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Dr.Reckeweg R37 intestinal colic drops R37 is indicated for abdominal pain caused by distension of the intestine due to gas (flatulent colic, meteorism), excessive secretion of porphyrin in urine (porphyrinuria), intestinal colic, involuntary contractions of the digestive muscles in the abdomen (abdominal spasms) of varying genesis which are characteristic in porphyrinuria and affected liver. Cirrhosis of the liver (permanent damage or scarring of the liver preventing it from functioning properly), painful menstruation involving abdominal cramps. (dysmenorrhoea). R37 can be given as complementary remedy for renal colic, it has a gradual normalizing effect in case of chronic constipation. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R38 abdomen drops – right side R38 is indicated for inflammation of the ovaries on the right side (Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) causing enlargement of the ovaries due to cysts etc) oedema of the larynx resulting from allergic reaction and causing airway obstruction if not treated. R38 contains bryonia for treating early stages of inflammation of the appendix. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R39 abdomen drops left side R39 is indicated for inflammation of the ovaries on the left side (which is a Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) causing enlargement of the ovaries due to cysts etc), inflammation of the fallopian tubes (salpingitis), parametrium (fibrous tissue in the bladder region), inflammation of the adnexa uteri (annexitis). Also indicated for Cysts which are small growths in the body containing fluid (especially ovarian cysts), inflammations, and tumors. This remedy should be tried before deciding upon a surgical operation or for scars left by healing due to operation (cicatrizing). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R40 for Sugar Control R40 helps you overcome many of the unpleasant symptoms naturally associated with Diabetes. Continued use of R40 helps reduction of insulin units in the insulin dependent diabetics. It contains Uran. Nitric to treat diabetes of varying forms, Arsen. Album for excessive thirst, and Phaseoulus nanus for sugar in urine. R40 is also useful for degeneration centered in the blood and glandular system, such as leukemia, anemia, Iympho-granulomatosis (painful swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes especially in the groin region related to venereal disease). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R41 for Impotence R41 is indicated for lack of sexual energy and strength (sexual asthenia), loss of semen during urination or stool & sleep (spermatorrhoea), general debility especially in men. R41 helps recover from weakness after debilitating illnesses, physical overwork, over excitement, & nervous exhaustion. The composition of R41 influences the sexual glands; Acid Phos (libido booster), Agnus castus (impotence), China (rejuvenator), Damiana (stimulating genital glands) etc. R41 is also useful for old age people . Supplementary medicine Vita-C is also recommended for effective results. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R42 for Varicose Veins R42 treats inflammation of the veins, choking of the veins in the lower limbs, formation of varices and its sequels elephantiasis and oedemae of the lower part of thighs. R42 is also indicated for blood clot formation in veins (venous stasis) due to long periods of immobility, veins that have become enlarged and twisted (varicosis and varicose ailments), varicose eczema (a skin condition caused by increased pressure in the veins of the legs that usually affects older people). Contains specific remedy like Aesculus hipp that acts on dialation of veins and venous stasis. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr. Reckeweg R43 for Asthma R43 treats bronchial asthma, a condition in which the lungs suffer periodic, reversible narrowing (constriction) of the bronchi . While most conventional medicines treat asthma by targeting the histamine H1 receptor (antihistamines), R43 cures asthma through constitutional improvement ( strengthening body functions, its power of resistance and its reaction to stimuli) . Contains ingredients like Belladona & Natrium Sulf which have known anti asthmatic properties. Also indicated for spastic bronchitis (acute form of obstructive bronchitis due to increased mucus formation and swelling up of the bronchial mucosas). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr. Reckeweg R44 disorders of blood circulation R44 is indicated for disorders of the blood circulation, primarily weakness and low blood pressure which may be caused by exhaustion of the heart and ensuing weariness or lassitude. R44 contains crataegus that strengthens myocardium & Oleander which regularizes blood pressure. This preparation is suited for anemia following child birth due to loss of blood or due to illness. Useful in conditions of vegetative dystonia. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R45 for Voice Hoarseness R45 drops is indicated for inflammation of the throat (Catarrh in the larynx) due to cold and the resulting loss or change of voice. This is also called voice hoarseness and liable to affect singers, actors, teachers and orators. Can be used as an additional preparation in tuberculosis of the larynx and nervous disorders i.e. hysterical ball (nervous lump in the throat). Contains Argentum Nitricum for treatment fo vocal chords & Aurum maculatum for wound like sensation due to Catarrah in the larynx . Complementary remedy in influenza. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R46 drops for rheumatism of fore arms and hands R46 drops is indicated for in rheumatism and gout of forearms and hands (a form of acute arthritis that causes severe pain and swelling in the joints). R46 is beneficial in acute cases which causes numbness (without sensation) and swelling of affected parts (i.e., arthritis with deformation). R46 is a useful remedy in other muscular pains (growing worse in damp weather) such as: rheumatism in the knees, shoulders, pains in the sacral (spinal) region,  intercostal neuralgia (pain in the ribs), rheumatism of the occiput (back of the head). It contains Lithium Carb which has specific effect in Rheumatism & gout. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R47 drops for hysteric complaints R47 drops is indicated for hysteric sensations, constrictions and disturbances from the stomach up to the throat, sensation of lump in throat,  sensitivity to noises, nervosity and hysteria of women due to functional disturbances in the ovaries. Also covers other hysteric sensations, suffocating during the night, throbbing and constriction in the throat.  R47 is more effective than psychotherapy and rapidly subsides the complaints. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R48 drops for pulmonary diseases R48 drops is a constitutional remedy that mainly acts on the lung (pulmonary) weakness and pre tuberculosis  conditions of infirmity. It is a complementary remedy in bronchial asthma, chronic pulmonary catarrh, cough resulting from excessive smoking. R 48 is a useful  alternative remedy in all inflammatory conditions (Catarrahal affections) of the upper air passages, weariness, nocturnal perspiration.  R48 contains Bryonia that has specific action on inflammation (catarrh) , ferrum phosphoricum (for ailments of upper air passages) and silicea (inflammation of lungs). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R49 for Sinus drops R49 drops is indicated in acute and chronic inflammatory condition of the nasal cavities (also called Catarrah of the nose) and  catarrh of maxillary sinus (paranasal sinus), Sinusitis etc.  R49 is also used to treat  formation of polypus in children which is abnormal painless growth in inflamed tissue of the nasal mucosa due to allergies & asthmatic conditions. Symptoms include lack of smell (olfaction) and taste . Contains specific  action remedies like Cinnabaris (catarrh of maxillary sinus)& Kali bichrom (acts on mucosa). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R50 drops for gynecological sacroiliac complaints  R50 drops is indicated for pains of various nature in the sacral region (triangular shaped bone at the bottom of spine), mainly resulting from abdominal diseases. Other symptoms include pain in the vertebral column, sacroiliac complaints of unknown causes, Pains radiating along the vertebral column up to the head and the tip of the nose. Contains specific action remedy like colocynthis (for pains in sacral region), Cimicifuga (specific effect on female sexual organs & sacroiliac complaints). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R51 drops for thyroid intoxication R51 drops acts primarily to detoxify the thyroid gland. It is indicated for thyrotoxicosis ,a medical condition also referred to as Graves diseases is caused by an excessive amount of thyroid hormones in the bloodstream and Goiter . R51 is also recommended for Basedow’s disease (an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid), and exophthalmia (a medical condition where eyes pop out).  Symptoms include  “goggle-eye”, trembling of hands, perspiration, eventually diarrhea and emaciation. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R52 drops for vomiting, nausea, travel sickness R52 drops are indicated for nausea, vomiting, giddiness, sickly feeling (e.g. when driving or flying, sea  sickness), nausea in pregnancy (soothing effect). It has specific action remedy such as Aethusa cynap for gastric catarrh with nausea and urge to vomit,  apomorphin hydrochlor  for vomiting of different types. It is useful for vomiting of mother’s milk(sucklings)  in unweaned infants and in children. It treats symptoms of biliary colic (a steady or intermittent ache in the upper abdomen related to gallbladder) like Cold perspiration and nausea. R52 is a Complementary remedy in renal colic with vomiting, in cysts of the ovaries with vomiting, in intestinal spasms and colic, in meteorism (excess gas in abdomen)  with nausea and vomiting. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R53 drops for acne vulgaris R53 drops are indicated for acne vulgaris, pimples, suppurative diseases of the skin (pus formation), eczema and dermatitis. R53 contains Juglans that acts against acne & pimples, Ledum and Hepar Sulfur for supporative skin conditions. Other indications – comedones (blackheads). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R54 Memory drops R54 drops are indicated for disturbances in cerebral functions, weakness of memory, acts as stimulant of cellular function. R54 is very effective in correcting the irregularities in mental development of children.  Useful for symptoms of cerebral congestion and vertigo. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-


Dr.Reckeweg R55 for all kinds of Injuries  R55 drops are indicated for injuries of all types, fracture, dislocation of a joint (luxation), sprain, wounds caused by firearms or sharp weapons, involving bleeding. R55 has anti inflammatory, antihemorrhagic ,  and anti -septic  properties. Other indication are apoplexy, myocardial infarct. R55 may be used as a complementary remedy in feverish infections, sepsis, and in general on account of its stimulating effect on the defensive energy of the organism. The present remedy also covers physical exertion  in sports, body over strain , carrying heavy weights (heart strain), and rheumatism occurring where old injuries have been sustained. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R56 Vermifuge (Worms) drops R56 drops are indicated for worms of all types,and acts as a vermifuge (deworming agent). It is also  acts against ascarides (intestinal parasitic worms), tapeworm and oxyures. Provides lasting cure from parasitic complaints by improving constitution and overall body immunity. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R57 Pulmonary (Lung) Tonic R57 drops are indicated for lung affections and pulmonary diseases (like pneumonia, tuberculosis). Indicates symptoms are  weakness of the back, nocturnal perspiration, sensitivity to colds, disturbances of the blood circulation (cold feet), lack of appetite, paleness and limpid aspect of the face, following upon loss of blood. R57 exerts influence on the bronchial mucous membranes and stimulates endogenous immune response. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R58 against hydrops. Stimulates the renal function R58 drops are indicated for muscular weakness of the heart and appearance of hydropsy and edema of the legs. Hydropsy in the abdomen frequently due to the muscular weakness of the heart, ascites/oedemas (swelling) . May also be effective in renal oedema. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R59 Weight Loss drops, against obesity. For slimming effect R59 drops are indicated for obesity, tendency to put on weight due to faulty activity of the glandular secretion. May also be used to combat incipient goiter. It contains Iodized combinations of Fucus vesiculosis,& spongia that stimulate thyroid glands and functional stimulants of liver (like Graphites & Cal Carb). Dosage 10-15 drops in some water 2-3 times a day. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R60 Blood Purifier R60 drops are indicated for impurities of the blood, skin affections (e.g. pimples), swelling of Iymph glands. R60 is a blood purifying remedy that has a deep effect on the constitution  by acting on the blood and lymphatic glands. It brings a general improvement of the humoral composition i. e. of the blood and other vital fluids needed in all circumstances of illness and more so in protracted illnesses. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R62 Measles drops R62 drops are indicated for to reduce all types of inflammation of mucous membranes that is rapid & lasting.R62 is especially useful in inflammations of the eye; measles. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R63 for cramps and numbness in muscles R63 drops are indicated for disorders in the vast network of blood vessels (vascular disturbances),  acroparesthesia (an abnormal sensation, such as tingling, numbness, pins and needles, in the hands and fingers), inflammation of blood vessel layer (endangitis), Raynaud’s disease (condition where fingers and toes  feel numb and cold in response to cold temperatures or stress), cramps in calf muscles, Diseases of veins. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R64 Albuminuria drops (for kidney diseases) R64 drops addresses symptoms found in the late stages of inflammation in the urogenital tract.  R64 id indicated for albuminuria which is a kidney disease with  presence of albumin in the urine, proteinuria (presence of abnormal quantities of protein in the urine indicating kidney damage), nephrosis (a non inflammatory degenerative disease of the kidney tubules), chronic nephritis, nephrosclerosis (hardening leading to kidney failure). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R65 drops for Psoriasis skin disease R65 drops treats psoriasis vulgaris which is the most common form of psoriasis that appears as raised areas of inflamed skin covered with silvery white scaly skin. It is also indicated for  psoriasis like eczema which is a chronic skin condition marked by red, dry, cracked and itchy skin that may develop into crusty sores, thick skin and pimple-like eruptions
Dr.Reckeweg R66 Cardiac Arrhythmia drops (for irregular heart beat) R66 drops treats  disorders of cardiac rhythm  i.e., irregular heart beats  caused by improper contraction (conduction) of heart muscles following degenerative heart disease.  R66 is also well indicated  for  inflammation of heart muscle (myocarditis & endocarditis), for heart attack (myocardial infarct), abnormally rapid heart rate (tachycardia), functional heart complaints (cardiac neurosis), Adam Stokes syndrome (fainting due to slow or absent pulse). Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R67 Drops for circulatory debility R67 drops are indicated for acute circulatory disturbances, circulatory shock, cardiogenic shock following cardiac failure, circulatory disturbances following infectious diseases and injuries. Chronic circulatory disturbances with tendency to syncope, vertigo and sensation of imbalance. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R68 Shingles drops (caused by chicken-pox virus) R68 drops are indicated for shingles (a viral infection characterized by skin eruptions  or rashes and pain) caused by herpes zoster . R68 contains Natrium chloratum for Herpes virus and Rhus Tox for resulting skin affections. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R69 Drops for pain between the ribs R69 drops are indicated for intercostal neuralgia, a painful disorder of the nerves running between the ribs, and is caused by damage due to stretching or inflammation to one of those nerves and loss of function of that nerve. R69 addresses the neuralgic, neurotic pain associated with this condition. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R70 Neuralgia drops R70 drops are indicated for neuralgic pain especially that in skull region.  It is recommended for trigeminal or facial  neuralgia, a chronic pain condition that affects the 5th cranial nerve which  carries sensation from your face to your brain. R70 also treats Neuritis, a form of rheumatism or gout of the  nerves caused by inflammation or lesion. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R71 Sciatica drops R71 sciatica drops contains Gnaphalium polycephalum , Colocynthis  & Arsen Alb to address various pains associated with the nerve root pain. R71 also treats Paresthesia, a sensation of tickling, pricking, tingling, or burning on skin with no obvious physical cause. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R72 Pancreas drops R72 contains colocynthis, lycopodium, phosphorous etc that address symptoms associated with chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas which is an important organ for digestion) that results in violent upper abdominal pain etc. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
Dr.Reckeweg R73 Drops for the joints  R73 drops contains ingredients like Argentum , Causticum Hahnemanni, Bryonia etc that favourably influence the metabolism of cartilage in particular  and arrests the degenerative process. R73 is well indicated for osteoarthritis especially of the large joints, arthritis of the knee and hip joint, osteoarthritis of the vertebrae. Size: 22ml, MRP: 235/-
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