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Top Homeopathy Medicine List for Sciatica: Drops, Pills, Creams

Sciatica or sciatic pain can be all encompassing; walking to driving, even sitting in front of your computer can cause extreme pain. Top homeopathic medicines in drops, pills, cream form covered in this list provide succor to what is commonly referred as nerve pain in the leg, safely without any side effects.  The sciatic nerve, which is considered the longest nerve throughout the body, can get irritated any time and cause tingling, burning pain, numbness, muscle spasms etc. It happens when the sciatic nerves comes under pressure due to a herniated disc or degenerative joint disease, spinal stenosis or other conditions and gets inflamed. Chances are that you have tried calming the pain  without medications or doctor involvement and have been frustrated in the effort. It is also important for you to know what works and what does not with sciatica treatment. Homeopathy offers a credible alternative and proven remedy for sciatic treatment and we have covered a range of medicines in this article.  It is not just patients but mainstream doctors, physical therapists, medical students who are increasingly looking at alternative therapies like homeopathy for sciatic nerve treatment.

Who gets Sciatica?

Sciatica is most commonly reported in the 25-45 years age group and often reoccurs later in life as arthritic and degenerative changes start to worsen. People during a physically demanding job like  lifting and bending throughout the day have a high prevalence of developing sciatica. But as the phrase goes “sitting is the new smoking” , because people who sit most of the day have a higher risk of developing it. A sedentary lifestyle and sitting throughout the say causes great harm and increases the risk of developing sciatica.  Long hours of sitting can put indue stress on the sciatic nerve because all the weight and pressure gets transferred to the front of the disc causing the material to push back and causing the disc to bulge or increase the size of the bulge towards the nerves. Other categories who are at risk are; people who lift heavy objects in daily activities, Runners (due to repeat stress on discs and lower back), people with diabetes.

Homeopathy Medicines for Sciatica - R71, Adel 39


What is the sciatica pain like? What are the treatment options?

  • Most patients feel pain, tingling or numbness running down the back of their leg mainly in the area of hamstrings. The hamstrings spreads from the buttocks to the knee
  • This sensation may go down to the calf and at times even to the foot.
  • It is felt in one leg but in more server cases can be felt bilaterally(in both legs)
  • Often it is a sharp pain, in other occurrences it is described as a constant ache that gets worse with certain activities.

People with sciatic pain often undertake multiple treatments routes ranging from physical therapy, back therapy, strengthening and personal trainer therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy etc. Anything that relieves pain will do which includes popping various pills, pain relievers, and even pain shots to relieve the pain. Arch support, cushions, pillows, stretching machines, back braces, compression bands are some of the devices designed to reduce stress to the back and sciatic nerves

When you should seek immediate medical attention & treatment
The following symptoms are to be treated as flashing red signs to watch out for

  • Foot drop – lack of strength in the foot when you are walking, feeling as if the toes are flapping down
  • Altered gait pattern – If your movements becomes jerky or hard to control or changes in the way you walk or balance
  • Saddle paresthesia – feeling of pins or needles in your buttocks or groin “saddle area’ (numbness or tingling)
  • Change in Bladder or Bowel function – lack of bowel or bladder control
  • Tingling or numbness on both sides – while it is common to have this sensation in one leg or intermittently in both legs, constant sensation in both legs needs further evaluation
  • Pain, redness or discoloration of the foot – may indicate blood flow is restricted
  • Localized swelling – specific local swelling in the back or down the leg
  • Have significant night sweats


Homeopathy Single Remedies List for Sciatica Treatment

Aesculus hip. (qid) Sciatica with backache. Walking or stooping or rising from a seat is very painful.
Ammonium mur. (qid) Feels shortness of the left hip. Limps while walking. Pain worse while sitting but better lying down.
Arsenicum alb. (qid) Sciatica on account of certain fevers and after. Pains are burning and better by applications.
Belladonna (qid) Pains start and go suddenly and are worse by least movement. Better by hanging Legs down.Stops Shooting Pain
Carboneum sulph. (qid) Sciatica, flying pains, returning regularly a long time. Chronic sciatica.
Causticum (qid) Left sided sciatica with numbness. Constant desire to move the foot.
Chamomilla (qid) Sciatica in very sensitive patients, who feel the pain much more than what it actually is. Numb feeling. Pain worse by motion and at night.
Colocynthis 200 (bd) Remedy of first choice for left sciatic pain. Dull pain shoots down from hip to feet through thighs. Pain relieved by heat and hard pressure but worse on movements. Pain in right thigh with numbness.
Eupatorium perf. 200 (bd) Shooting pain along the course of the left sciatic nerve. Pain in hip bones with a tired feeling.
Ginseng 6 (tds) It is considered as a specific for sciatica when there is a frequent desire for urinating. Sensation of contraction and stiffness in the affected parts.
Gnaphalium (tds) Sciatic pains worse by rest. Numbness alternates with pain. It is specially useful when the pain is associated with numbness. Its peculiar symptom is that pain is worse lying and walking but is better by sitting.
Guaiacum off. Q (tds) 10 drops in ½ cup of water Gouty, tearing, lacinating pains; feeling of in contraction in the affected limb. Pain is worse by pressure, motion, heat, cold wet weather and from 6 pm to 4 am.
Lodium 200(hs) Sciatica. Pain from middle of the thigh to the knee. Boring pain in the knee joint better walking, worse every meal.
Kalium brom. (tds) Left sided sciatica better by motion.
Kalmia lat. (tds) Suddenly coming and suddenly going pains on movements. Pain shoots downwards with numbness of the leg, specially right.
Lachesis 200 (bd) Sciatica; right side better lying down; worse in the morning on rising from bed. Relieves Painful swelling
Lycopodium 1M (hs) Sciatica worse right side. Cannot bear to lie on the painful side.
Macrotinum 2x (tds) A good remedy for sciatic pains. It should be tried first when no definite remedy can be chosen.
Magnesium phos. (qid) Right sided sciatica better by warmth. Pains come and go rapidly.
Medorrhinum 200 (hs) When other remedies fail, patient feels better in knee-chest position.
Phytolacca dec. 200 (hs) Pains run down the outer side of the limb, specially on right side like electric shocks.
Ranunculus bulb. Q (tds) 15 drops in 1/2 cup of water Chronic sciatica. Apply tincture to the heel of affected leg also.
Rhus tox. (tds) Pain worse right side, cold weather and at night. Sciatica brought about by an exposure to moist weather. Pain better by warmth. More indicated when there is backache also.
Syphilinum 1000 (hs) Sciatica worse night. Gradually better from sunrise to sunset, and the pain gradually increases at night.
Phosphorous Soothes Burning Pain
Ignatia Calms Emotional Pain (Emotional Upsets)
Naja Stills Nerve based Pain

Homeopathic Specialty Medicines List for Sciatica Treatment

Bio-Combination #19 BC19 Biochemic Combination of Ferrum phos. 3X, Kali. Sulph. 3X, Mag. Phos. 3X, Natr. Sulph. 3X is good for twitching, cramps, writers and players cramps, cracking of joints, lumbago and sciatica.
Reckeweg R30 Automare Beckeron Rheumatism of muscles and joints, neuralgias and sciatica. Degenerative processes of the intervertebral disc, osteoarthritis, amputation neuralgias. Paralysis due to stroke, facial paralysis, osteochondritis. Contusions, aching of muscles, sprains. Boils and carbuncles.
Schwabe Topi MP Gel Schwabe Topi MP Gel is homeopathic medicine to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key Ingredients like symphytum officinale, rhus toxicodendron etc that acts on rheumatism, sciatica and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also indicated to treat cervical spondylosis and lumber spondylosis.
SBL Rhus Tox SBL Rhus Tox is indicated for rheumatic and sciatica pain Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
Dr. Reckeweg R 11 Dr.Reckeweg R11 drops are indicated for acute and chronic myalgia, lumbago, rheumatic diathesis aftereffects of drenchings, sprains, overstraining. Back pains of unknown genesis. Growing pains in muscles and bones. Sciatica from getting wet, from sitting on cold seat and suppressed perspirations. Chronic articular rheumatism with deformations. Spondylarthritis, spondylosis, sacroiliac arthritis. Rheumatic aches (muscles, articulations, ligaments) growing worse with change of temperature (humidity).
Dr. Reckeweg R 32 Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops are indicated for anaemia; lack of appetite, especially among children; often accompanied by swellings. After-effects of acute ailments. All kinds of anaemia frequently induced by the new toxicant effect of the treatment of other illnesses.
Dr. Reckeweg R 71 Sciatica drops Dr.Reckeweg R71 drops are indicated forsciatica as a result of prolapse of the vertebral discs. Paraesthesias, formication in legs.
St.George’s Arthrinol Tab St.George’s Arthrinol Tab is indicated for pain in limbs or arms, shooting, fever, swelling of joints, lumbago, sciatica, muscular rheumatism. Presentation:30gms, Price:100/-
Allen Balm (instant pain reliever) Allen balm is indicated in arthritis and sciatica. Instant pain reliever of various origin-skeletal, muscular, neuralgic etc. Effective in headache, backache, rheumatic pain, lumbago, gout, sprain with swelling & redness.
Wheezal Embrocation (muscular & joint pain ) Wheezal Embrocation (muscular & joint pain ) useful in muscular or articular affections like gout, lumbago, myalgia, bursitis, sciatica & sprains, releives muscle spasm & shortening of tendons, releives inflammation & immobolity of joints.
Wheezal Wl 36 Sciatica And Slip Disc Drops Wheezal WL 36 Sciatica and Slip Disc drops is a homeopathic remedy for sciatica, paraesthesias and formication in legs. Sciatica is pain resulting from irritation compression or inflammation by any cause i.e. slip disc hernination, injury etc. of the sciatic nerve. The pain is typically felt from low back to behind the thigh radiating down the knee with burning sensation, numbness or tingling.
Wheezal Hymusa Syrup Wheezal Hymusa Syrup is Indicated For Pain & Inflammation Of JointsPain And Inflammation Of Joints, Provides Relief In Sciatica, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuralgia And Spondylitis, Also Useful In Myalgias, Rheumatic Diathesis.
Wheezal Rheumotex tablets Wheezal Rheumotex tablets is indicatedfor back pain and arthritis, chronic gout, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, rheumatic myalgia and arthritic diathesis.
Drox24 Sciatec drops (Sciatica) DROX 24 Sciatica drops (Sciatica) as a result of prolapse disc or any pressure on sciatic nerve. Paresthesias,cramp like or dragging pain from hip to ankles, worse on slightest motion, pain in calves.
HC-23. Rhus Tox – Muscular Rheumatism, Sciatica. HC-23. RHUS TOX – Muscular Rheumatism, Sciatica is indicated for Muscular rheumatism, lumps in muscles, pain Lumbo-Sacral region, skin rashes with blistering, chronic nettle rash with numerous white swelling suddenly appearing on the skin, gradually increasing in size and resembling mosquito bites, usually there is much itching. Rheumatism after exposure to wet weather, joints stiff and red. Limbs stiff on rising from bed but better on continued motion or walking. Better by warm applications. Lumbago having special affinity for the deep muscles of back.
Doliosis D45 Sciatica Relief-relieves sciatic pain.
Medisynth Rheuma-Saj Massage oil Medisynth Rheuma-Saj Massage oil Acute and chronic muscular or articular affections like joint pains, sciatica and bone or tendon injury. Bruises, sprains, Strains, stiff neck / joints and back or muscular ache.
Medisynth Rheuma-Saj Tablets Medisynth Rheuma-Saj Tablets Acute and chronic muscular or articular affections like joint pains, sciatica and bone or tendon injury. Bruises, sprains, Strains, stiff neck / joints and back or muscular ache.
ADEL 27 INFLAMYAR Adel 27 Inflamyar drops are indicated for treatment of acute and chronic inflammation, sports injuries, sprains, bruises, muscles strains and sciatica Inflammation, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle pain bursitis; sprains and bruises.
Healwell Arthasol Syrup Healwell Arthasol Syrup is indicated for Rheumatioid Arthritis, Sciatica Ostearthritis
ADEL39. apo-SCIATICA drops For treatment of sciatica, pain in the legs/arms, low back pain and soft tissue rheumatism.
Superflex-H Homeopathic Joint Care Formula Oral Spray SUPERFLEX-H, an active treatment and modern homeopathic formula to soothe and treat debilitating joint and muscle pain caused by: osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, back pain, sciatica, lumbago, tendinitis, gout, post-operative pain, myalgia, muscular trauma and others.Soothe then suppress your muscular or joint pains with a simple vaporization using the new superflex-H sublingual spray. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.1896
Adel75 Inflamyar Ointment For treatment of sports injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems, muscle strains, acute I chronic inflammation and sciatica pain.
Dr.Bakshi`s B Drop # 69 -Sciatica Drops Helps relieve symptoms associated with sciatica. Contains Aconitum napellus for shooting pains, Arsenicum Alb for cramp in calves, twitching, spasms etc, Gnaphalium for intense pain along the sciatic nerve and Magnesium Phos for neuralgic pain.
Blooume 29 Rheumasan For relief from pains in muscles around smaller joints, gout, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the smaller joints, neuralgia and sciatica.

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