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Top Diarrhea Medicines List in Homeopathy, Buy Online

What causes diarrhea?

  • Too much fluid is passed (secreted) from the blood-stream into the bowel, for example in gastroenteritis. This is how some laxatives work.
  • The bowel moves its contents through too quickly and too little fluid is passed back into the bloodstream. This is one way in which anxiety produces diarrhea.
  • More liquid intake than the bowel can cope with – this seldom happens, but is one way in which drinking too much beer can cause diarrhea.

How to stop diarrhea fast with natural Homeopathy medicines?

Homeopathy offers you safe, side effect free medicines made from natural substances that have a regulating effect on the movement of food by absorbing the liquids and bulking the stools to stop diarrhea.

  1. It stops diarrhea quickly as it naturally slows the movement of food through your intestines, which lets your body absorb more liquid
  2. It stops the inflammation and irritation of the intestine that is triggered by a sensitive stomach to certain foods triggering diarrhea
  3. It has binding effect in the digestive tract to make stools bulkier thus arresting watery stools


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Diarrhea successfully treated in Homeopathy: Clinical Trial of Homeopathic cure for acute Childhood Diarrhea. Know more

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Leading diarrhea medicines in homeopathy by Indications

Arsenic Album Crucial and effective homeopathic remedy for both acute as well as chronic diarrhea. Treats diarrhea resulting due to food poisoning or viral diseases. The person may also have cramping abdominal pain and feel worse with cold drinks or food. The stools are watery.
Podophyllum Treats acute diarrhea. Watery, urgent, profuse and explosive diarrhea accompanied by much gas which is usually not accompanied by pain. Common remedy for diarrhea in teething infants.
Veratrum Album Violent diarrhea, usually with vomiting, ejected forcefully in great quantity; colicky abdominal cramps temporarily better from diarrhea; may purge from mouth and rectum at same time; severe chilliness, cold perspiration (especially on forehead); cramps in extremities; great weakness; body and even breath cold; thirst for large quantities of cold water.
Aloe Socotrina Constant urge to pass stools with the intervals accompanied with flatus, rumbling and gurgling in your abdomen before passing the stools, uneasiness, and weakness.
Ipecacuanha Severe diarrhea accompanied by nausea or vomiting. There may also be sharp pains and frequent bowel movements with stools that may look slimy, frothy or green.
Colocynthis Cramping, abdominal pain, better strong pressure and warmth; pain is worse upon eating or drinking; vomiting when pain is severe.
Cinchona officinalis Diarrhea that gets worse after having your food or after eating a fruit. Treats diarrhea which is accompanied by great bloating, general weakness, and indigestion and discomfort that gets worse in hot weather and at night.
Phosphorus Recommended for someone with diarrhea that leaves the person exhausted, but is usually not accompanied by pain.


Commonly asked questions about homeopathic diarrhea treatment answered

SBL homeopathy medicine for diarrhea: Bio combination 8 (BC8) is a leading SBL diarrhea medicine in biochemic tablet form, alongwith this SBL dilutions like podophylum 30, croton tig 30, veratrum album 30 should be taken to control diarrhea as per a well known homeopathic doctor. Know more here 

What is the best homeopathic remedy for diarrhea: Arsenicum Album 30 is the best remedy for Traveler’s diarrhea who get tummy upsets due to change in water or food, Chamomilla is  a leading remedy for frequent, watery stool in children, Podophyllum is a very frequently used medicine for summer diarrhoeas

Homeopathy medicine for loose motion and stomach ache: Viral gastroenteritis, commonly called the  “stomach flu,” causes an infection of the intestines leading to watery diarrhea, pain or cramping in abdomen, nausea or vomiting, and sometimes fever. Other reasons for abdominal pain or cramping may accompany diarrhea is bacterial infection, food sensitivities, medication or alcohol use, and medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Homeopathy medicines like Arsenicum Alb 30, Pulsatilla 30 work well for all infections (viral, parasitic, bacterial) that may cause food poisoning and diarrhea

Summer diarrhoea homeopathic medicine: Summer diarrheas are due to two main causes, hot weather and unclean food outside where people venture out of their homes to eat. The digestive system also gets weakened due to dehydration in summer making it more susceptible to infections. Ingestion of food contaminated by various microorganisms is responsible for gastrointestinal infections. Podophyllum 30 or 200 is a very frequently used medicine for summer diarrhoeas. Veratrum album 30 is one of the most frequently prescribed homoeopathic medicines in violent cases of gastroenteritis. If diarrhoea is caused by sudden chilling of the stomach with ice water or ice-cream, arsenic album is the right choice.

Aloe homeopathic remedy diarrhea: Aloe Socotrina 30 is indicated when there is a sense of insecurity in rectum during diarrhea. Patient is afraid and uncertain whether stool or gas will come. It is prepared from gum of a plant Aloe Socotrina belonging  to family liliaceae. It is a well indicated medicine when there is sudden urgency to pass stool after eating or drinking. The stool is watery, lumpy or mushy. Sometimes mucus passes in the stool


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