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Baldness Treatment in Homeopathy: Clinically Treated Cases

We present a list of 3 cases of clinical treatment of hair fall in homeopathy

  1. Telogen effluvium is a common form of hair loss caused by premature entry of hair in the resting phase of hair follicle. This condition causes diffuse hair shredding, often as a body reaction to metabolic or hormonal stress . Case Study 1 proves that homeopathic treatment can reverse this condition successfully
  2. Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness is a common type of alopecia that occurs in both sexes after puberty and is characterized by progressive thinning and shortening of hair in affected areas. Balding scalps are considered to have high levels of the potent androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and increased expression of the androgen receptor gene. This is a common disorder in Asian people since they have different characteristics from those of men of European descent. Case study 2 demonstrates that this condition can be controlled with Homeopathy
  3. Split ends of hair is a type of hair damage (also called trichoptilosis) that begins near the ends of hair shaft separating it into 2 or more fragments (strands). Homeopathic medicines as discussed in Case study 3  demonstrate that  the damage caused to hair structure can be reversed i.e, restoring the long chains of keratinized proteins to healthy state

Case no.1

A 25 yrs old female patient presented with severe hair fall around 200 hair strands per day with mild depression since 1 yr. The complaints started 1 month after the 2nd delivery. During pregnancy she had minor complaints, had natural delivery. Then patient was more concerned about her hair fall. She is somewhat secondary extrovert. Patient is sensitive, irritable, easily becomes sad. Patient is hot, thirsty, has desire for pickles, skin is dry less perspire.

Diagnosis: Telogen effluvium

            Case  totality: Telogen effluvium, complaints after parturition, hair fall associated with mild depression, hot patient, thirsty, desire pickles. Probable medicines are Pulsatilla, Natrum mur, Sepia, Thyroidinum.

Treatment (Rx): Natrum mur. 1M 1 dose and SL for 1 month. There was mild improvement in hair fall, but depression is persisting. So medicine is not acted properly, because any right indicated remedy should relieve the mental symptoms first then the physical symptom will disappear. Later I have retaken case and advised to undergo thyroid function test, test reveals high TSH. Then I have prescribed Thyroidinum 200 2 doses. After 1 month patient reported depression was relieved and hair falling also improved. With the 6 months of our treatment patient relieved completely.

Case no 2

A 25 yrs old male patient presented with hair fall around 50 hair strands per day with hair line receding for 2 yrs. The complaints started 2 yrs back as hair fall and hair line recedes gradually. His family has a strong history of baldness. Patient was so anxious, worried about his future in modelling. He is very friendly in nature, wants company, anxious, hurry in speaking and does activities in fast. Patient is hot but sensitive to cold also, thirsty, aversion to sweets, desire salt.

Diagnosis: Androgenic alopecia type II

Case totality: Male pattern alopecia, hair fall associated with anxiety and worry, hot patient, thirsty, desire salt. Probable medicines are Phosphorus, Argentum nit, Thuja, Silicea, Nat. Mur.

Treatment (Rx): give one dose of Phosphorus 200 and wait for 1 month. Improvement was not significant. Anxiety and worry persisted. So medicine had not acted properly, later I prescribed Argentum Nitricum 1M 1 does and waited for one month. After that patient reported hair fall is controlled and hair becomes thick and shiny, anxiety and worry also completely relieved.

Case no 3

A 30 yrs old female patient presented with weak, brittle hair with split ends for 2 yrs. Complaints started 2 years back as hair becomes gradually weak since she has started to use chlorinated water for head bath. Later hair become brittle and slowly split ends develop. Hair are dull, gloomy, and weak. She is a bank employee, so she could not find proper time to care her hair. Patient is an introvert, mild, silent, sensitive to rudeness. Patient is hot, thirstless, has desire for spicy food, aversion to sweets, skin is sweaty.

Diagnosis: Split ends of hair.

Case totality: Hair weak, brittle with split ends. Patient is an introvert and is sensitive to rudeness, Patient is hot, thirstless, desire for spicy food, and probable drugs are Staphysagria, Nat. mur, Borax, and Thuja.

Treatment (Rx): First of all I advised her to change the chlorinated water for head bath, advised to trim the split ends regularly. Adviced protein therapy once in a month. Diet chart was prescribed. Natrum mur 10M was prescribed and waited for 2 months. After that patient reported that over all hair quality is improved but split ends still persist. Then I have prescribed Borax 1M 1 does twice in a month for 3 months. Thereafter patient has reported split ends gradually disappeared.

Alopecia Areata Treatment in Homeopathy – Cured Case

alopecia areata success stories

Image credit – Dr. Souparno Bose

Again a case of Alopecia Areata is almost cured by DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy within 3 months.

“Alopecia is ONLY curable by Homeopathy !!” says Dr. Souparno Bose, a Kolkata based homeopath who studied at the Hahnemann college of london.

Patient pathophysiology in above case 

  • Itching on the scalp, on Alopecia affected area.
  • After itching it causes burning on affected part.
  • Stool – Urging for stool compels her to wake up in the morning.
  • Urine – burning during & after micturition.
  • Thirstless patient but drinks only while eating.
  • Burning sensation on soles of feet after prolonged standing.
  • Craving for sugar, salty, fish.
  • Tendency to lay down on left side.

DrSouparno Bose prescribed the King 0/1 (Sulphur) twice daily for 15 days in 1st month. Hair appeared on bald area just within a month.

Sulph 0/2 for 15 days in 3rd month.

70% hair regrowth within 3 months (refer inset image ).

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