Sudden panic attack treatment medicine in Homeopathy, Aconitum

sudden panic attack treatment medicine

Major life stress events such as death or serious illness of a loved one, divorce or severe accident can trigger sudden panic attacks. Many people undergo this when they enter hospital and see patients in distress or death. homeopathy aconitum napellus is a life saving medicine in such cases says Dr Aadil Chimthanwalla.

What type of people are likely to get panick attack?
Panic attack can affect people of all ages and at all times i.e., day time or night time.

  • If you are stressed you can have nocturnal panic attack with no specific reason
  • Teenagers can have panic attack when faced with stressful situation like physical abuse (ragging), parent or teacher showdown, etc.
  • Old age people can have panic attack in hospitals with fear of imminent death
  • Women may face panic attack when faced with illness or death of loved one
  • Men may face panic attack situation when faced with stressful situation at work like task deadline, job interviews, show cause notices or performance appraisals

Sudden panic attack treatment at home

If you are at home and sudden panick strikes, Aconitum Napellus is the safest natural and quick way to relieve a panick attack. Dr Aadil chimthanwalla, a mumbai based doctor says it is a life saving drug that can quickly reduce your anxiety and relax. He says the indicators for use of Aconitum are the patient feels suffocation, has profuse sweat, and restlessness (turmoil in body) due to sudden onset of any issue. Dr K S Gopi says Aconitum napellus is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for anxiety that is characterized by the ‘suddenness of symptoms’. Anxiety or distress will come very suddenly and without any premonition and can come at any time. Feeling of impending doom and also fear of death is there

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