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Homeopathy Acne Treatment. Top Homeopathy Medicines List

How does homeopathy cure acne?

Various homeopathic herbs have a specific action on the symptoms, appearance and location of the acne or pimple as well as the nature of patient hosting it. Homeopathy treats swollen pimples (borax 3x), pimples that discharge yellow secretion (Calcarea Sulph), heals ulcers surrounding acne eruptions (calotropis), pimples with white pus formation (Hepar Sulph), itchiness in pimples (kalium brom), acne on oily skin (Natrum mur 200), stubborn acne and pimples that resist treatment (streptocccinum 200). It helps remove marks left after cure of acne & blotches (Berberis Aqui),

Can homeopathy treat teenage acne?

Yes homeopathy can help address acne in teenagers, who during puberty sex hormones speed up the secretion of oil from sebaceous glands. When build up of this oil happens, the narrow gland openings or drainage passages in the skin leading to acne. Teenagers tends to squeeze the acne leading to its inflammation and scarring. Homeopathy medicines like Arsenicum brom (for pimples on face, nose upper lip of young girls), Asterias rub (pimples on the onset of puberty), Calcarea phos 6x (acne of anemic girls with menstrual troubles), Dulcamara (acne eruption during menstrual periods) are indicated

Can homeopathy cure acne permanently?

Homeopathy treats the conditions surrounding the acne formation and hence provides a viable, safe and side effect free natural treatment. For example Arsenicum brom cures violet papules that erupt in spring weather, Calcarea Carb 200 is good for little pimples on the roots of hair of fat flabby girls. Graphites is good for women facing dry skin and acne worse during & after periods. Radium brom is excellent for people with small pimples with itching and great burning. Thuja Occ 1M is excellent for acne facialis, skin dry, worse after scratching. Check out our acne kit in collection below

How to prepare acne face Lotion at home ?

Take 5ml of Berberis aquifolium Q, Ledum Pal Q and mix it to equal proportion of Echinecea Q and Bellis Per Q. Now take this and add to 20ml of water if skin is oily. In case of dry skin use mustard oil instead of water. Rub on face which has been previously washed with a mild face wash (refer below) and dried. Do this regularly to get rid of acne and get a clear complexion

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best acne treatment by acne location on body

Homeopathic approach to treatment of acne

Acne is not just a disorder of the skin; it is also an external manifestation of internal imbalance, something that Needs to be addressed at a deeper or constitutional level.

The homeopathic approach looks at the individuality of the person; it also examines not just the symptoms, but also the personality and temperament of the individual, without limiting itself to treating the outwardly symptoms.

Homeopathy treats the cause, for example, stress, or dandruff while eradicating the external expression of an inner disorder – in this case, acne. Homeopathic remedies also stimulate the individual: immunity from within. The result is a permanent resolution of  the acne distress.

Precipitating Factors Homeopathic Remedy
Abuse of cosmetics  Bovista
Dandruff Sulphur
Drug abuse Nux Vomica
Emotional stress Natrum Mur
Gastric disturbances Carbo Veg
Irregular menses Pulsatilla
Polycystic ovaries Apis Mel
After Delivery Sepia
During Pregnancy Belladonna
Menopause Lachesis
Puberty Pulsatilia
Hormonal Factors
After Periods Medorrhinum
During periods Kali Brom
Before periods Sepia
Back Calcarea Sulph
Chest Mezereum
Chin  Hydrastis
Face  Silicea
Forehead Sulphur
Nose  Causticum

acne treatment for combination skin and oily skin

Case Studies – Acne treated with Homeopathy

Case 1 – Twenty four year old Shruti was a upcoming model who appeared in many commercials. She was troubled by acne for five years and feared that the blemishes would ruin her career under arc lights. She first approached regular skin specialist and sought medical advice. The predictable prescription: topical applications and antibiotics. Her acne relief was short-lived, her problem returned with a vengeance. Namita was also in the habit of picking and squeezing her acne; this led to scars. She would, thereafter, apply cosmetics, or heavy make-up, to conceal her acne, but this worsened the eruptions. Her cheeks, her back and her chest were full of painful acne. She complained that her periods were irregular. She approached our experts and was advised her to undergo ultrasonography; the test revealed that she had polycystic ovaries (PCOS) – a likely cause, not only for her acne, but also for her irregular periods. We gave her Apis Mellifica, a homeopathic remedy made from honeybee, which is useful for cysts in the ovaries. Within a few months, the frequency of her acne reduced considerably; her old acne also started to heal rapidly. Her menses became regular. When we asked her to undergo ultrasonography, ten months later, the result showed that her Ovarian cysts – the cause of her acne – no longer existed

Conclusion: How did a local problem like acne, which defied conventional treatment, respond to homeopathy? PCOS. a common in  Problem young women, presents as acne on the outside. along with Weight gain and unusual hair growth on the chin. The likely cause is cysts in the ovaries, which secrete the male hormone – testosterone, a major acne trigger. Homeopathy does not treat skin condition as a local, or surface, issue: it believes the cause may be deep  within, as Shruti’s case exemplifies

Case 2 – Nineteen-year-old Sujay had large. extremely painful pus filled acne on his face, back and chest. He was embarrassed to go to college. His ‘tryst’ with antibiotics and several over the-counter (OTC) creams and ointments. was disappointing. Sujay suffered from seborrhoeic dermatitis, with excessive itching. For an introvert, with a recent history of disappointment in love, Sujay never expressed his feelings of hurt to anyone. He kept thinking of his ex and lost all academic focus. Our experts prescribed Ignatia Amara, a homeopathic remedy, which is useful for bad effects caused by any recent emotional setback. We also advised him to use Homeopathic anti -dandruff shampoo. We impressed upon him not to style or allow his hair to cover his forehead, because when dandruff flakes fall, they can activate acne. His acne reduced considerably. In the process, he regained his self-esteem, self-confidence and also academic focus.

Conclusion: Emotional problems cause excessive oiliness on the scalp, leading to seborrhoric dermatitis. This, in run, causes dandruff and a also acne. Homeopathy keeps sight of emotional underlying causes while treating skin disorders from the root

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