Top Doctor Recommended Homeopathic Medicines for various Allergies

"Homeopathy Allergy Medicines list for Food Allergy, Dust Allergy, Skin Allergy, Allergic Rhinitis"

What leading Homeopathy Doctors recommended for Allergy?

Here we list what 4 leading homeopathic doctor recommend for treating various symptoms of human allergies. These medicines are safe and free of side effects.Because the remedies are made of natural substances which are not toxic and hence do not have any side effects. Moreover they are non habit forming and can be safely taken for extended periods of time. This treatment works to stimulate the weakened immune system. The benefit of using homeopathy is that it stops the recurrent episodes of disease. Homeopathy is effective in all age groups.

Dr.Pranjali recommended Homeopathic medicines for various allergies
Dr.Pranjali is a Bangalore based homeopath who is widely known for her youtube exploits. She has close to 2 million followers and has extensively presented videos on various health issues. She is also a homeomart affiliate partner.

Dr. H. Khaneja recommended Homeopathic medicines for various allergies
Herbans Singh Khaneja, (Former president of The Homeopathic Medical Association of India) presently staying and practicing in Canada has acquired about 70 years of clinical experience. He is the author of best selling book “Illustrated Guide to the Homeopathic treatment” which is sold over 200000 copies

Acidum sulph. (tds)   Air pollen allergy. 
Ailanthus g. (tds)  Smell of flowers causes asthma.
Allium cepa (tds) Allergic coryza with violent sneezing and worse in the “pollen season” i.e., August. Sensitive to the smell of flowers.
Aralia r. (tds), Lycopersicum escu. (tds), Pothos (tds) Dust causes respiratory troubles and asthma.
Arundo, Ambrosia, Arum triph. (tds) Allergic watery coryza, sneezing stuffed up feeling in the nose and asthma-like attacks.
Histaminum 1M (od) for 3 days. Repeat after 15 days   Allergic to dust, smoke and perfumes. Allergic catarrh and coryza. 
Sabadilla (tds) Sensitiveness of all odors. 
Antimonium crud. (tds)  Cannot bear heat of the sun. The patient feels exhausted in warm weather. Gastric troubles increase.
Antipyrinum 2x (bd)  Allergic puffiness of eyelids, face, lips and sometimes penis.
Gelsemium (tds) General depression from the heat of sun. 
Apis mel. 200 (tds)  For skin allergy which is worse by heat and When there is puffiness with redness and burning. Allergic to heat.
Argentum nit. (tds)  Skin diseases due to any allergy. Skin withered and dried up. 
Arsenicum alb. (tds)  For skin allergy worse by cold. Allergy to cold drinks.
Cocculus ind. (tds)  Heat of the sun produces rash and vertigo. Sun allergy. 
Sulphur 200 (hs) or 6x (bd) Repeat after 1 week  Hair dyes produce eczema. Allergic reactions to antibiotics. Allergy to tomatoes, use of which turns face red and starts the cough. 
Thyreoidinum 3x-6x (bd)  Allergic urticaria. Allergy to lipstick. 
Carbo veg., Pulsatilla nig. (tds) Allergic to poultry items, aspirin, salt and butter. Milk causes flatulence.
Chininum ars. (tds), Natrium mur. 200 (od)  Allergy to eggs. 
Kalium bich. (tds) Allergy to beer and whisky.
Lac vaccinum def. 30, Sepia, (tds), Sulphur 30 (od), Tuberculinum 200 (hs) Allergy to milk which disagrees. 
Lachesis 200 (od) for 3 days Repeat after 15 days    Allergic to vinegar, pickles and sour acidic foods. 
Magnesium carb. (tds)  Allergic to milk and meat. 
Natrium carb. (tds)  It removes allergy when milk causes diarrhea.
Natrium mur. 200 (od) Allergic to bread, pickles and acidic foods. 
Nux vomica (tds), Oxalicum acidum (tds)  Allergic to coffee
Petroleum (bd)  Allergic to cabbage. 
Psorinum (hs) Repeat once a week AIlergy to wheat which causes eczema.
Pulsatilla nig. (tds)  Allergy to orange juice which causes irritation of the skin. Allergic to pastry and rich ice cream mixed with fruits. Allergy to bakery foods.
Rumex crispus (tds)  Allergy to meat which causes eructations and itching
Saccharum off. (tds)  Allergy to sugar. 
Selenium met. (tds)  Allergic to lemonade.
Sepia (tds)  Allergic to fats and boiled milk which causes diarrhea. 
Tellurium met. (bd)  Allergic to rice. 
Thuja occ. (tds)  Cannot eat onions which cause coryza and ophthalmia. Allergic to music which causes weeping and trembling.
Zingiber off. (tds)  Allergic to melons. 

Dr K S Gopi recommends for allergy
Dr. K S Gopi is a former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He has got four decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy

Allergic Rhinitis:- Allium cepa 30 is one of the top remedies for allergic rhinitis and it is prescribed when there is watery discharge from the eyes along with running nose. Natrum muriaticum200 is best for allergic rhinitis with much sneezing. Arundo 30 is an effective medicine for allergic rhinitis with intense itching in the palate and the nose. Histaminum1M is effective for treating allergic rhinitis. It is allergic to dust, smoke and perfumes. There is allergic catarrh and coryza.
Dust Allergy: Ammonium carbonicum 30 for Dust allergy with nasal congestion, Allium cepa 30 for dust allergy with profuse watery discharge with sneezing. Drosera rotundifolia 30 for dust allergy with fluent coryza with sneezing. Dry spasmodic cough, worse after midnight
Hair Dye Allergy: Sulphur200 is the top remedy for hair dye allergies with excessive itching and burning sensation. Apis Mellifica30 is a very effective Homeopathic remedy for urticarial rashes with intense itching and burning-stinging sensations. Arsenic alb30 is prescribed when itching, burning, swelling, oedema are present. Dry eruptions , especially on margin of hair scalp calls for Natrum Mur 30
Food Allergy: Aethusa Cynapium, Natrum Carb and Pulsatilla are top Homeopathic medicines for treating Milk allergy. Lycopodium, and Natrum Mur. are best Homoeopathic remedies for allergy from Wheat. Carbo Veg, Nux Vomica and Sulphur are top remedies for allergy from Egg. Carcinosin, Lycopodium, Sulphur and Thuja occ. Are good remedies for allergy from Onion. Bacillinum, Bryonia, Pulsatilla 30 are effective remedies for allergy from Chicken and poultry products

Dr.Kirti Vikram Singh recommends for allergy
(Hindi) Namaskar dosto is video me (youtue video) Maine Allergy kee Homeopathic medicine batayi hai mostly allergic sinusitis allergic rhinitis allergic bronchitis asthma urticaria skin allergy dust allergy food allergy & Cold allergy me yah medicine effective hai . Homeopathic medicine for Allergy Sulphur 6ch 2 drop in morning Histamine 30 2 drops 3 times a day Dulcamara 200 2 drops in night

Dr. Rawat Choudhary recommends for allergy,
Welcome to my new video (youtube)on Best Homeopathic Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis.
Commonly used medicines in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis are: Psorinum 1M, Tuberculinum 200, Sulphur 200, Calcarea Carb 200, Allium Cepa 30, Arsenic Album 30, Sabadilla 30 and Nat Mur 30.

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