Bakson S-CURE Cream for Acne, Pigmentation disorders

Bakson S-CURE Cream for Acne, Scars, Pigmentation disorders, sunburn, Boils

Bakson S CURE CREAM – all round homeopathic skin protection cream indicated for Acne, pigmentation, sun burn, scarring and boils. Gives your skin a fresh radiant look by addressing dry, rough scaly and itchy skin

Skin is our body largest organ which is not just a mark of beauty but is responsible for many vital functions of the body. Healthy skin is essential part of a healthy lifestyle. We need to protect our skin not only from the harsh environment but also maintain it through healthy diet and exercise. Problems of skin are very common but often preventable.

To help fight some of this skin Ailments Bakson S-Cure cream is a unique multipurpose formulation for dry, rough, scaly and itchy skin. It is excellent for sensitive and troubled skin that needs gentle care. A special product that is very useful for people with oily and problematic skin that results in Acne specially with scarring, Pustular eruptions, Boils etc.

S Cure cream from Bakson Homeopathy helps relieves acne with scarring, venous congestion/ Bluish discoloration, Pustular eruptions, cystic acne and slowly redness, scaring pigmentation disorders; boils and pimply, dry, rough, scaly skin with itching. It helps reduce brown spots and hydrates and help to get relief from acne.

Ingredients – Bakson S CURE CREAM contains Echinacea angustifolia Ø 0.5% v/w, Bellis Perennis Ø 1.0 % v/w, Hamamelis Virginica Ø 2.0 %, Calendula Officinalis Ø 2.0 %, BERBERIS AQUIFOLIUM Ø 1.0 %, Alcohol Content Stabilized cream base q.s to 100g

Application – Apply Bakson S CURE CREAM externally twice daily to properly cleaned and dried affected portion.

Size – 25Gms

Rate – Rs.70 (10% OFF!!)

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36 thoughts on “Bakson S-CURE Cream for Acne, Pigmentation disorders”

    1. Too much sebum (fatty substance made by glands located under the skin’s surface), lead to oily skin, which can lead
      to clogged pores and acne. Yes Bakson S-Cure would be useful for oily skin

    1. It may be due to a condition known as hypohidrosis, or anhidrosis. You aren’t able to sweat typically because sweat glands are no longer functioning properly. Pls consult doctor

  1. I get red pimples with blood and yellow liquid filled inside and small red pimples on cheeks and forhead..and those red marks never goes away and some marks have left small scar or open pores..i have fair skin plz suggest me a good cream and internal dose of homeopathy medicine..i want these scars and red marks to be removed ..thank u in advance 😃

    1. Calcarea Sulph is good for pimples & pustules on the face that discharge yellowish secretion. Berberis Aqui(twice daily, 10 drops in some water) is good for blotches and helps clear complexion by removing left over marks.

  2. I have a acne prone skin and have lots of dark scars on my face.I used many allopathic creams and face washes to get rid off this..but it was of no use..I started using S cure last week..hope I will get a good result..shall I continue this or go for some other homeopathic medicine..

  3. I met an accident 10 months ago due to which I got skin abraded under it had become hyperpigmented area .does S cure cream helps to return to normal ??how long should I apply?

  4. I have so much pimple I was using last Monday to till Friday. It’s not going. Pimple.shall I use r no this s care cream

    1. A pimple may take 7 – 10 days ( week and a half to clear) whereas a deep-seated cyst, where the contents have discharged inward, can take up to a month to eliminate.

    1. Also called water warts, It is a viral infection (Molluscum contagiosum virus) that produces harmless raised lesions, or bumps, on the upper layers of your skin. It usually goes away on its own but you are saying its been around for long time. Try wartex cream

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