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Diabetes Cure: the successful homeopathic way of diagnosis & treatment

In the Organon of medicine Aphorism 5, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann states that behind every chronic disease, accessory circumstances play a big role. Therefore diet, habit and life style factors are critical to the management of the diabetes disease as well as control its complications. This process is backed by many studies

Definition: Homeopathy is based on holistic approach and individualization of a particular case of the patient irrespective of their name of the diseases. In this context  Diabetes Melitus can be defined Homeopathically as a chronic miasmatic disease affecting the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, and fat characterized mainly by polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia with varied complication, due to absolute deficiency of insulin or diminished effectiveness of it.  According to international diabetes federation 2015 worldwide 387 million people living with diabetes but 46.3% undiagnosed. In the year 2014 death due to diabetes is 4.9 million also there is every 7 seconds one person dies due to diabetes

Homeopathic insulin medicines for diabetes control
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The homeopathic approach to treating Diabetes Mellitus

To control and prevention of diabetes mellitus we should give constitutional treatment to the patient with proper dietary, stress, live style management. Dr. Hahnemann as mentioned in `Medicine of experience’ that “… diabetes, pneumonia, phthisis, cancer, &c., and that although a great number of cases of each of these diseases present dissimilar characters, and therefore require a different treatment, yet some cases present so much resemblance among themselves in their symptoms and mode of cure that they should be considered as the same malady. This distinction, however, has not much practical, consequently little real value, for we ought to observe and investigate accurately each case, in order to find out what is the suitable remedy.”

On the basis of homeopathic philosophy diabetes is multi-miasmatic disease but may present with predominance of any one of them Psora or syphilis or sycosis according to their respective symptoms.

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Common Constitutional medicine for Diabetes Treatment

Climacteric ailments: hot flushes and hot perspiration Patient became debilitated by loss of vital fluid, sexual excess
Mental- excitability; great loquacity Listless, apathetic; indifferent to affairs of life
Left side principally affected Craving for acids or refreshing things
Intolerance of tight bands about neck or waist. Diarrhoea painless;not debilitating
Aggravation after sleep Talking causes weakness in chest
For the bad effects: of anger; of grief; excessive use of salts Dirty filthy people
Craving for salt; desire for bitter, fish Standing is the worst position
Face oily, shiny; perspiration ameliorate complaints Complaints that are continually relapsing
Needs Consolation Sensation of burning
Constipation When carefully selected remedies fail to produce a favorable effect
Cannot tolerate sun heat Skin affections that have been treated with ointments
Excessive thirst Desire for sweet
Dream of robbers Diarrhea: driving out of bed early morning
Blond, fine and very sensitive nature
Nervous, weak; oversensitiveness
Burning is the key feature
Longs for cold food and drink
Aversion to sweet
Aggravation during a thunder, storm, lying on left or painful side

symptoms of diabetes and treatment remedies

Specific Medicines for Diabetes Treatment in Homeopathy

Dryness of mouth with great thirst
Urinate profusely day and night
Become exhausted after urination
For excessive sugar in the urine there is white ulcers in the mouth of prepuce
Feels hungry and faint
Drowsiness and sleepiness, insufficient sleep
It may be used in cases of diabetes mellitus and insipidus of diabetic patients who pass large quantity of clear urine and unable to retain it. Moreover they feel scalding sensation in urethra and enuresis. These are leading symptoms.
Patient after large quantity of urination becomes tired
Burning sensation all over body is very common
He feels great thirsty and weak in sexual power
The more chronic is the diarrhea the more insulinum is indicated.
Ailments with emaciation, debility, enlarged liver, when the indicated remedy does not react.
Craving for sweets. Voracious appetite.
Emaciation with loose bowls. Pain all over the body worse when constipated. Worse cold weather.
Feels as if constipated. Weakness worse after stool
It works when sugar is traced in urine. For getting rid of sugar or at least reduction of sugar in urine its effectiveness is profound.
Prickly heat, small red pimples
Thirst for large quantity of water, weakness and atrophy THYROIDINUM
A state of puffiness and obesity may be regarded as a keynote indication for Thyroidinum Clarke
Desire for sweets and thirst for cold water
Vomiting of pregnancy
Psoriasis associated with adiposity
Easy fatigue, weak pulse, tendency to fainting, palpitation, cold hands and feet, low blood pressure, chilliness and sensitive to cold

Repertorial approach

Rubric from Kent’s Repertory

  • Urine- sugar

Rubric from Boericke’s MM & Repertory

  • Urinary system- diabetes -assimilative disorder
  • Urinary system- diabetes – sugar


Diabetes Mellitus is an iceberg form of disease because there are a lot of cases which are not diagnosed. Morbidity (the rate of disease in a population) and mortality (death) due to diabetes and its potential complications are large, and pose significant healthcare burdens on both families and society. In India, the rural- urban migration pattern, the economic boom, and corresponding change in life-style are all affecting the level of diabetes among populations. So we need more awareness about the disease with improvement of life style, food habit, and addiction. Apart from that by homeopathic medicine we can treat a patient safely, effectively and economically. Homoeopathic treatment not only gives curative effects but also presents a preventive alternative

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