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natural over the counter stress anxiety medication

How does stress affect anxiety?

Stress is the body’s reaction to a threat, whereas anxiety is the body’s reaction to the stress. In chronic conditions i.e., when long bouts of stress occur, there is an increase in cortisol and corticotropin present in the body for longer periods of time. That boost in the presence of hormones is what leads to clinical anxiety and mood disorders.

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Strongest natural anxiety medication: people usually search for a strong medication to suppress anxiety but you dont need a strong response to anxiety, a mild and gentle one that is harm free will work better. Homeopathic remedies for anxiety works in a mild, gentle and effective manner to gradually reduce the physical and mental reactions associated with anxiety in a natural, side effect free way. Aconitum Napellus (Aconite) is considered a top homeopathic remedy for Anxiety, Argentum Nitricum for Anxiety from Anticipation, Hypericum calms excited nervous states, nervous agitation. All these can be found in doctor advise anxiety relief combinations 

Instant anxiety relief medication: if you are looking for an emergency remedy for anxiety attack that may feel as if you are losing control or going crazy, with Heart palpitations or chest pain, or feeling like you’re going to pass out then Bach Flower Rescue remedy is recommended. Rescue remedy is a wonderful bach flower therapy for emergency or first aid. It comes as a natural relief for shock (both mental and physical), hysteria, nightmare. Particularly useful when stress levels increase from critical life events like death of a loved one, losing a job, Illness, examination, work targets, birth of a child, Marriage etc. This is a combination of 5 bach flowers namely; Star of Bethlehem, Rock rose, Clematis, Cherry plum, Impatiens.

Natural over the counter anxiety medication homeopathic medicines for treating anxiety are made of natural substances, making them safe for use without any side effects. These are used to treat anxiety that varies from mild to severe in intensity (like general nervousness to panic attacks). They work by seeking insights into the psychology of the person to bring about a complete recovery. Since these are natural and not habit forming, there is no risk of drug dependency. Homeopathic stress and anxiety relief medications are not in scheduled drug category and as such can be taken over the counter but we strongly advise homeopath consultation for best results

Medicine for stress and depression If you are unsuccessful in coping with stress, then over a period of time sustained stressful life situations can increase the risk of developing depression. This is a natural phenomenon, technically called a “stress response syndrome”, formerly known as an “adjustment disorder with depressed mood”. Ignatia Amara is an excellent homeopathic medicine for treating depression with extreme sadness and weeping,Natrum Muriaticum is good for chronic depression. Stress associated with pregnancy and delivery can lead to depression in women, commonly called “Postpartum Depression“. Actaea Racemosa is the best natural medicine for Postpartum Depression where sadness and tearfulness predominate. Homeopathy depression treatment offers a safe alternative as none of the homeopathic remedies are habit-forming, or cause dependency.

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