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Top Homeopathic medicines list for PCOS treatment in India

According to studies, homeopathy is found to be effective in treating cases of PCOS. This article highlights the role of homeopathy in PCOS using case studies, and the top homeopathy medicines used in successful treatment .

PCOS treatment and the Insulin connection

Urbanization and change in life style are influencing the rising the prevalence of PCOS in India. Recent studies reported the prevalence of PCOS as 9.13% to 36% in hospital and school in India among adolescents. Among 19.2 % of girls having PCOS had Hyperinsulinemia (a condition in which there are excess levels of insulin circulating in the blood relative to the level of glucose). This is not to be mistaken for diabetes or hyperglycaemia, it is  a medical condition from variety of metabolic diseases and conditions.

This can be traced to a recent study which found that PCOS has genetic link. Insufficient absorption of insulin by cells increases the body’s demand of more insulin which leads to more production of insulin from pancreas and causes high insulin level in blood. Excess insulin level triggers ovaries to produce more male hormones. It is found that obesity is a major reason for insulin resistance. However medical experts found multiple factors behind the PCOS. It is believed that high level of male hormones (androgen) prevents the female hormones secretion from ovaries and production of eggs.

Menstrufit is a doctor formulated kit consisting of commonly used homeopathic medicines with most effective pharmacological action in addressing a variety of issues surrounding PCOS treatment safely.

PCOD or PCOS homeopathy treatment ovarian cysts

Why Menstrufit homeopathy Kit for PCOS treatment?

  1. This medicine kit comes with 6 essential medicines identified by doctor to address the paraphernalia of symptoms & issues that surrounding this disease. The effectiveness of the individual remedies are discussed in below table
  2. Unlike homeopathic specialties it does not come in one mixed form. The medicines are separate and it preserves their constitution & efficacy
  3. A combination of these medicines taken together has the best pharmacological action in treating this condition effectively

What is the homeopathic approach in treating PCOS?

The Homoeopathic perspective of diagnosis and management of the treatment is unique as it is individualized to patient profileHowever since PCOS is a syndrome, a Homeopath has to work with an approach of physician, endocrinologist, dermatologist, dietitian, and gynecologist. Homeopathy considers it as the illness of the suffering woman but not as the disease of ovaries. A fundamental and clear understanding of underlying pathophysiology with multi-factorial evaluation improves treatment success and overall management of patients. The patient is treated as a whole by taking into account of all the symptoms she suffers from. If case is treated for any particular symptoms like acne or hirsutism or irregular menses or infertility or any other symptom then her disease condition will be unending and never true healing results in. When any woman presents to a physician with any one of the clinical signs of PCOS; the homeopath tries to elicit and probe the condition to arrive at a right diagnosis by ruling out other similar conditions. Cure can be done only by Taking care as an entity by a holistic constitutional approach. Homoeopathy acts dynamically on the medium of the sentient faculty of the nerves (Aphorism 16) and induces our own body to regulate the hormone imbalance and brings back the perfect equilibrium of health. In a PCOS woman a dynamic homeopathic remedy corrects hormonal imbalances, regularizes ovulation, restores menstrual normalcy, handles obesity, manages infertility and treats positively.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann placed before medical fraternity, the constitutional approach towards disease (Disease Classification and Miasm). He could convincingly prove that the fundamental cause for disease lies within himself (aphorism5, 11). External factors only plays the role of exciting and maintaining cause of the disease (aphorism 5, 7, 6). According to Hahnemannian classification of disease, PCOS falls under dynamic chronic disease with fully developed symptoms of complex miasmatic origin. PCOS is predominantly the combination of “Psora — Sycotic miasm”. Initially when there are functional changes at the level of neuro-hormonal axis it belongs to Psora and then moves on to sycotic with the proliferation by development of cysts.


Is Homeopathy effective in treating PCOS?

From the several studies on PCOS using homeopathic intervention it is concluded that homeopathic treatment is effective for the management of PCOS and symptoms related to it. 2 below cases illustrate the point;

  1. A single-blind, randomised, placebo controlled pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment was conducted from February 2014 to May 2015 at two research centers in India. The primary objective of the study was to regulate the menstrual cycle with improvement in either ultrasonological findings or hirsutism/acne. Using polycystie ovary syndrome questionnaire (PCOSQ) quality of life was also assessed. The eligible 60 participants were enrolled and randomised to either the homoeopathic intervention (HI) (n = 30) or identical placebo (P) (n = 30) with uniform lifestyle modification (LSM) for 6 months. 60% of the cases (n = 18) in HI+LSM group found improvement in menstrual regularity with improvement in other signs/symptoms where as in control group no improvement was reported. In intertmenstrual duration in HI+LSM in LSM in comparison to placebo+LSM group significant difference of improvement was observed. In HI group in domains of weight, fertility, emotions and menstrual problems remarkable improvement was noticed.  Pulsatilla was found most indicated remedy.
  2. In another study, with varied age from 16 years (youngest, unmarried) to 41 years (married), all of them were found a large sized cyst in their left ovary apart from the associated menstrual problem and occasional pain in the abdomen. Homeopathic traditional method was adopted to find the similimum. Thuja Occidentalis was found most similimum on the basis of totality of symptom. All the ailments with ovarian cyst vanished in varying period from 5 to 30 months of treatment. It was concluded that Thuja Occidentalis could successfully remove ovarian cyst from all those patients.


Why are these homeopathy medicines considered prime in PCOS treatment?

Medicine Pharmacology
Apis mellifica: Burning, stinging, like after sting of a bee, in ovaries or other parts. Sharp, cutting, lancinating pains in ovarian region, extending down thigh Apis is used to treat dropsy of right ovary: with hardness and burning, stinging, bruised sore. Pathological effects like erysipelatous inflammations of kidneys(febrile infectious disease), and other parenchymatous tissues (cellular tissue making up the softer parts). It can be used in females with suppressed menses; dysmenorrhea, with severe ovarian pain; ovarian tumors (cysts)
Lachesis: for women with melancholic disposition, feel “never been well since the change of life”, cant bear any pressure above neck. Tumor or cysts on ovaries esp left side Lachesis addresses ovarian neuralgia particularly left side; tensive, pressing, burning or stitching pains. Frequent, troublesome, drawing pain in right ovarian region, from near hip bone down to os pubis, sometimes burning. Ovarian tumors;  left ovary first affected, tending to right. Menses too short, too feeble; pains all relieved by the flow. Ill effects of suppressed discharges. Induration and suppuration of ovaries
Pulsatilla: for Infertility in women who have faced menstrual irregularities since their menarche (first occurrence of menstruation). Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). The menses always delayed and never appear on expected date. Treats menstrual discharge that is late, scanty, thick, dark, clotted, changeable, and intermittent. Diarrhea during and after menses. Leucorrhea acrid, burning and creamy. Pain in back, tired feeling. Patient profile: Employed in sensitive women, weeps at slightest instance; better with consolation and open air. Averse to warm food, drinks, fatty substances.
Sepia (a predominantly female remedy) suited for over sensitive female with scanty menses, “tell tale face” of uterine ailments. Effective in reducing the inflammation of the ovaries caused by the presence of the cysts addresses menses too late and scanty, irregular; early and profuse sharp clutching pains tendency to abortion. A prominent symptom of bearing down sensation in uterus may be present. Aversion to sex is also present. Expulsion of wind from vagina during intercourse.
Calcarea Fluorica: A biochemic therapy and well known  elasticity mineral, it  addresses Hyperkeratosis (a thickening of the outer layer of the skin) which is found in ovarian cysts. As per one ncbi study, ovarian  cysts displayed mature squamous epithelium with a granular layer, with hyperkeratosis in 14 and parakeratosis in 4. Calcarea Fluorica main function is the preservation of the contractile power of elastic tissue. The elasticity of muscular tissue and supporting membranes becomes impaired when this tissue salt is deficient, resulting in muscular weakness, bearing-down pains, etc
Thuja Ocalicidents: Constitutional anti-sycotic remedy corrects retarded menstrual flow with multiple cysts in ovaries.  It is also prescribed in cases where a woman may get male pattern hair growth on the body. Thuja is very effective is dissolving cysts and thus can quickly correct hormonal imbalances caused by these.
Thuja has the inherent ability to dissolve abnormal growth or cysts or accretions anywhere in the body. It is employed, when cystic growths are evident in the left-side ovary. Corrects hormone imbalance and regulates hair growth. Clears scaly dandruff and treats hair fall which is common in women with PCOS



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