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Miscarriage treatment in Homeopathy, What various Doctors recommend?

Homeopathy offers highly developed science based on patient specific treatment treat many gynaecological and obstetric conditions. This approach helps in treating recurrent abortion and threatened abortion with high efficacy and success rate. As elucidated in doctor opinions below, treatment of these conditions are based on the individual symptom presentation and patient specific prescription. Case taking involves investigation of several factors like month during which miscarriage occurred previously, patient pathophysical profile, the character of bleeding, underlying medical condition, accompanying pains, menstrual history etc. While Homeopathic medicines play a supportive role, a gynecologist should be consulted in case of threatened abortion. The article is to improve general awareness of the condition and its homeopathic treatment by doctors, Self medication should be avoided at all cost.

Medicine to prevent miscarriage in first trimester

Dr.Tiwari recommends for miscarriage

Dr.Tiwari D.M.S [Cal] is a well known Homeopath based in Kolkata India,  with  20+ Years of Clinical experience. He is a prolific Youtube presenter with over half a million followers

Medicines Dr Tiwari recommends for miscarriage due to underlying medical conditions

  • Thyroidinum 200 – for tendency towards miscarriage in pregnancy due to Thyroid problems. Weekly dose once regularly to address thyroid and miscarriage
  • Ferrum Met 3x – For anemic patient with hemoglobin count less than 10 which increases the risk of abortion. Dose 4 Tablets 3 times daily until anemia is addressed and associated risk of miscarriage diminished
  • Aurum Mur Natronatrum 3x – for hardening of cervix which is the opening of Uterus that can lead to miscarriage. Dosage 2 tablets 3 times daily
  • Syphillinum 1M –  For miscarriage due to syphilis, Dosage 2 drops every 15 days addresses syphilis and tendency towards miscarriage

Medicines Dr Tiwari recommends for miscarriage which do not have any underlying medical conditions

  • Viburnum Opulus Q – for miscarriage with no fixed time or any underlying disease condition, it can occur in 2 month Dose – 10 drops 3 times removes this tendency. Dr Tiwari says this is a Golden remedy for this problem
  • Helonias Q – for miscarriage due to over exertion. Dose – 10 drops 3 times daily for 3 months
  • Arnica 200 – For miscarriage due to injury (from fall or external force), Dose – 4 drops every alternate days. This will address the problem and tendency for miscarriage
  • Platinum 200 – for lady with superiority complex and tendency towards hysteria. Dose – 4 drops every week
  • Apis 200 – For miscarriage in second , third or fourth month . Dose – 4 drops every week for few months
  • Sepia 200 – For abortion that occurs between 5th and 7th month. Dose – 4 drops every week for few weeks will solve the tendency for miscarriage, abortion in between 5th and 7th month
  • Opium 200 – For abortion that occurs after 7th month

Dr. Kirti Vikram Singh recommends for miscarriage

Dr. Kirthi is a popular Youtube presenter and doctor practicing at SAI Homeopathic Clinic, Nowrozabad, India

He recommends Secal Corr 30, Sabina 30 if there is miscarriage in previous pregnancy. He says it gives good results. Bothe medicines are to be taken after pregnancy. Dosage : 1 drop of each medicine on the tongue morning and evening ( leave a gap of 10 minutes between the 2 medicines). This he says can be continued until 6-7 months safely without any fear of side effects

Dr. Vikas Sharma Dr. Kirti Vikram Singh recommends for miscarriage

Dr.Vikas is a M.D In Homeopathy and practices at Mohali (chandigarh) for the last 2 decades. He is a columnist in Triubne, a daily newspaper

  • Ferrum Met is useful where women have had many miscarriages with pale and watery bleeding.
  • Trillium Pendulum is the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for tendency towards recurrent/habitual abortion in anemic women who have had early miscarriages with gushing bright blood
  • Women who need Secale Cornutum have a history of recurrent miscarriage with dark or blackish bleeding

Dr. K S Gopi recommends for miscarriage

Dr. K S Gopi is a former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He has got four decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy

  • Kali Carb will also show great results in treating weakness arising from the miscarriage.
  • Sabina Offcinalis and Secale Cornutum are significant Homeopathic medicines for tendency towards recurrent/habitual abortion occurring in the third month. Miscarriage is accompanied by bright blood mixed with clots.
  • Aconite 30- risks of miscarriage  due to fear and excitement. Symptoms ; fever, restlessness, anxiety, thirst and dry skin
  • Arnica Montana 30 –  for miscarriage risks after trauma
  • Crocus Sativus 30 – for likelihood of  abortion during the first month of pregnancy
  • Phyllum 30 – for Habitual miscarriage with Feeble uterine contractions with scanty blood loss. Severe pain in the back and sides of the abdomen.
  • Cimcifuga Racemosa  30 – Abortion in the third month with rheumatic tendency.  The pain  go from side to side across the lower abdomen  and double the patient up.
  • Sabina 30- Abortion around the third month. Bleeding is the first symptom. Pain in the small of the back which goes around and through to the front of the lower abdomen. The blood is bright red and clotted
  • Secale Cor. 30-Abortion in very early pregnancy. The women is often in poor health and pale. Frequent labor like pain. Tendency to miscarriage late in pregnancy
  • Sepia 30 -Threatened abortion in the 5th or 7th month of pregnancy. Used as a preventive for miscarriage. In nervous and irritable women , with lax Abdominal muscles and a tendency rectal prolapsed
  • Viburnum Opulus 30 -Pain  starts in the back, goes round to the front, then down into the thighs. In frequent and early months of pregnancy

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