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Schwabe German WSG Homeopathy Medicines. Complete List

Schwabe German Homeopathy remedies (WSG medicines) come from DHU i.e., Deutsche HomoÖpathie Union, Karlsruhe, Germany. This company has a track record for consistent and outstanding quality of homeopathy medicines. It is certified for organic cultivation, strict quality control, GMP guidelines and conform to German Homeoopathic Pharmacopoeia (GHB). We present the complete list of Schwabe German medicines available in India currently

Schwabe German WSG Specialties List

WSG Product name


Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima (CMS) Eye Drops, Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops releases the tension in the muscles of the eyes and prevent tiredness, redness, and other symptoms. Indicated for cataract, corneal opacities and serious eye problems.  CMS is recommended for cataract due to metabolic disorders, senile cataract or or stopping the onset or progress of cataract. Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops Composition: Cineraria maritima succus 5g, Benzelkonium chloratum 0.001g Excipients Water for injection Q.S. Alcohol 9.3% w/w. Size: 10ml, MRP: 190/-
Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima D2,  All purpose Eye Drops, Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima D2 Eye Drop (Senecio Bicolor D2) is indicated for computer vision syndrome that causes symptoms of eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and redness in eyes. CMS D2 is also indicated for mild conjunctivitis, mild injuries to the eyes, irritation of eyes due to dust, pollution etc. It is manufactured as per German Homeopathic pharmacopoeia and is free of eye irritants. Schwabe Cineraria Maritima D2 Eye Drop Contains:  Senecio Bicolor ( Cineraria Maritima) D2 2.500 G, Benzalkonium Chloratum 0.001 G. Size: 10ml, MRP: 145/-
Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic for predictable results in iron deficiency and anaemia. Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic is a great tasting restorative tonic used for convalescence, lack of appetite, anaemia and conditions of fatigue. Homeopathic medicine for anaemia and exhaustion is a storehouse of iron and important microminerals inclusing cobalt, copper, manganese & Zinc. Schwabe Biofungin Tonic 100G contains : Mangnesium Borocitricum 5×2.0 Zincum Sulfuricum 5×1.0 Cobaltum Nitricum 5x 1.0 Cuprum Aceticum 5x 1.0 Manganum Aceticum 5×1.0 Acidum Formicacum 5×2.0 Acidum Tartarcum 4x 2.0 Ferrum Glycerinophosphoricum 3x. Size: 250ml, MRP: 847/-
Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops is a combination of five distict remedies, each well known for its beneficial effect in sexual wellness sphere. Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops is indicated for insufficient libido, impotence, nervous exhaustion and neurasthenia (sexual weakness). Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops composition: Damiana 1x 10.0 (mexican hern, aphrodisiac); Ginseng 1x 10.0 (korean, secretory gland stimulant); Agnus Castus 2x 10.0 (nervous depression, low libido); Nuphar Lutea 2x 10.0 (impotency, pain in organs); Muira Puama 1x 10.0 (brazil, erectile dysfunction); Excipients Qs To 100.0; Alcohol 66.0% V/V. Size: 20ml, MRP: 549/-
Schwabe German Essentia Aurea Drops  for chronic myasthenia of the heart, dyfunctions of the circulation and cardiac dyspnosea. Schwabe German Essentia Aurea Drops is indicated for Arteriosclerosis, Angina Pectoris, Hypertension, Stress & Fatigue. Essentia Aurea Schwabe Contains: Crataegus Oxy 40.0 (heart Tonic); Aurum Muriaticum. 4x 10.0 (palpitation, tachyarrythmia); Convallaria Majalis. 10.0( dyspnoea, dropsy, angina pectoris); Ignatia Amara. 4x 10.0 (depression, constrictive feeling in throat, chest); Arnica Montana. 0.5 (feeble pulse, cardiac asthma); Excipients Q.S To 100.0; Alcohol 48.0% V/V. Size: 20ml, MRP: 311/-
Schwabe German Bryorheum Drops for the relief of muscular, articular rheumatism. Schwabe Bryorheum Drops  is indicated for rheumatic disorders such as redness, stiffness and swelling of the joints and pain in muscles and joints. Body pains and discomfort increases in cold & damp weather. Schwabe Bryorheum Drops contains; Bryonia Alba 2x 10.0 (for muscle pain, swellings); Rhus Tox 4x 10.0 (pain & stiffness of joints, tendons); Dulcamara 1×10.0 (for damp weather induced rheumatic troubles); Phytolacca Dec 1x 10.0 (neuralgia) ; Gnaphalium P 1×10.0 (numbness, sciatica) Excipients Q S To 100.0 Alcohol 57.0 V/V. Size: 20ml, MRP: 427/-
Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets for acute and chronic inflammation of the tonsils and of the accessory sinuses of the nose. Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets  relieves pain, reduces local swelling. Indicated for difficulty in swallowing. Schwabe Tonsiotren Tablets contains: Atropinum Sulph 5x 12.5Mg (lowers pain, reduces inflammation), Hepar Sulph 3x 10.0 Mg (sore throat with scraping pain), Kali Bichromicum  4×50.0 Mg (tonsillitis, Sinusitis), Silicea 2x 5.0Mg (healing agent), Mercurious Iod Rub 8x 25.0Mg(follicular tonsillitis), Excipients Q. S. Size: 20ml, MRP: 391/-
Schwabe German Gastrobin Drops or hyper acidity, heartburn, inflammatory, gastric complaints, nervously irritable stomach. Schwabe German Gastrobin Drops is a reliable preparation where gastric mucous membrane is inflamed due to excess gastric acid. It regulates acid level in stomach thus alleviating complaints of hyperacidity such as burning in stomach, pressure & pain in stomach, gastric sensitivity to pressure, sour eructation or acid vomitting. Schwabe Gastrobin Drops 100G contains: Natrum Phosphoricum 3x 10.0 (excess acidity, flatulence), Capsicum Annum 3x 10.0(stomatitis, dyspepsia) Robinia pseudoacacia 2x 10.0 (hyperchlorhydria), Acidum Sulphuricum 4x 10.0 (Gastralgia); Phosphorus 5x 10.0 (sour eructation, belching) Excipients Q. S. To 100.0. Size: 20ml, MRP: 201/-
Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry Tablets is a proven homeopathic preparation for individual Weight Control. Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry Tablets exerts a favorable influence on digestion & absorption of food this lowering food intake.  It is indicated for Fat metabolism, control obesity without weakness, post delivery weight gain. Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry tablets contains: Phytolacca A Berrys 4x 250.0 Mg. It also contains pokeweed mitogen which is responsible for its weight reducing effect. Size: 20gm, MRP: 262/-
Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops for urinary problems. Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops is homeopathic remedy to relieve the symptoms of cystitis and related pain and frequent urination. Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops Composition: Plantago Major 20.0 (nocturnal enuresis); Equisetum Arvense 20.0(dysuria, urging & pain at urination); Belladonna 3x 10.0 (scanty urine, incontinence); Pulsatilla 3x 10.0; (spasmodic pain in bladder)Excipients Qs To 100.0; Alcohol 52.0% V/V. Size: 20ml, MRP: 430/-
Schwabe German Mullein Oil for common ear problems, Schwabe German Mullein Oil is indicated for earaches, defective hearing, tinnitus, hardened cerumen plug, dry scaly consition of the ear opening. Schwabe German  Mullein Oil 100G Contains: Succus Verbasci e flor rec, et sicc 50.0 Excipients Q. S to 100.0.  For external use a wad moistened with the drops to be placed in the auditory meatius (opening). For internal use – 10-16 drops several times a day for teasing cough at night or lying down. For enuresis 5 drops doses morning & night. Size: 20ml, MRP: 403/-
Schwabe German Alfalfa Tonic stimulates general physical & mental efficiency, supports regenerative processes during & after diseases, exhaustion. Schwabe German Alfalfa Tonic a general tonic, recommended for fatigue, loss of appetite,  stomach complaints, nervousness as a result of anxiety, worry and overwork, especially good for convalescence. Schwabe German Alfalfa Tonic Contains: Acidum phosphoricum 2x 5.0% (nervous exhaustion, physical & mental debility), Alfalfa 0 1.0% (tones appetite & digestion), Avena saliva 0 5.0% (tonic for debility), China 0 0.25% (exhaustion due to loss of vital fluids), Cinnamomum 0 0.5% (flatulence, poor circulation), Hydrastis canadensis 0 0.5% (for weight loss), Nux vomica 2x 0.25% (equilibrium in functions), Excipients Q.S. to 100% Alcohol content 12% v/v.  Size: 100ml, MRP: 335/-, Size: 500ml


Schwabe German (WSG) Biochemics List

Dr.Willmar Schwabe Germany Biochemics (imported and marketed by Schwabe India)

Size Available: 20gm

Available Potencies: 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 200x

Biochemic Salt Name Indications
Calcium fluoratum (Calcarea fluorica) Deficient tooth enamel, rough,cracked skin, discomfort of varicose veins haemorrhoids and flatulence.
Calcium phosphoricurn (Calcarea phosphorite) Bone problems, weak digestion, teething complaints, poor nutrition, poor circulation and cold hands & feet.
Calcium sulfuricum (Calcarea sulphurica) Skin eruptions: Boils, pimples & eczema. Swollen and tender gums that bleed easily.
Ferrum phosphoricum Anaemia, fever and inflammation.
Kalium chloratum (Kalium muriaticum) Catarrh, stuffy head, colds, croup, eczema and difficulty in digesting fatty or rich foods.
Kalium phosphoricum Nerve remedy; mental fatigue, depression, insomnia, muscle & nerve weakness and nervous indigestion.
Kalium sulfuricum (Kalium sulphuricum) Eczema, dandruff, itchy, scaly skin and shifting pains in legs.
Magnesium phosphoricum Spasms and cramps, shooting, boring, and cramping pains. Headache, neuralgia, menstrual pain and flatulence.
Natrium chloratum (Natrum muriaticum) Cold with running watery discharge or dry, stuffy nose; loss of smell and taste; constipation with hard, dry stools; watery diarrhoea; constipation alternating with diarrhoea.
Natrium phosphoricum (Natrum phosphoricum) Excess acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia, indigestion from fatty food, dizziness and dull or full feeling in head.
Natrium sulfuricum (Natrum sulphuricum) Water retention – oedema of the feet, flu symptoms, biliousness and acid indigestion.
Silicea Poor assimilation of food, acne, boils, brittle nails, weak memory and excessive perspiration with offensive odour.

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