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Complete Hair Loss Treatment Guide in Homeopathy & Top Medicine List

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Other notable Homeopathy medicines for specific symptoms in Hair Loss

Carbo Vegetabilis: Hair falls after pregnancy (Lachesis and Sepia) or after illness . Alopecia from general weakened condition
Graphitis: Bald patches at the beard and chin. Hair of vertex, sides and beard turns grey early and falls out
Kali Sulph:  Yellowish or white scales on the scalp with hair fall, dry and scaly lips. Hair falls out easily when combing.
Lycopodium:  Hair falls out especially after diseases of the abdominal viscera and parturition, with hair turning grey early,  and falls first on the vertex, later on the temples, burning, scalding, itching of the scalp
Mercurius Solubilis:  hair-fall from suppressed emotions like anger. Hair becomes dry and falls. Hair falls mostly from temples
Mezerium: Hair falls in handfuls with white dandruff and dry scalp.
Petroleum: skin is cracked, rough, bleed easily and unhealthy and caused hair loss
Phosphorus:  Dandruff, roots of hair get gray and the hair comes out in bunches. Bald spots on the head, which are dry and scaly, are characteristic of Phosphorus.
Selenium: Hair falling on combing. Hair falls off from the head, eyebrows, whiskers and genitals
Sulphur: Scalp sore to touch, itching, worse in the evening.  Hair falling due to dry, cold and hard scalp, worse with washing.
Vinca Minor: Eczema of scalp and face, matted hair and offensive odour. A crust is formed, the discharge is retained underneath and causes the hair to fall out to mat together, forming the plica polonica.

Top Homeopathic Specialty Medicines list for Hair loss treatment

Internal Medication for Hair Loss/Hair Fall control

Contains essential Fatty Acids that counteract the bad effects of excess male sex hormones,  and addresses build up of toxic agents caused by improper fatty acids & fat metabolism. Contans Juglans (blood purifier), Lecithinum & Oenothera biennis (anti hormonal effects), Testes (glandular action), Kali Phos (biochemic cell salt for hair restoration) Dr.Reckeweg R89 Drops, German Homeopathic Medicine – Essential Fatty Acids drops
Popular German formula for Hair loss; Thinning of Hair. Addresses metabolic causes that lead to premature & circular loss of hair.  Contains Cynara scolymus (detoxification agent), Natrium Carbonicum (stimulates oxidative works , metabolic cleaning process), Sarothamnus scoparius (for allergic reaction that causes hair to fall in bunches), Thallium aceticum (alopecia areata, persistent state of hair loss) ADEL 9 CRI-regen drops
Swiss formula hail fall & thinning. Contains Lycopodoium Clavatum 3x (eczema of scalp), Jaborandi 2x (hair loss), Wiesbaden 3x (weak hair roots), Acidum Phosphoricum 6x(thinning of hair) BioHair (Blooume 4)
Tablets that address early loss of hair, greying, loss due to child birth, long illness, mental exertion.  Contains Badiaga3x, Arsenicum Alb 3x, Natrium Mur 3x, Calcarea Phosph 3x, Acidum Phosph 3x, Acidum Fluor3x Dr.Raj Super Hair Care
The Hair Growth stimulator, Baldness, Hair fall Baldness, Premature graying in patches. Bals Tablets
Homeopathic Tablets that improve functioning of connective tissues in the body and theerby address hair growth problems. Contains Silicea , awell known Biochemic salt for strengthening Hair follicles Schwabe Silicea pentarkan
Tablets that provide essential nutrition for collagen and Keratin build up, improve blood circulation, and imparts texture, tone as well as strength to hair follicles.  For Luxurious glossy hair & healthy nails Baksons Hair & Nails Aid
Homeopathy medicine for sensitive scalp prone to eczema, it strengthens hair roots & contains Ustilago maydis (loss of hair), Wiesbaden (hair regrowth), Kali Phos (hair loss due to fatigue), Acid Phos (loss of hair on head, eyebrows, genitalia) Allen A53 Drops

External Medication for Hair Loss/Hair Fall control

Excellent hair tonic to strengthen roots of Hair, Prevents Hair Loss due to mental strain, prolonged illness. Very useful for dry scalp, dandruff, split hair & premature greyness. Contains China, Arnica, Jaborandi, Cantharis Lords Hair Mont
The hair nourishing application that checks dandruff, prevents hair fall, arrest Premature greying of Hair & acts as a Scalp Conditioner. Contains Arnica Mont, Cantharis, Jaborandi & Brahmi Fourrts Hairgro gel
A medicated Gel containing Cantharis, Jaborandi, Brahmi & Arnica montana that not only helps you in hair styling but also helps remove dandruff, grey hair & loss of hair. Baksons Hair Aid Gel
Top Herbal Shampoo that is indicated for Hair Fall, Splits Ends, Dryness. Contains Arnica (stimulates hair growth), Calendula (antiseptic for scalp infections), Thuja (induces growth phase in hair follicles). For better results take scalptone orally SBL Arnica Montana Shampoo
Medicated Hair Oil For Hair Fall, Dandruff, Premature Greying of Hair.  Contains Quinazarine Green, Cantharis, Arnica Mont. Bahola Arnicated Hair Oil
Enriches hair bulbs and nourish hair shafts, Prevents hair falling and premature whitening of hair. Contains PilocarpusQ, Chinchona Off, Calendula Off, Cantharis, Arnica Montana HSL-Jaborand Hair oil lotion (concentrate)

Combo medication for Hair Loss/Hair Fall control

The internal medication checks dandruff, premature greying of hair & split ends. The external preparation conditions scalp & hair and also nourishes hair roots. Internal preparation contains (Acid Phos 6x, Lycopodium 3x, Jaborandi 2x, Natrum Mur 3x), External preparation contains (Cinchona Off Q, Arnica Montana Q, Jaborandi Q & Cantharis Q) Baksons Hair Aid Drops (perfect hair tonic), 30ml Twin Pack
A Triple action hair vitalizing tonic that comes in tablet (internal) and Oil (external) application. It promotes hair growth, controls hair loss and prevents dandruff Allens Arnica Plus & Triofer

Do you need packaged Hair Loss Treatments?

Remember the following 3 things when you are looking for hair loss treatments offered as packages in Salons and Clinics

  1. Jargons – Beware of lofty claims and luring terms that entice many customers for undergoing packaged hair treatments. Sample this; ‘electroporation technique’ – in which a hair serum containing dihydrotestosterone inhibitors penetrates the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Did you make anything out of it? No wonder they claim it as a nobel prize discovery! Other claims highlight that individual’s hair and follicle structure is different and will require customized treatment for effective results
  2. Bait – Many salons offer cheap hair cuts and then offer or sell expensive packages as complimentary. First they offer a free scalp analysis  and then drop the proposal by showing images of your scalp by telling you that you might lose your hair. Either a ‘one time treatment’ is offered or a ‘x’ number of sessions offered  that would cost ‘y’ and save ‘z’ rupees per session.  It is not ‘cheap’ as it is made out to be, so beware
  3. Price – However most of their treatment come in packages and they are not cheap. A typically treatment plan can cost you anywhere from a few thousand rupees to nearly a Lac. Make sure you have read the fine print and check out customer testimonials before you take a decision

Hair Loss Treatment at Home – Simple remedies

Homeopathic mother tinctures of Arnica,  Jaborandi are often prescribed by physicians to apply locally. When mixed with regular oil it fortifies them with essential nutrients to promote growth of hair, controlling dandruff, promoting blood supply to the cutaneous region, acting as hair tonic etc Method: Mix 1 part of mother tincture to 2/3 part of some oil like olive, coconut, sesame, etc which ever is preferable. Apply this mixture  on the head regularly preferably everyday 20-30 minutes before washing. Gentle rubbing on the scalp after application would facilitate more permeability.
Wash hair with cold water. Then massage some warm coconut oil at the root of the hair with fingers. The oil glands just below the skin open up & get activated and start secreting oil as it also improves blood circulation. A combined effect is seen in the improvement of the quality of hair, try this at least twice a week. You can also wash hair with cold Neem water. This is made by boiling neem leaves in water so that’s its extracts seep into water. Washing hair with this water helps hair fall & turns them dark, It also kills lice & other parasites . You can also apply onion juice that aids in regrowth of hair
Bald Patch Treatment: Crush the seeds of lime and some pepper together. Add some water and make into a paste and apply on bald spots. It may cause some burning but hair growth is stimulated with few days. Alternately you prepare a paste of liquorice by rubbing on stone. Add a pinch of saffron to it & apply on the bald patch.
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12 thoughts on “Complete Hair Loss Treatment Guide in Homeopathy & Top Medicine List”

  1. I have been using the Zauberol hair Oil almost for one month and still no result. my query is should i use the two bottle daily and weekend completely to see the result or have to look for other one too. in the using direction there is no indication of for how long i should apply them. Do I need to stop it in any time, if you could please let me exactly know for how long to use it.

    1. Please continue the recommended guidelines on Zauberol usage & application for some more time. Meantime you should also take care of your health and diet as per guidelines provided in this article. Remember hair fall is just not a external manifestation, what goes on inside determines hair root health

  2. Is it suggested that one seek out a homeopathic practitioner as a lay person wouldn’t know neither how to get these remedies or the proper dosage to use. Please advice.

  3. I am having a problem of hair fall, which is very rapid. Density of hair is being Rare. Is Jaborandi Q beneficial for this problem ?
    If yes, then what method should I follow

  4. Hi . I m 31 yrs female .suffering from severe hairfall.i have tried alopath medicines also.but now my hair fall is considerably very falls throughout the day if it’s open also have many grey hairs.i do have stress and gas problem often. I am left with very few hair and my marriage is after 2months. Plz suggest me some very good medicine asap.

    1. Having gas or being bloated may be a sign that you are lactose intolerant or having food allergies and there is a linkage between hairfall and this condition. It can also be an indication of some serious gastrointestinal conditions causing nutritional deficiencies. Doctors examining Patients with hair loss normally screen for medical history, dietary history and physical exam for risk factors for nutrient deficiency.

      Diet is important for healthy hair, for example sudden weight loss or decreased protein intake can lead to telogen effluvium (TE) whereas niacin deficiency can cause diffused alopecia. Did you know that Iron deficiency (ID) is the most common nutritional deficiency and is a well-known cause of hair loss? Similarly Zinc is an essential mineral required by hundreds of body enzymes and essential component in the pathways that govern hair follicle morphogenesis (biological process). Also Selenium is an essential trace element that plays a role in protection from oxidative damage as well as hair follicle morphogenesis.

      Pls consult a homeopath who will be able to rectify your faulty digestive system and put your body on a proper diet & nutrition plan

  5. Hai sir /madam
    My age is 19
    I used to have a very healthy hair but 3 years back due to some reasons I removed my complete hair after this my hair growth is too slow but it had grown up to 10 cm but now I found my hair becoming thinner and thinner day by day and I found over hair loss..
    I am afraid of loosing my hair and there is no growth at all it became bald at front please help me I am so afraid of my hair plz suggest me some tips
    I have dandruff from 6 years too it is not being cured leading hair damage

    1. Tonsuring or shaving of hair does not increase hair growth as is commonly believed (myth). In studies conducted by Macwilliams & Lynfield it has been found that repeated shaving does not make hair grow longer or thicker (source: International Journal of Trichology). Tonsuring may however have therapeutic value in curing many hair related diseases such as plica polonica (condition in the hair shaft becomes entangled irreversibly, forming a mass which is matted), pediculosis (lice infestation in hair), and peidra (also called Trichosporosis is a hair disease caused by a fungus)

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