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Leucoderma Treatment in Homeopathy: What 3 leading Doctors Recommend

Why homeopathic treatment of Leucoderma/Vitiligo?

  • Homeopathy is most beneficial when the treatment begins in the initial stages of leucoderma. No mode of treatment is applicable when it spreads widely
  • Homeopathy offers comprehensive and effective treatment by moderating the immune system
  • Homeopathy offers high success rate of treatment when the medicines are correctly mapped to patient psychology. Leucoderma or Vitiligo is a combination of physical and mental factors afflicting a patient in addition to hereditary factor (in some cases)
  • Homeopathy offers both internal medication as well as external application treatment in the form of drops, gels, ointment etc.,
  • Duration of treatment may be extended and in chronic cases it can extend to a year and beyond
  • Homeopathic topical medicaments  activate the melanin cells to produce the melanin pigment and restore the natural color of the skin.

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Vitiligo affects people of all skin types, but it may be more noticeable in people with darker skin. The discoloration first shows on sun-exposed areas, such as the hands, feet, arms, face and lips.

How to Skin Test Homeopathy Babchi in Vitiligo Treatment? Know more here 

Best vitiligo treatment cream for leucoderma

Dr. Rukmani recommends for Vitiligo

Dr.Rukmani is a certified medical aesthetic professional and registered Homeopathic Physician located in New Delhi. Is Vitiligo or Leucoderma  a concern affecting your aesthetic appearance? Book your online consultation here.

In this video Dr.Rukmani offers homeopathic solutions to combat leucoderma under various conditions.

Rx_Arsenicum Alb 30 ३०CH potency (Vitiligo +Anxiety +Dry Skin) ३-३ ड्राप्स दिन में २-३ बार before Meal Orally 3-6 Weeks Link

Rx_Silicea 30 ३० Ch Potency(Vitiligo +Spots Rose 🌹 Color Pinkish,Red) ३-३ ड्राप्स दिन में २-३ बार Before Meal Orally 3-7 Weeks

Rx-Calac Carb 30  २००Ch पोटेन्सी (Vitiligo +Milky Spot+Fatty Patient) ३-३ ड्राप्स दिन में २-३ बार before Meal Orally 3-7 Weeks Link

Rx_Sepia 200 २००Ch पोटेन्सी(Vitiligo +Indifference) ३-३ drops दिन में २-३ बार before Meal Orally 3-6 Weeks

Rx_Nit Acid 200 २ooCh पोटेन्सी(Vitiligo On Mucus Membranes/White Spots On Genitalia) ३-३ ड्रॉप्स दिन में २-३ बार -Before Meal Orally 3-5 Weeks

Rx_Ars Sulph Flav -Tablet 2-2 Tablets Twice Daily Before Meal Orally 3-6 Weeks

how to Cure vitiligo in 30 days with best treatment medicines

Dr. K S Gopi recommends for Vitiligo

Dr. K S Gopi is a former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He has got four decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy

Psoralea Cory 3x – 5 drops daily is an excellent remedy for vitiligo. It is used externally in the form of oil or Gel. After applying the oil , exposure to sun rays must be avoided .

Sulphur 30 for those with philosophical mind set, suffer from mental fatigue and absent mindedness. They take little or no care for their physical appearance and even show aversion to bathing

Tuberculinum 200 – Treatment should be started with this remedy. A dose of 200 potency should be given every month along with the following remedies

Ars Sulph Flav 6– Vitiligo especially at mucocutaneous junction (involving both typical skin and mucous membrane). It is one of the top remedies for vitiligo.

Hydrocotyle 3x – If Ars sulph flav fails this remedy may be tried. It should be used for a long  time.

Calcarea Carb 30 prescribed to patients of Vitiligo with milky white spots on skin. These white spots can appear anywhere on the body. There  is a  tendency to free perspiration over the head, neck and chest.

Arsenicum Alb 30 – is  another effective  remedy for vitiligo in persons prone to dry, rough skin. The skin shows whitish spots and skin is dry, dirty and rough. The skin complaint alternating with respiratory complaints like asthma is a strong pointer for using homeopathic medicine

Sepia 30 for those showing indifferent approach towards life and family.

Nitric Acid 30 -Vitiligo especially at mucocutaneous junction. Discoloured zigzag patches on the skin. The base looks like raw flesh.

ammi visnaga bishops weed for vitiligo treatment

Dr.Vikas Sharma recommends for Vitiligo

Dr.Vikas is a M.D In Homeopathy and practices at Mohali (Chandigarh, India) for the last 2 decades. He is a columnist in Triubne, a daily newspaper.

Baryta Muriatica – one of the most indicated homeopathic medicines for Leucoderma having small spots. These white spots are often associated with itchy eruptions all over the exposed parts of the body

Baryta Carbonicum – one of the most effective homeopathic medicines for Leucoderma with burning sensations. It acts well when white patches are present along with intolerable itching and tingling over the whole body at night.Patient feels good in a warm atmosphere; while exposure to cold makes him feel unwell

Ars Sulf Flav– A highly effective homeopathic medicine for this form of leucoderma is Arsenicum Sulfuratum Flavum. In this case, a person has a very dry, cracked skin, scaly and blackish in appearance

Calcarea Carbonica – one of the most valuable homeopathic medicines for Leucoderma with milky white spots. skin is cold and flaccid, unhealthy and ulcerating

Silicea is another major homeopathic medicine for Leucoderma which acts well on spots and patches, especially rose-colored blotches. A person suffering from it has a very delicate, pale and waxy skin.

Sulphur acts well for Vitiligo, a condition in which the skin appears as if denuded and very sore. The skin has very violent itching that gets worse at night, from scratching and washing. There is intense burning when scratched, painfully sensitive to air, wind

Top Homeopathic Medicines List (Collection) for Vitiligo, Buy Online

Most common Questions and Answers related to Homeopathic Treatment of Leucoderma or Vitiligo

Is Vitiligo curable in homeopathy? Does homeopathy work for vitiligo?

Yes there are many enumerated successful case studies in Homeopathy. Vitiligo is disease of the mind and body and the constitutional treatment approach in homeopathy has worked wonders where other treatment options failed. The best results however were achieved in the patients who were treated in the early stages of the disease.


Which is the best vitiligo homeopathic treatment in India?

There are many well known homeopathic doctors who specialize in Vitiligo treatment. Dr Rukmani listed above is also a certified medical aesthetic professional. Since vitiligo involves skin discoloration and affects appearance, altering cosmetic appearance using such expert help will be additionally useful.


Is Sulphur effective in vitiligo treatment?

Yes Sulphur is very effective as it a primarily a skin related remedy. The homeopathic medicine is prepared from brimstone. It is a suitable medicine for people who are lean, are untidy and have stoop-shoulders, who walk and sit in a stooped position and do not like to stand for too long. It is suited to those with a greasy skin, matted hair, and who are prone to skin affections


Which is the dr reckeweg medicine for vitiligo?

All the vitiligo single remedy homeopathic medicines listed above (except for tablets & Ointments) are available in Dr.Reckeweg Check Dr Reckeweg R21 Reconstituant drops (for affections of blood and skin). R21 drops treats skin disease that did not get cured by allopathic or other treatments. It brings about constitutional improvement in cases associated with skin diseases by increasing reactivity. It contains Thuja D30, Psorinum D30, Medorrhinum D30, Vaccininum D30.


Leucoderma treatment in homeopathy in hindi

लुडर्मोल यानी ऑयल बूची, सफेद स्पॉट या दाग (ल्यूकोडर्मा) के लिए उपयोगी होम्योपैथिक दवा है। यह जिन्जेली तेल में आधारित है और प्रभावित इलाकों में 2-3 बार एक दिन में आवेदन करने की सिफारिश की जाती है. Pls refer our Homeopathy Hindi Blog for details


Which treatment is best for vitiligo?

Homeopathy offers high success rate of treatment, and is safe and side effect free. Therefore it could be argued that homeopathic treatment is best for vitiligo. A homeopathic doctor can arrive at the best treatment plan for you through a miasmatic approach and selecting the right rubrics by building a repertory. This is done by a detailed case taking and analysis approach. You get a constitutional treatment plan with the set of medicines that will suit your profile. Therefore it will work where other treatments have failed


Is Hydrocotyle Asiatica Homeopathy Medicine suited for Vitiligo?

Yes  Dr K S Gopi’s recommends this (pls refer list above). This medicine is prepared from plants having the common name Indian Pennywort. It is a good skin medicine and indicated for conditions such as intense thickening of the  skin, pricking pains, presence of copper coloured eruptions on the skin, icthyosis etc.

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