica 30C every half hour for a couple of hours. You could also give Arnica 200C and wait a few hours before repeating, depending on improvement. Then follow up with Ruta Graveolens 6C (every few hours) or 30C (once a day for up to a few days). Ledum can be given in the case of an ankle sprain. If stiffness develops later, consider Rhus Toxicodendron 30C. Know R.I.C.E. Method and 7 other options for sprained ankle treatment here

When you should go to the doctor or hospital?

If there is persistent severe pain, severe bleeding from affected site, numbness in injured location, inability to walk or move affected muscle are some of the symptoms that indicate the need of attention and help from emergency facility at a hospital or clinic

Leading pain killer medicines in homeopathy for injury treatment

Rhus Toxicodendron is a front line homeopathic medicine  in treating general body pains and aches. This medicine is prescribed for patients in whom the body aches are worse in resting position and are better by walking. Also specific if the body pains start after getting wet in rain. Highly recommended for body pains that are a result of over straining or overstretching of muscles.

Arnica Montana is excellent for body aches that feels bruised or sore. The patient finds difficult to lie down calmly in bed and constantly changes positions. soreness and body aches due to overexertion, reduce body aches which occur due to injuries. Arnica 30 is one of the top remedies for  bruise of soft parts. It is best for bruises on any part of the body or the whole body. Skin is black and blue.  Externally apply Arnica lotion on the affected part.

Bellis perennis 30 is prescribed when where deep trauma bruising to soft tissue. Bruises of breast. It is also effective for bruises of internal organs. This medicine is useful for sore pains appearing from muscle injury, trauma or strain. It is also prominently indicated for long standing pain that arises from sports injury. Conium mac 30 is considered after Bellis perennis. It is effective for the ill effects of bruises

Bryonia is a top remedy for body pains resulting from either muscular or joint involvement. The guiding symptom is opposite to that of Rhus Tox above i.e., worsening of the body Pains on the slight motion. The body pains are better on absolute rest

Magnesium Phosphorica is an excellent tissue salt (biochemic) for a wide range of body pains and aches. Indicated for spasms, cramps, shooting or boring or cramping pain. Other than cramping it is also indicated for cases in which the pains are shooting, lightning in nature.

Ruta Graveolens when the patient feels all body parts to be tender body ache alongwith weakness. Ruta graveolens 30 is effective for bruises of periosteum , outer covering, of bones. It is also best for bruises of tendons and cartilages. It helps to heal the injured tissues and give relief in pain as well.

Sulphuric acid 30 is effective, where the bruising persists for an unduly long time or skin becomes livid, because of mechanical injuries.

Gelsemium for body aches that are accompanied by dullness and drowsiness. Mostly used where pain is present in neck, back and lower limbs

Hypericum is a top remedy  for nerve pains like sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy in feet etc. Hypericum Perf 30 is best for the bruises of fingers, toes and spine. Joints feel bruised. It is effective for traumatic neuralgia and neuritis.

Hepar Sulph help clear off the pus discharge in injuries and aid excellent healing.

For body pains and aches during fever the following combination of medicines are given – Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Arnica Montana, Chamomilla and Rhus Toxicodendron

For treatment of body aches due to acute inflammation of joints as in Rheumatoid arthritis the following combination of medicines are given- Causticum, Bryonia Alba and Colchicum Autumnale

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